Tips to prevent and control forehead acne in men

forehead acne in men

A prominent skin problem in most of the young guys is acne. It damages their youthful and tender skin texture and is also heading as one of the reason for the low confident levels. The acne problem resulted in the teenage will go off when they reach the mid 20’s, says skin experts but in some conditions the stubborn acne won’t leave the skin due to several factors including unhealthy food diet, lack of hygiene and so on. Food items that are layered with high fat amounts are strongly rated as top reason for the forehead acne. In some cases genetic factors are also responsible for the forehead acne.

Tips to curb forehead acne in men

Cleanse your face

Rinse off your face with good deep cleanser inorder to remove out the dirt and bacteria which is promoting for the acne on your forehead. Men have to wash their face for two to three times in a day, especially it must be followed by the men with oily skin. Buy a deep cleanser that has the properties of moisturizer also, it will help to cleanse the pores and to prevent toxins to reach the skin.


Hair is one of the major contributors for acne on forehead in men. The nature of the hair and the type of hair products you apply approximately reaches your forehead and promts for acne and other skin problems. Dandruff in the hair also causes acne problem in men and women. If your hair is oily it may leads to seepage of oil on the forehead. In such conditions pores tends to become blocked and entails acne.

Regular facials

Most of the men don’t go to the boundaries of facials, scrubs and other skin care regimen. But they are the problem solvers which help to fight with affected skin areas and also to prevent the generation of future skin risks. If not too often, try applying face masks for atleast once in 15 days. Not only a parlor can help you reach your facial goals, you can try some homemade face masks that are made in easy minutes. The working action of the facials can be observed with the cleansed and hydrated skin texture.

Retain it moisturized

Maintaining your skin moisturized is yet another way to protect your forehead from the acne. As like too oiliness on the skin, lack of moisture in the skin also leads to acne with the association of scaly factors. If you are a person who always have the routine acne problem, use the skin care products that suits your skin: try to apply moisturizing agents contained face products like creams, cleansers and even shaving items. They can make your skin moisturized and free from acne.


Check the label and get some information before experimenting with any new cosmetic products whether it is a cream or moisturizer. Choose the products that are not loaded with oil otherwise it tends to develop acne on the forehead.

Some factors that can cause forehead acne in men and the remedies

There are many reasons why men find forehead acne on their face and once you are well acquainted with these causes, you can remove them to show off a healthy and bright face. Some of the causes are:

  • Pores of the forehead clogged with oil and dirt – the pores of the face help in keeping the skin looking fresh. The ‘T’ zone of the face produces most oil and the forehead is a large part of this zone. So the main thing is to be aware of the oily face and get them clean frequently. Keep the T zone free of clogging. The best way is to steam the face regularly so that the pores get opened and then clean the face with some herbal facewash. Use an astringent that will tighten the pores after the oil is removed.
  • Dandruff in hair causes acne – The scalp is a sensitive area and needs regular taking care of. The dry or oily scalp that is full of dirt or oil will grow dandruff. Make sure you check for dandruff daily and clean your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo once in a week. This will remove the dandruff soon. You can also use lemon juice to massage your scalp and then keep it for some time. Wash your scalp with normal water after 20 minutes and soon the dandruff will be gone. You will notice that when there is no dandruff, the acne of your forehead will also disappear.
  • Balanced diet must be followed – You must eat healthy food for getting proper nutrition. Unbalanced diet will give digestive ailments and soon you will find the acne is coming back to your face. When the food is not digested, the body feels bloated and the pores release more oil easily. The acne is the result of more clogged and oily pores of the face. You must eat balanced diet so that you can digest them fast. This way your body will get more energy and hence no excess oil. Drink more water and eat green vegetables. Don’t go for fried foods or fast food. You will find your skin is gaining back the shine and health faster.
  • Avoid stress in life – The fast and complicated lifestyle in every sphere adds stress to your life. The stress can cause a lot of issues in your life. Acne or skin problems can be one of them. Take all steps to keep stress out of your life. A healthy lifestyle will give you better ways to combat stress. Meditation or exercises can reduce stress. There are people who find listening to music, watching favorite movies or reading books are some ways to keep stress out of your life in most cases. Keep tension away and try to find happiness in simple things. These can combat stress and you can enjoy a happy feeling and a healthy glow on your skin.
  • Medications can cause acne –There are some medications that can give rise to acne and pimples on your face and forehead. When this is the situation and you can feel that certain medicines that you are taking are causing these ruptures on your skin, you must consult your physician once again. There are different ways to check if the medicines are actually giving you side effects and then decide on the best policy after discussing with the physician.
  • Hair styling products may cause acne –Many products can cause hormonal imbalance and you get acne on your face and forehead. The products like hair styling cream or spray can be harmful. There are some serums for the scalp that are not good for your skin. The spray for keeping hair in proper order also contains chemicals that can affect your facial skin from the scalp. If you find that you are getting more acne or pimples after using the hair styling products, then check the contents. Change to products that are organic or herbal in nature and you will find a world of difference.
  • Caps or helmets for hair can cause acne –There are people who drive bikes and need to wear helmet for safety reason. The helmets often are constructing and you start sweating profusely while using these head gears. The helmets are often dirty from dirt and dust of the road and the sticky sweat. These again can cause itching and acne on your scalp and forehead. The germs and bacteria in the dirty caps or helmets often can cause acne and keeping these head gears clean is the only solution. You can cover your head with a clean cloth too, before wearing the helmet and keep your forehead free of acne.
  • Cleaning or exfoliation must not be done in excess –the cleaning of face often can cause harm to the skin. The process of exfoliation or removal of dead skin cells can give a glow to your face. Too much of this exfoliation can cause pimples and acne. The itching and irritation grows with the dryness of your skin in excess with the exfoliation. This shows that if you are exfoliating your face, do it for two times in a week. Use quality products so that the skin remains supple and healthy.
  • Scalp oil causes acne –The excess oil on your scalp can cause acne and itching on your face. Keep your hair and scalp free of oil and also use ingredients like astringent to keep your face free of oil.
  • Genetic reason can also cause pimples and acne – There are people who have this trend of growing acne and pimples on the face and neck areas. The hormonal factor or genetic qualities give birth to such ailments and these are difficult to take care of. Consult with your doctor so that you can use certain medication for keeping away these eruptions on your face.

