Tips to reduce men’s excessive sweating problems

Tips to reduce men’s excessive sweating problems

excessive sweating

If a person faces any problem relating to their body which gets exposed and affects their external body features, then it becomes very daunting for the person to have a normal social life. Sweating in men has become a very common disorder which results in discomfort and increased consciousness about themselves in the public. The excessive sweating is medically termed as hyperhidrosis. When a man sweats, that too, abnormally, the stinking makes him as well as his company feel very uncomfortable. This makes the man to think before meeting his friends, family and colleagues in a probable sweat realizing atmosphere. Men, who suffer from excessive sweating, find that their hands and feet sweat more than any other area of the body. This makes it difficult for them to work properly, and they even have to think before making formal or casual hand-shakes with other people. Excessive sweating in men can be treated, for which they need to follow proper health-care routine, but before commencing with the treatment, the causes due to which the excessive sweating is occurring should be detected.

Sweating is a common problem for all walks of people but is most seen on the people who work hard. Might it have created many embarrassing moments in your life. If you really looking forward to stop those nasty situations prepare a body care regime and try the best to prevent armpit smelling.

Many men felt having body hair is masculine but having it under the arms encourages the spreading of smell. Though you feel like following waxing and shaving to clean the underarms hair is girly infact it is not so bad. They are called the simple methods to remove out the unwanted hair regardless of the gender. However, any one turns off when you are exposing your armpit hair and sweat. Therefore, here are some tips to be followed by men to clean their armpits and to avoid sweating.

Causes of excessive sweating in men

Excessive sweating in men is now becoming a phenomenon which is being increasing with time. The major and most commonly detected causes of excessive sweating in men are as follows:

  • Food Habits: Food plays a very important role in the functioning process of the body. The disorders in a person’s body are generally due to unhealthy and irregular food habits. Excessive spicy or hot food intake acts as a trigger in the body and that additional and unwanted heat which is received from the food is then released through excessive sweating.
  • High Alcohol Intake: Some people’s body cannot take an extra glass of alcohol, as everybody’s has its own way to function and respond, and some find it very difficult to cope after having the extra doses. Men should consume alcohol as per the capacity of their body, and do not force their sweat glands to release vigorous sweat.
  • Strong Emotions: From love to anger andexcitement to stress, the strength of these emotions results in excessive sweating from the sweat glands, in men’s body. The over-thinking or over-stressing on any emotion results pressure on the body and increases stress, which in a way find its way through the sweat glands to get released.
  • Excessive Humidity or Heat: When the weather is unpleasant, and is very hot and humid then the body tends to sweat, in order to cool down the interior of the body. In some men, this natural sweating system is found to be more effective and vigorous than the normal one and results in excessive sweating.
  • Vigorous Outdoor Workouts: Working out in outdoors, that too in a very hard and vigorous manner results in excessive pressure on the body parts and also increases the temperature of the body, this risen temperature is brought down to normal by the sweat glands through sweating of the excessive heat and cools down the body from the inside.
  • Sickness: When a person is sick, the body temperature rises above the normal level the body fights from within to bring it down back to normal and get rid of the infection. In such a situation, the body tends to sweat and release the risen temperature, in order to cool down the body and make it healthy and it.
  • High Medication Dosages: Some people have the habit of taking medications for every minor thing, for example, common-cold, and general headache, cough, etc., which can also be treated with the help of home-made remedies. These unnecessary medications are powerful and strong, and if taken regularly then it results in increasing the body temperature, which in turn leads to excessive sweating.
  • Smoking: Smoking is very dangerous, which is very well-known fact. The inhaling of nicotine from the cigarettes releases a chemical which is known as acetylcholine, this chemical stimulates the sweat glands in the body and results in excessive sweating.
  • Unclean and Unhealthy Health Care Habits: Excessive sweating is also caused when a man does not take regular baths, or does not rinse off the sweat releasing areas with additional care. Wearing of used and unwashed clothes also results in excessive sweating.

 Tips to reduce men’s sweating problems

  • The primary body care tip to reduce the smell from the sweating underarms is through daily body wash. Some men complaint they are facing the same problem though they are involving themselves with every day bath. Taking bath doesn’t claims that you wouldn’t smell, washing those smelly areas with more concentration will do the part. Never be in a hurry during your bath, make sure you are meeting all the corners of the body especially underarms. Try to rinse off double the times your smelly areas.
  • Some men wear the already used shirt which likely tends to increase your armpits smell and sweat also. So make sure you are using washed clothes every time. Some men attend the manual work, in those cases sweating is double than the normal cases and irritates at the beginning of the work if you wore the used one. Clean shirts help you from those irritating moments.
  • To get rid of the armpits odor, do not use the harsh soaps and the kind of soaps which don’t work to your skin nature and are allergic. Use homemade soaps or natural one’s to clean your armpits. An antibacterial soap will also do the best action in fighting with the germs.
  • Using antiperspirant on the smelly armpits gradually reduces the smelly problem. Get the witch hazel antiperspirant from the market and try it out. With the cotton ball one can wipe out the sweat and bad from the under arms. Do this process regularly after you step out from the shower. Using antiperspirant will help to avoid sweating armpits and you can get this from any medical store.
  • The presence of hair under the arms is another serious contributor of the smelly armpits. Clean your underarms and make sure there is no hair or else it will be a place for the growth of bacteria that eventually causes smell. Clean your underarms through any of the methods waxing and shaving. If the hair growth is thick, make the two methods get involved. Shave the hair and follow up with waxing. This way you are removing the ingrown hairs as well.

How to treat excessive sweating in men?

Excessive sweating is caused maybe due to either medical or non-medical reasons. Only a professional, qualified and certified doctors. If it is caused due to non-medical reasons, then following changes in the lifestyle can solve the problem of excessive sweating in men:

  • Intake of green vegetables and fresh and seasonal fruits helps to keep the body temperature under control and reduces the sweating.
  • Drinking lot of water helps in keeping the body cool and also eliminates the toxins and pollutants present in the body through urination, which helps in reduction of the sweat release of the sweat glands.
  • Cutting down on alcohol helps in keeping the sweat glands and the body cool.
  • Cutting down on smoking also helps in reducing the excessive sweating.
  • Having indoor workout session, under cool or moderate temperature, helps in reducing the sweating.
  • Avoiding strong medication and trying home-made remedies also helps in reducing the sweating.

Sweating is very important to be treated, because exposure of excessive sweat and its stinking results in hampering of the person’s social, professional and personal life. It also reduces the confidence of the person and makes him more conscious about himself, which gives birth to a sense of discomfort and sometimes also results in men hiding inside their closet and avoiding contact with other people, as he fears of getting embarrassed in front of his family, friends and colleagues.

Excessive Sweating, if not getting treated with the healthy changes in the lifestyle, then it could be a symptom of some internal functional problem in the body, for which the doctor should be immediately consulted. This would help to avoid any unwanted circumstances and timely treatment of the problem.

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