Pedicure for men. Why men should consider pedicure

Pedicure for men. Why men should consider pedicure


You can have the perfect pedicure process both at home and at the salon. This is the reason you should follow some of the basic tips at home and even at the salon to help your feet stay in the best of condition. It is necessary to clean the footbath thoroughly in order to help the feet stay in the perfect state in winter.

The tips for home based pedicure

  • At home once you sit to pedicure you should remove the traces of nail polish from the nails. This will make the feel ready for the treatment.
  • Your feet need to be trimmed and exfoliated, but before that you need to soak the feet in order to make the skin and the enamel soft. Once the skin becomes soft you can treat the feet with perfection. You should add a bit of milk to the water that you are using to soak the feet. This will help the lactic acid loosen the dead skin cells. You can soak the feet for five minutes in the water and in case your feet have more cracks and calluses you need to soak the same for the longer span of time.
  • Then it is time that you arrange for a pumice for the smooth a d gentle treatment of the callus and this can also help in healing the rough skin patches. You are recommended to use the Personal Pumi Bar and it is so gentle on the sensitive skin. It is better when compared to the pumice stone or the callus file made of steel.
  • After the exfoliation process is over it is time that you dry the feet well. The drying should be done thoroughly and that too in between the toes. In fact, all parts of the feet and toes should have no traces of water.
  • Now it is time to apply the foot cream for perfect moisturizing. You should apply the cream on all parts of the feet excluding the part between the toes. This is the area vulnerable to infection and so it is not recommended that you moisten the area. Due to this you can even develop athlete’s toe. So, make sure that the specific area of the feet is dry.
  • The nails should be cut short and straight and the cutting should be done just above the portion of the skin and this is to prevent the ingrowth of the toenails. However, it is not right to clip the side area of the toenail and the toenail should not go beyond the length of the toes.
  • When you want to make the edges of the nails round you have to file them lightly following one direction. Make sure not to scrape the surface of the nail. For this it is best that you make use of an emery board and it is best not to make use of a steel nail file. When using a steel file there are chances that your nails can get ripped.
  • At the base area of the nail it is best to apply the cuticle remover and you should rub the same well. This you should make to stay for some time.
  • However, you should make use of the cuticle stick made of rubber or wood. This is also known as the orange stick. The stick is used to push the cuticles back to place. At the market you should look for the properly designed cuticle stick and the stick should be small and it should come with the flattened tip and the rounded ends.
  • If the cuticles are big they can cause infection. This is the reason the professionals will suggest you to keep the cuticles short. When trimming the cuticles you should make the best use of the sterilised and the perfect cuticle nipper. Trim short but it should not tough the level of the skin. This can make the skin get cut and there can be blood and infection.
  • If you have not trimmed the cuticle before it would be right to take the help of a professional. He would be the best person to help you in the process and allow the cuticle achieve the right length and shape. The expert will teach you how to do the trimming of the cuticle for the first time. In case you have skin problems on the area of the foot it is best that you see a doctor immediately. He will tell you how best to take care of the condition and feel the relief.
  • In case there is infection on the feet or toes it is recommended not to put coloured nail polish. The coloured nail polish will conceal the bacterial growth and this is sure to affect the health and the texture of the skin. It is best to put on with the clear and safe antimicrobial nail polish and this is sure to act fine for the nails. They form the best protective layer on the nails.
  • It is best that you moisturise the feet on regular basis. It is not that you will only clean your feet when having a pedicure. It is best to make the feel clean and perfect for usual times too. Especially before the onset of the winter season it is necessary that you take the right care of the feet in order to avoid peeling of the skin and the cracked heels. The moisturizing process will help the skin stay normal and your feel will appear so shinny and healthy.

Apart from these tips there are few more things that you need to keep in mind. It is always necessary to wear the right kind of shoe for the proper protection of the feet. Don’t use much heels in case you have spinal cord problem. If you are a diabetic patient it is recommended that you wear a covered shoe. This will prevent the extra exposing of the skin and thus the feet are protected from all impurities and infection. Wear socks before having cracked heels. Clean the feel, apply cream and then wear the socks in order to help the skin stay in the perfect state ever.

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