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How to look beautiful & attractive to your wife

How to look beautiful & attractive to your wife

If you have started to feel lately that your relationship with your wife is not working anymore the way it used to work in the past, there are reasons to be worried. However, worrying never helps, what helps, is doing. In case you feel to do the best for your relationship, trying to look beautiful and attractive to your wife once again can be really helpful. Women love certain things in men and they will actually appreciate those things a lot in their husband. There is nothing wrong to try to be the best man in the eyes of your wife; rather it is something you must do, because your wife deserves that much. Looking more beautiful and attractive to your wife is not very difficult, it just takes a little bit of care, and the mentality to do something for her. Read on to know how you can be more attractive and beautiful to your wife.

Maintain your look

When people say that the look of a man is equal to his wallet, it describes nothing more than the patriarchal structure of the present Indian society. In reality, looking good cannot be complemented by money, even if you are a man. However, looking good means looking your best; it does not mean that you have to look like a male model to be attractive to your wife.

So to look beautiful to your wife, start taking care of yourself. You really need not to spend hours in front of the mirror or to put on makeup to look attractive to your wife; in fact they can actually turn your wife down. All you need is to be a bit more careful. Read on to know how you can maintain your look.

Get in shape: If you have grown a pot belly because of your unhealthy lifestyle, it is the right time to lose it. A pot belly is not healthy for your relationship and neither for your own body. It affects your life in the most adverse ways and also affects your confidence. So, to look beautiful to your wife, put your best efforts to get back into shape. You cannot expect to lose all your extra fat in a month or two, but with regular exercises and a proper eating habit you can improve it vastly.

Women always like men who are in shape. Disfigured, unhealthy looking body can never make you attractive to your wife. So, start spending time in gymnasium. Go for sessions with your trainer asking him about the right exercises and food habits that can help you to get into figure. Take care of your body and it will naturally look good to everyone including your wife.

Maintain cleanliness

Cleanliness is something that can give your look a boost and can truly make your wife feel the difference. Bath properly, shave daily and ensure to wear clean clothes even when you are at home. Cleanliness can be very helpful to make yourself more attractive to anyone and your wife being the closest person to you is sure to notice the change. Cut your hairs routinely, shampoo them regularly, and maintain the best oral hygiene.

Well shaved, neat and clean appearance always encourages women. They are the beings who love cleanliness more than many other things in life. So, maintaining the best personal hygiene is surely one of the most important things that you need to do to look more attractive to your wife.

Smell good: Most of the women have a very sensitive nose and if you smell of the sweat all the time, most probably she is not going to come near you. You need not to use a perfume at home, but take proper care to ensure that you smell right. Use a deodorant even at home if you sweat a lot. Using an after shave lotion after you have shaved can be a very good option to smell right. Women like the masculine scent of a perfume but not that pungent ones, so pick an after shave lotion that smells fresh and good.

Get the right body language

Having a manly body language can actually make you appear beautiful and attractive to any women, and your wife is no exception. Get the right style to walk, move and talk not only when you are at home, but also when you are outside and interacting with other people. Be confident in your activities and discussions.

Let her know

You really need not to go overboard to look attractive to your wife. Let her know that you are trying your best to look better for her and you are sure to get the attention you have been craving for. For many women, the fact that their husband is ready to go the extra mile just to look attractive in her eyes, can do it all. So, let her know that you are truly trying to transform to a better you because she deserves better.

Show her that you care

Care is the best thing that you can give to your wife and this can actually make you more beautiful in her eyes. You really need not to be with her all the time to show that you care; be with her when she needs you. Help her in her household chores and also in some of her personal stuffs. Make it a point to press her dress once in a while when she is in hurry orcomplete the bed on your holidays, and always ensure to make her feel great.

Get the right attitude

If you are abusive to your wife, she will never find you attractive no matter how good and dashing you look. Getting the right attitude towards your wife is very important to make your relationship work in the best way and also to look attractive in her eyes. Give importance to her choices; you need not to follow her ideas always, but do not discard an idea only because it came from her. Give her the true value and respect that she deserves. Discuss with her before taking any decision on behalf of the family or about your home and let her know that she matters the most in your life. The right attitude is the thing that can actually make you most beautiful and attractive to your wife; reviving your relationship on the most efficient way.