How to make hair curly naturally for men

How to make hair curly naturally for men

How to make hair curly naturally for men

Men from African origin have natural curly hair; hence the style is more popular as full-on-afro style, which can be achieved only by professional perming.  On the other hand men with straight hair who desire for the stylish and lively curly hair can get small curls and waviness in their hair with some special effort and by using the right methods and right products. If you have been doing the curls in artificial ways, some natural techniques should also be thought about and furnished in a significant way.

Getting curls by using hair products

There are several hair products which help in getting curls. They contain chemical products which may be harmful to the hair. Careful selection need to be made while choosing these products.

Use hair gels

Some hair gels help to get hair curly.  A small drop of this gel rubbed on clean hair helps to curl up the hair. It should be rubbed with the fingers from forehead to back. Leave it for a minute and then curl small strands of hair on a pencil. Hold the pencil for some time and then open the curl. Gradually curl all the hair into tiny curls using this method.

Use Moroccan oil

This natural hair oil helps to moisturize the hair and give them strength. It also helps in forming natural curls in the hair. Apply this oil with a plastic comb into the hair after washing them. Then wear a tight fitting cap to keep the hair squeezed inside and leave it overnight.  The hair will take the curls more easily on removing the cap. Alternately coconut oil or olive oil can also be used for this process because they moisturize the hair and keep them light and silky. They can take up curls easily.

Use a natural texturizer

Texturizing spray is used to increase the natural curls of the hair in men. The texturizer has to be directly sprayed on the hair. The natural curls increase when the follicles are loosened. Baking soda available at home can be a wonderful texturizer which can in turn bring you natural curl. With this natural texturizer, you can get a clumpy hair which will in turn give rise to natural curl formation. You can use this in several ways. Either you can combine it with water or mix it with your conditioner to get visible results.

Hand twist and bun

There is an easy and natural way of creating soft curls just with some effective techniques. All you have to do is brush your hair and separate the same into two parts by drawing a line in the middle. Now take the hair strand and twist it from top to bottom and make bun and hold it with a clip. Do this on both the sides. Wait for 1 hr and open your hair. You will see very beautiful and soft hair with natural curl without the effect of chemicals and heat. You can try this at home and enjoy the result.

Curl-enhancing shampoo

This product is especially designed to help men to make natural curls in straight hair. It is advisable to choose curl-enhancing-shampoos that are made of natural ingredients. Shampoos made with artificial ingredients like aluminium and parabens must be avoided as they tend to remove the natural moisture of the hair and leave them dry and rough.

Getting Curls with Washing

Curls can be made and maintained by following some tips while washing the hair.

Brush the hair before showering

Brushing the hair before washing, rinsing or shampooing the hair is the first step in getting curls. Brushing gives lightness and body to the hair as it separates each strand and prevents matting and tangling. Often brushing your hair after rinsing your hair can give rise to enormous hair fall which is not at all expected even when you are going for a hair styling schedule. Thus, you can adopt a habit of brushing your hair before you go for a shower.

Rinse the hair regularly

Naturally curly hair can be achieved by rinsing the hair regularly .Rinsing keeps the hair fresh and clean and will bounce and curl to the hair. Frequent shampoo on the other hand washes off the natural oils from the hair and makes them dry. It will also straighten the hair by reducing the curls. Rinsing on the other hand will help to increase the curls

Dry hair naturally

The best method to maintain curls is to let the hair dry on their own in the air and avoid blow drying or rubbing the hair with a towel. It is observed that sleeping with wet hair make them look curly and give the desired look of curly hair. Hence it is better to wash hair at night instead of doing so in the morning.

Create curls mechanically

Curls can be created by using certain tools available in the market. This can also be achieved by getting the right haircut.

Heat curlers and roller curlers

These tools are usually used by women with long hair but men with medium length hair can use these curlers to curl their hair. Small gauge curlers can be tied overnight to get tight curls.  Shampooed hair can be rolled tight on a round hair brush and dried with a blow dryer to get significant curls. This can be done through medium and low blow of hair blowers. You can also use curling iron to go ahead with the changes.

Create waves to get a curly look

Waves in the hair can be created in the hair by following a special combing method daily. The hair need to be cut short all around the scalp.  Daily after a bath brush the hair hard from the head towards the forehead, ears and back of the head for about an hour for several weeks. After brushing cover the head with a cap and keep it for some time or sleep overnight with it. This will keep the hair moist and turn them wavy gradually.

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