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How to get rid from summer acne?

How to get rid from summer acne

Summer acnes can be annoying to men going out in public. You tend to meet lots of people and these types of summer acnes can cause embarrassment among friends and colleagues. Summer acnes are mostly caused due to the excessive heat produced in the body. So here are some of the effective tips for getting rid of the irritating acnes during summer.

Acne problem is not at all new to people, rather it becomes boost up during the summer season. If it becomes severe, doctor suggests a short course of antibiotics. Since acne is the result of bacteria attack, something must be done so that bacteria must be fought with and inflammation can be reduced. You can also avail a powerful medication but that cannot be suggested without the advice of a doctor. Sometimes the laser therapies are also quite effective in eradicating the problem of pimples in skin. Pimple is basically the result of excess oil secretion over the skin. There is some effective solution to get rid of summer acne.

How to get rid of summer acne?

Physical exercise

There are variety of ways to control pimples that appears during the summer season. One of the ways is known as through physical exercise. These activities include cycling, jogging and walking. The outdoor exercises are quite effective for your skin as your skin can breathe fresh air along with little Vitamin D through the sun rays. If you can regularly carry on with h activity of swimming, this will keep your skin hydrated for a long time. Yoga is another effective way through which blood circulation becomes in order and pimples will be reduced.


You can also use some natural ingredients which are readily available at home. One of which is cucumber. Since, cucumber has a soothing effect, it helps your skin to provide a cooling effect and prevent the outbreak of acne. It is also known as a natural astringent for people using it as a stand against pimples. It is also quite effective in tightening your skin pores.

Tea tree oil

The tree oil has been proved for years as an antiseptic agent. It helps eradicating the damaged skin cells that was quite effective in causing irritation in your skin. Since it is a solvent, cutting the dirt as well as greasy substance in your skin can be wash away.  Even doctors suggest this for all those who have a problem of acne during the summer season as it has the anti bacterial properties.  You wont get the problem of breakdown further.

Roll on

Sometimes relaxation helps a person to reduce pimples for a long time. You can try a pose such as relaxing shoulder and get the head roll in the forward direction. Now, you must take a step of rotating your head in a circular moment without staining your neck at all. You can carry on doing this for the 5 times in order to get away from acne.


It is quite easy to get lemon in your vegetable basket. Since the lemon is having an acidic property, eradicating the acne breakdown will be quite effective. You can rub the sliced lemon with juice in your face where pimple is affected. Then keep it for the period of 10 minutes and then wash it away.

There are many more remedies to eradicate pimples when caused during the summer season. You must check them out and proceed.

Stay hydrated

If you have spent your whole lot of money for medicines and treatment, you should give it a stop and try out this simple home remedy. Drinking lots of water prevents your body from dehydration. You should try to have the practice of intaking pure water in sufficient quantities. This keeps your skin cool and reduces the occurrence of acnes. Also, the presence of acnes itself gets diminished.

Sandalwood face pack

The soothing fragrance of sandalwood is known to all. The sandalwood mask can be applied to the area where acnes are predominant. Since sandalwood is rich in healing properties, it cools your skin and makes your skin clear from summer acnes. Mix the sandalwood powder with rosewater and apply on the affected areas. Leave it until the paste becomes dry and wipe off with warm water. This prevents any further acne from occurring.

Neem with turmeric

Neem has excellent antibacterial properties. Neem in combination with turmeric exhibits wonder to your skin. It helps in getting rid of summer acnes within a shorter span of time. Wash the neem to remove the dirt from it and grind it along with turmeric. Grind this to a fine paste and apply all over the acne affected area. Continue this for at least twice a week for effective results.