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How to look beautiful & attractive to your girlfriend

How to look beautiful & attractive to your girlfriend

Every guy wants to look attractive to his girlfriend and in fact they can actually do that by following a few easy things. Getting a look that is totally different than how you are, might not be possible and you should not try to do it either; but trying to look better and more presentable is something that you can obviously do for your girlfriend. Here are some simple steps that can make you more attractive to your girlfriend.

Maintain cleanliness and self-hygiene

This is the first thing that is most important to make yourself appear beautiful and attractive to your girlfriend. Women do not really like people who are not well cleaned hence ensuring that you are practicing the best self-hygiene is the first step.

Take shower daily

Taking daily shower is a must. It ensures that your body is cleaned and not smelly. You can always use some good soap to ensure that your body is free from dirt and germs. Bathing also gives you a fresh look which can actually make any one appear more beautiful.

Keep your hairs clean

Keeping your body clean is not sufficient; you also need to keep your hairs clean by washing them regularly with a mild cleanser. Ensure that you do not have dandruff or any other scalp problem, like itching.

Use a deodorant

You have no reason to believe that if you smell of sweat it will not bother your girlfriend. Women have a heightened sensation of smell and if you are keen about making yourself more attractive to your girlfriend it is important that you ensure that you do not smell awful and for that purpose using a deodorant regularly and if needed more than once in a day is important.

Wear cologne

Women might not actually like men wearing a strong perfume all the time; however, they prefer the mild smell of cologne. So, make it a point to use cologne that make you smell fresh and good not only to your girlfriend but also to everyone.

Shave regularly

By shaving your facial hairs regularly you can actually appear more clean and presentable. So, do not be ideal and let that two day old beard rest on your cheeks. Shave them and get the right and most presentable look before you meet your girlfriend.

Maintain proper oral hygiene

This is something really vital to make yourself more attractive to your girlfriend. If you have yellow teeth they are surely going to play a spoil sports against you. So, ensure that your teeth are well cleaned. Also take care to have a good breath. A bad breath can be really difficult to tolerate for a women. So brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly and always ensure that you have a fresh breath.

Have trimmed nails

Women love long nails, but it is only as long as it is on women. Most of the women find long nails a sign of femininity and they might not actually like it if their boyfriend has longer and dirty nails. So, ensure to trim your nails routinely and take the best care to keep them clean.

Get the right grooming

A little bit of extra care can help you get the right look that is sure to impress your girlfriend. Implement the following in your regular routine to ensure that you look your best all the time.

Take care of your skin

You really need not to spend hours in the parlor to take care of your skin. All you need to do is to follow a regular Cleansing-Toning- Moisturizing routine religiously for twice a day. You need to follow this regimen once in the morning and once during the night. Use a mild facial cleanser for cleansing the skin and then use a toner to ensure that your skin is well toned. Using a moisturizer is a must to ensure that your skin does not look dry and patchy rather it has a natural healthy glow of its own. Also consider exfoliating your skin once in a week to maintain it in the best way.

Take care of your body

Be physically active. This will help you to get a perfect body, which is sure to make you appear more attractive to your girlfriend. A well chiseled body can be one of your best manly features, so put your best to get it. Either indulge in regular exercises or join an active sport to get that perfect body. If your waist region is wider, you actually need to ensure that you lose the extra fat to look attractive to your girlfriend.

Get the right hairstyle

Hairstyle can play a very important part in giving anyone the right look. Your hairstyle should be according to the shape of your face and if you are not very confident about the best hairstyle for you, visit a hairstylist to get that perfect hairstyle. Some men look their best in short hairs, whereas some prefer to have longer hairs. In both the cases, it is essential to ensure that you get a style that suits your look and personality. Also ensure that your hairs, irrespective of their style and length are soft, clean and cared.

Wearing the right clothes is important

Clothes play an important role in making your total presence attractive. You actually need not to wear expensive clothes to make yourself beautiful to your girlfriend; all you need to do is to wear the right clothes that make you look your best. Do not opt for those lying around clothes when you are going to meet your girlfriend even on a normal day, make sure to put on clothes that are in proper condition and they look good on you.

Pick the right size

It is only the dress of your exact size that can make you look and feel best. A size shorter or a size bigger, both can give you an odd look which is sure to make you less attractive. So, before you spend on a dress, try it out and check if it is an exact fit for your size.

Get the right color

Different colors suit more on different person and there have to be some colors that look better on you. So, pick the dresses of the colors that look better on you. If you cannot decide on your own, take a friend to shopping to help you pick the right dresses.

Highlight your best features

Pick a dress that highlights your best features and hides the ones that are not so good. Dark colors including black helps to obscure whereas the light colors highlights. So, put on the clothes accordingly to ensure that you look your best.

Ensure cleanliness

If you are wearing dirty clothes it does not matter how good you look in them your girlfriend will not appreciate it. So, always make it a point that whatever you wear is well cleaned, pressed and is in the best condition to wear. You really need not to pick formal wears even when you are going to meet your girlfriend to look your best, be casual but ensure that the clothes are clean and they do justice with your looks.

Get the right personality

The personality of a person has a lot to do with his attractiveness. If you are really serious about becoming more attractive and beautiful to your girlfriend ensure that you have the right personality.

Be confident

Being confident is very essential for guys. No women will like it if she finds that her boyfriend is not confident about himself. So get the right attitude and get a confident walk with your head held high. If you look shy or nervous it might not be very attractive to your girlfriend. Appear normal but not overly smart or formal.

Listen to her

Girls actually like those men who pay attention to her words. So, while talking with her let her speak her mind and listen to her words with interest. Give a genuine reply after listening and considering and not just anything that comes on your lips. Make sure that when you talk to her you do not say anything negative about anyone, because she might have a different point.

Make her laugh

This is another most important thing to be more attractive to your girlfriend. To be a charming person to your girlfriend you actually need to make her smile often. If she enjoys your company, she is sure to be attracted to you.

Behave well

Behaving like a gentleman can actually help you a lot to become more attractive to your girlfriend. Show her due respect and maintain the basic gentleman rules, like opening the door of the car for her or letting her take the best seat.