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How to get Gemini woman fall in love with you

The zodiac sign of the Gemini is represented by twins, Yin and Yang. Geminis are equally divided into two parts. You never know which one you are getting. You can get one of them at any time. If you have decided to marry a Gemini woman then set your mind to stay with two wives. Gemini women normally have dual characteristics inside them. Even sometimes they can have multiple personalities. This characteristic of Geminis is known as “split personality”.

Geminis are dynamic, charming and intelligent by nature. They are very fascinating in romanticism. This article is to give you some tips on how to win the heart of a Gemini Woman.

Geminis are the soul and life of Social Parties

Geminis are popularly known as the life and soul of social parties. They have a mind-blowing energy, superb sense of humor and brilliant minds. These all qualities made them the best party host and well loved among friends and families. Gemini woman are always followed by a big crowd of admirers, both male and female. She will always be covered with a great social circle, family, friends, relatives, even with her ex-boyfriends. A happening and glorious social life always makes her happy. So, if you are dating a Gemini girl, then be prepare to surround by a crowd of her friends all the time and unfortunately they will tenaciously attach to her and refuse to leave you people alone. While dating take your Gemini girlfriend to a place where she can jolt with many people, like Movie Theater, shopping mall or a casino.

She Loves to Talk

The easiest and the best way to attract her are by a very much interesting conversation. Geminis are known to be an extraordinary conversationalist and she can keep you busy by her brilliant words for hours. If you are planning to date a Gemini woman then try to chat with her about many interesting topics. She can talk in every possible topic in the world!! You can talk to her about politics, cinema, magazine, religion, travel or you can instantly switch to any other topic like current affairs. Along with a veer interesting conversation she has a very eager mind. She is willing to know more and more all the time. She can ask you several questions if she wishes to know anything from you.

Geminis are Belong from Swift-footed Roman God- “Mercury”

The planet sign of the Geminis are Mercury, who is a swift footed Roman God. This indicates the swiftness of the Geminis by which they can swiftly shift from one activity to another. If you are marring a Gemini woman then you can see that she is doing a full time job, doing to dance class twice in a week, going to swim club in the week end, going to have lunch with her high school friends and after all this she will be ready to make special dinner for you. Who doesn’t want to marry an energetic girl like this? But, marrying a Gemini woman is sometimes boring. Because she will set her routine according to her needs. She will always be busy with her routine. You wish her attention all the time, and then you cannot get it.

Except Freedom in Relationship

Living with a Gemini woman is not much difficult. Only you have to give her freedom. No matter how close she is with you, she will never commit her 100% into the relationship. Geminis need to change people surrounded by her and she loves to meet new people all the time. Do not tie her up. If you stuck her up then she will feel uneasy, restless and uncomfortable and she will have a desire to break herself free. Set her free, at the end of the day she will come back to you.

Dual Characteristics

The zodiac sign of Gemini is represented by Twins. This is the reason of dual characteristics in Geminis. Geminis have a jolly, fully, light hearted and youthful outside and a much cooler, mature, practical and calculating inside. Your Gemini girlfriend may talk in some social and interesting conversation over phone or through mails but when you meet her she may not act like same. She can show both her characteristics at the same time. She will show her anger with coldness at the time of temper. This characteristic shows that she not only can talk about a situation but also she can handle it wisely. Geminis can adapt themselves easily in any kinds of changing situation. This makes Geminis socially successful.