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Tips for parents to avoid caught in the sex act

caught in the act

Parents may have to face some issues at home when they make love at home when their kids are around. Your kids might hear noises and they might get frightened or they might even be cautious to know what it is. You might definitely feel extremely embarrassing if you find that your kids saw or heard you making love with your spouse, but you should never let any of these affect your love life. You can make them understand certain things according to their age and you can chicken out from certain topics that you may not be able to share with your kids at their age. You should never think of putting an end to your sex life just because you think that it might create a bad impression in your children’s mind. Nothing should affect your love life throughout your life. There are certain things that you can do to avoid being caught by your children while you are making love to your spouse.

Steps to follow

Talk with your spouse about making love and you can always plan keep some time aside for you and your spouse alone when the kids are not around or when they are asleep. Always keep a good communication with your partner. After planning, you can get some good door locks for your bedroom and if you are worried about the noise being heard, then play some music or get some noisy fan to reduce the noise from coming out. You can always think what you will tell your kids in case they see you both making love to each other.

If your kids are very young, then they might not understand what exactly is happening. They might be just frightened thinking that their parents are hurting each other. At this time make sure that your kids are not scared and make them understand they you are not hurting your spouse and tell them that this is something that all the grownups do. A primary school kid may be curious to know about it but say only the necessary things and tell them this is something that only grownups will be able to understand and try to switch the topic as soon as possible. If an older child sees, then never lie to him/her. Dress up and talk to your child about it, this might be awkward for you and your spouse but tell your child regarding this and set boundaries with your kid for your privacy. You can always make sure that you are kids are not around while you and your spouse are going to make love. Sex is something through which you can show and express your feeling to your spouse with all your heart. Keeping a healthy sexual life is always important in everyone’s life, so nothing is going to stop you from making love and expressing your feelings to your loved ones. Have an enjoyable and blissful love life with your loved ones that can make you look and feel younger and attractive.