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19 secrets that could help you live longer

Scientific developments have made our lives safer and easier. The average life expectancy today is much more than it was a few decades ago.

Scientific developments have made our lives safer and easier. The average life expectancy today is much more than it was a few decades ago. At the same time we see that there are many detrimental elements in our environment that can make our lives shorter. You can live a longer, healthier and happier life by following 19 tips that might not seem like a game changer.

Live long and prosper

19 small tips to increase your life span are:

  1. What we eat can be the key to our long life. For example adding three walnuts and pumpkin seeds to our diet can help our bodies get the necessary vitamins and minerals that most junk food today cannot offer.
  2. Reducing junk food can be the solution to a number of health problems but if you cannot reduce the intake of bad food try to increase the amount of good food that your body needs.
  3. Fruits should be an important part of your diet. But if you keep the fruits in your refrigerator then you might be taking away all nutrition that fruits offer. So, buy fresh fruits and eat them while they are fresh.
  4. Along with what you eat, monitor how much you eat. When you eat keep your stomach 20% empty. This allows your metabolism to use all the fats you have ingested instead of storing them in your cells.
  5. What you drink is also very important. Everyone knows that water is necessary for good health, but many do not know the anti ageing affects of tea.
  6. An apple a day can keep the grim reaper away. Apple juice can keep your brain healthy and prevent memory loss and keeping it sharp.
  7. Exercise is necessary for good health, but who has the time? You can exercise by performing simple activities, like standing on one leg while you dress in the morning. You can inculcate exercise into your daily routine.
  8. Just like the rest of your body, your skin needs vitamins. Vitamin D is essential for your skin. So, always use the right amount of sun block that can protect your skin at the same time offer it the Vitamin D it requires.
  9.  Dental care is crucial if you wish for a long life. Bad dental hygiene cannot just be painful but it can lead to heart problems as well. So, keep your teeth fit.
  10. If you are smoker then you are sure to have a shorter life. Even if you do not die of cancer your life span is cut short by smoking. Quit smoking for a longer life.
  11. Your companions are important when it comes to your life span. Research has shown that an average human has a healthier and longer life if they have six close friends. This reduces stress and depression, while increasing life span.
  12. A furry friend can also help you have a longer life. Keeping a dog as a pet seems to increase life span than it does with other pet owners or those who do not have pets.
  13. Laughter is an elixir. Laughing at least 20 times a day can help your body remain youthful.
  14. Getting extra sleep can help your body stay fit. Try sleeping an hour before your regular bed time. You will feel refreshed and have a longer life.
  15. Television can be entertaining but shutting the television off an hour before your bed time is important if you wish to live longer.
  16. Knowing your family tree can help you predict and prevent many genetic diseases that can run in your family. So, study your family’s medical history well if you want a longer life.
  17. Pessimism cannot just ruin your mood it can cut your life short as well. Research shows that pessimists are more prone to health hazards.
  18. A healthy sex life can be necessary for a longer life. Sex twice a week can help you retain your youth longer.
  19. Finally it is important to believe in something. Belief and hope are two things that can help you have a longer and healthier life.