Why do we drool – How to stop drooling while sleeping

Why do we drool – How to stop drooling while sleeping

How to stop drooling while sleeping

Drooling is a physical condition in an individual where the saliva flows outside of their mouth while sleeping without any intention. All people does not drool while they sleep. Only the individual with underdeveloped or weak muscle around their mouth suffers from the problem of drooling. Even there are certain positions of lying down while sleeping that can develop drool in individual. If you are lying down in such an order where your head faced downward, this gives rise to drool as saliva can flow easily from the mouth to the downwards direction.

Reasons behind drool

People produce saliva inside their mouth with the help of the digestive enzymes. Even when we sleep, the digestive enzymes do not stop. We can control our saliva coming out from our mouth when we are awake.  But even when we sleep, we don’t stop producing saliva. Saliva is really important to stay inside out mouth as it helps keeping the tissue moist. Breathing while sleeping is an important factor to find out whether drooling will take place or not.  It is quite likely to have drools when an individual breathe through their nose only. This helps the saliva to run out through the mouth and arise the situation of drool.

Ways of stopping drooling while sleeping

One of the ways of stopping drooling will be sleeping in an appropriate position. If you are sleeping and breathing through your mouth, the saliva will evaporate and reduce the chance of drool. Even when we sleep, our muscle relaxes and our mouth gets open wide. It is advisable to breathe through mouth if you have allergy or sinus problem.

If you want to stop drooling all over your pillow, you can try the procedure of sleeping on your back.

Tips to stop drooling

Breathing through nose

Some people have a habit of breathing through their mouth. This is one of the reasons for drooling. As we sleep. Our mind does not work as it returns to the unconscious stage. Even you don’t have proper control over your body. Thus, people having a tendency of walking while sleeping does not realize that they are taking a wrong step. Even when they wakes up from sleep they do not remember that they have been walking in sleep.  Thus, if your keep your mouth closed and breathe through your nose, all your saliva will stay inside your mount allowing you stopping drool.

Sleeping on back

You must practice sleeping on your back in order to stop drooling. It will be really difficult for you to drool by sleeping with your back as the mouth will be opened upward. The secretion of saliva will also stay restricted with this technique.

Check your nasal passage

Sometimes drooling may also take place due to blockage of nasal passage. Thus, it will be important for you to keep your nasal passage clean if you really wish to stop drool. This problem can also be faced by the individuals whose nasal passage has become chronically inflamed.

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