These were some reasons you are getting the acne on your forehead and the way out to keep them away. You must clean your face regularly with plain water and your face will feel refreshed. You can use mild antibacterial face wash after coming back home to clean dirt and dust. You must also use mild products like shampoo, hair wash and lotions for your hair. Minimized use of any cosmetics on your face and forehead is also a good way to keep your face clean and less affected with chemicals. You can try oil free makeup for daily use too.

Cleanse your face before going to bed and you will find this takes care of the overnight contamination with dirt and bacterial. Clean pillow case and sheets at night can be a great help as dirty ones make your face and scalp dirty too. The germs can cause havoc while you are asleep.

Home remedies for treating acne

The acne is an embarrassing eruption in the T-zone of your face and you often do not find any appropriate medication to treat it successfully. There are some home remedies that you can use to get rid of this acne on your face and forehead areas. Some such remedies are:

  • Lemon juice with its acidic properties – This is a product that is often there at home and you can use it to treat and reduce the acne on your forehead. These are natural astringent to unclog the pores and its acidic quality cleans the dirt and oil from the pores. Rub a lemon slice on the acne affected part and then leave off for an hour. Then clean off the face with normal water. You can also use lemon juice to mix with rose water and then store it in the freezer. Take some cotton and dab this lotion into it. Dab the acne affected area with this for better results.
  • Baking soda can be used as a mask for forehead acne –This is a gentle exfoliating agent for your forehead acne. This can unplug the pores and clean the dead cells that block them. Baking soda is also good for keeping the pH balance of your face intact. The antiseptic property of this agent helps you to treat acne with care. This has anti-inflammatory properties that also give a hand in clearing the acne. To avail all these properties you can make a mask of the baking soda by adding a little water with it. Apply on the affected places and wait for 10 minutes. Then clean it with regular water. This mask will take care of your acne and clean the forehead area within a short period.
  • Fuller’s earth for greasy skin with acne – This is another material that can give your forehead a protective covering from reappearing of acne. It also keeps your face free of oil and therefore the pores of your forehead remains clean and free of sebum. This is found in different grocery stores where you will get Indian organic and other special materials. Mix fuller’s earth with a little sandal wood powder and then add rosewater to it to make a paste. It should be sticky but loose enough to be able to apply on your forehead or on the full face if you need. Wait for 30 minutes or till it dries up completely. Then wash off the whole pack with normal water. You can use this once a week and soon you will feel the usefulness of this ingredient.
  • Tea tree oil is full of cleaning properties – You can find this a good way to clear off your acne. Take this oil and dab a drop on some cotton ball. Apply this on your face or on the forehead area. It is well known for its healing properties of acne or pimples and it will give you results within a short time. There are antibiotic properties in this oil that works faster on the acne after it cleans and disinfects the pores. Apply this three times on the forehead for better results. If you feel a drying effect on the skin then dilute the cotton with a few drops of water and then add the oil on it.
  • Indian lilac or neem works wonders on acne – This is called Indian lilac or neem in its indigenous place. This is a tree that has got medicinal properties and the leaves are full of antimicrobial properties with antiseptic effect for any infection. This kills bacteria and soothes the skin with its cool effect. You can take some leaves and add some water to make a paste of the leaves. Put in some turmeric to this paste to make it stronger in its healing power. Apply on the forehead and leave for 30 minutes. Wash off with water. You can use this for two times in a week and you will feel the difference in the appearance of your forehead very soon.
  • Aloe vera is soothing and anti-inflammatory – These leaves are thick and spongy with a gel like substance within the sponge. There are healing properties in this gel and you can also feel cooling effect when applied on any part of your face. You can take this gel to directly apply on your face or you can buy the aloe gel from market for this purpose. Apply this gel on the acne infected forehead directly twice in a day. You will feel the cooling effect and reduction of redness. The inflammation will also reduce within a few weeks and clear off from your forehead.

Acne can appear in any parts of your body but it is commonly seen on the foreheads. You should check the food that you take regularly to keep away appearing of acne. There are oil clogs that cause acne and if you do not take oily food or junk food too often, then there will be less reason to worry about this skin breaking irritant. Keep your hair clean and use clean towels and helmets for your daily use. Make sure you do not use cosmetics and other ingredients that do not go with your skin type. Hair gel, hair sprays with chemicals can also cause acne and you must keep away from these harmful agents. Regular exercise and light and healthy diet is a must to keep your face and skin glowing with health.