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How to treat bumps after shaving in men

How to Treat Bumps After Shaving in Men

There are several ways as to how you can control bumps after shaving. This is particularly applicable for men with black skin texture. The bumps are specifically visible after shaving in case of the black men. The other name for razor bump is Pseudofollicult is Barbae. This is mostly visible in case of the African men. However, there are several ways by which you can prevent and cure the same and help the skin stay in the perfect condition.

Cut the hair short and close

In order to prevent the occurrence of the razor bumps there is no need to cut the hairs too closely. It is important that you have the clean shaving experience and there is no need for you to make things silky and smooth. It is best that you avoid using the razor and in this case you can make use of electric clippers. The clipper will help in perfect trimming of the hair. In fact, when the hair is short it is sure not to indulge in the growth of the bumps. Things are sure to stay clean and perfect now.

Don’t shave or pull unnecessarily

When shaving it is important that you take account of the fact that not to shave the same area again and again. It is also asked not to pull the skin unnecessarily at the time of shaving. These are acts which can help in the growth and the spread of the bumps. When you are pulling the skin hard there can be bumps at the source of the hair follicles.

Hydrating hairs while shaving

It is good if you shave wet hair. In case the hair is dry you can make it wet and then start shaving. You can even make use of a gel or a cream and it is even best to make use of a shaving moisturizer. When you are softening or hydrating the hair it becomes easy to clean the hair. In this case you have to apply less force when the hair is wet and there is even less of skin irritation.

Good to change the shaving technique

It is also good to keep on changing the shaving techniques. In case you use a razor for shaving it is best that you make use of a single edge razor. The shaving should be done on the specific direction of the hair growth. It is always best to go with the grain. If you keep on changing the technique bumps are sure to grow les on the skin.

Shave after every three days

Do not allow the hair to grow immensely thick. This will give the bumps the chance to grow. This is the reason it is important that you shave after every three days. This will help the hair stay short and there will be no skin impurities penetrating into the skin.

Making use of a soft brush

After shaving you should take the right care of the skin. After the shaving is over it is best to make use of a soft bristle brush. You can even make use of a wash cloth or a Buf-Puf. With these you can have a gentle massaging of the face and you can even massage the neck at night. This will help in loosening the dead skin cells. This way you can even prevent the hair to curl back on the skin after shaving.

Using a moisturizing agent

Alternatively it is also vital that you make use of a moisturizing agent and this should contain salicylic acid and it can even have glycolic acid and this will help in gentle skin exfoliation and now the hair and the skin is sure to stay in the right direction. In the market you have all the available smoothening agents and the moisturizers. The products will come with the instructions and this will help you have an easy application of the same.

Allow the bumps to heal

In case you develop bumps after shaving it is important that you don’t shave till all the bumps are cured. In the way you can remove the ingrown hairs and for this you have to gently insert the toothpick and you also need to sterilize the needle and this is done just under the hair loop and then the same is released. Remember, plucking is not recommended in this case. You can even make use of warm compressor to help in soothing the discomfort and even to take care of the open pores.

Consulting a dermatologist

In case you cannot control the bumps it is necessary that you see the dermatologist at the earliest. The doctor will ask you to use a combination of topical steroid and antibiotic gel or you can even make use of retinoid. The oral antibiotic is right for the eligible patient. One can even take to the application of the Eflornithine cream and this is usually prescribed for a normal reduction in the hair growth. However, there is no need to be impatient as the treatment takes time to show effect. In order to take care of the scars it is important that you take to Intralesional steroid injections. This is just the perfect solution for the keloidal scars. In severe cases you can even take to laser treatment for absolute care of the condition. However, in all cases you have to be serious regarding the continuation of the treatment. You have to be patient and wait for the result.

The healing time and process

When you have bumps on the darker skin it is necessary for you to be patient. Razor bumps are immensely stubborn and it will take time for the condition to heal. In fact, it takes weeks for the bumps to be normal. However, to stay rid of the bumps it is important that you take the right preparation at the right time. You should also follow healthy skin care techniques and in the way you can avoid the bumps even before they appear on the skin. However, you just have to stay in notice and once you see the bumps on the face you should at once start with the treatment.