How to improve the men fair skin complexion

How to improve the men fair skin complexion

How to improve the men fair skin complexion

We prefer men with darker complexion where as women with fair skin. Many women have fascination about a person with tall, dark and handsome image. But, not all men and women think alike. Some men prefer to get white skin tone and would like to do anything and everything in order to improve their fair complexion. Today, you can get some tips through which the skin complexion can be easily improved. You can easily get glowing complexion of your skin with fail some natural phenomenon.

Tips for improving fair skin complexion


You must have heard about the steam bath. This is a wonderful way of getting refreshed and rejuvenated after and long time and tiresome work. You must be really happy to get a steam bath as soon as you have become tired after coming from a long journey. This will also help increasing the fairness of your complexion.

Hydration of the body

You can also go ahead with proper hydration of your body during the summer season. You must be quite serious about your skin care when it comes to improvement of your complexion. The amount of water taken by the body is really important for maintaining equal balance of nutrition within the body. The dry skin layer in you will absolutely make you feel flaky. Proper hydration of your body by consuming enough water can make your complexion glowing.

Protect skin from extreme weather

Your skin can become dark just due to the extreme weather condition. The tanning effect of the weather is another important reason of getting the complexion darker. You can use the juice of tomato and rub it over your skin and get a wonderful clarity of your skin tone. This is a natural ingredient that helps in reducing blacking tanning effect of your skin.

Best scrub for skin

You can easily get variety of scrub in the market that helps in exfoliating your skin. You must use the branded variety of scrub which helps in removing all clogged skin from your face. These are the dead skins which need to be removed before providing a moisturizing effect in it.  You must buy the scrub that contains glycolic acid, salicylic acid, fruit enzymes, etc. If you want to exfoliate your skin in a natural way, you need to make a mixture of sugar along with olive oil. Apply it on your face and rub it gently. Now slowly rub it on your face and remove the dead skin layer.

Massaging your skin

In order to bring back the fair skin color, you must massage your skin really well. You can take an ice cube and then apply it on your face. Now massage it slowly and feel the difference with the glowing face with fairness. If you can massage your skin regularly with besan and flour with some raw milk, this will easily make you look fair and beautiful. You can try it today and get wonderful skin after few weeks. Make it as a routine and follow.

Wash your face twice/thrice a day

Washing your face is essential in your daily routine, It doesn’t mean only once in a day. You must make sure you do it twice/thrice a day. While going to bed at night ensure that you rid yourself of all the impurities that settled on your face during the day. And always choose the face wash which suits your skin type.

Healthy food for skin

For nourishing the skin cells body needs healthy food like fruits and vegetables.  And also include vitamin C, E, A, proteins and antioxidants for keeping skin fair and young. Avoid eating oily and spicy foods that make your skin oily and unhealthy .

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