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Things women love and men hate

There are many things in this world women fond off and men jump from, from the many hear are few things which women like the most and men not.


Loofahs, foot scrub, conditioners, skin care soaps and etc make the women fun to be in the bathroom for long hours. But most of the men don’t like stay for lengthy hours in the bathroom, mostly they follow a policy of completing the shower when they enter to bathroom.


There have been coming many comments on the women shopping, they are true to the most. Women’s selection never comes to a serious end until they spend alteast few long hours. They don’t quote for exact number of pick up’s but all they need to do is enjoying the new stuff and trying them. While coming to men’s shopping it is completely in anti-clock direction, they never spend too many hours in choosing the better.


Comparative to men, women are the best lovers of sleep. They also snore and squirm and theft your good night sleeping hours.


One of the best weapon they ever carry. It’s a known fact that women cry more than men but the actual line is when a person cries about a thing, they get some kind of relief from it. In order to shape that relief women follow the tip of cry and will cry for three, four, five times a day to grab it. Well, in the case of men cry takes a very portion and most of the men don’t like to cry.

Family functions

Women really to spend their times in family functions, it is a good chance for ‘her’ to dress up great and to explore her self.   In comparison with men women are the geeks of functions. They really enjoy that time and eagerly wait for the next occasion.

Work outs

Living healthy is very important, exercise and yoga do much help to accomplish it. In the way to figuring out the best structures women are always toppers, they even give up their interesting and tempting food to grab it.

Chocolates and flowers

There will be no girl who doesn’t fond of chocolates and flowers. Many chocolates got craze and demand only due to because of high consumption of them by women. And flowers, they never be imagined with out being in the hair of women.


What ever the temple we go, where ever a spiritual lecture is on the run, women are the most front seat occupiers and majority seat holders. Even we can see at home, our grand mother or mother is more towards the chanting of god names and spiritual stories where as our grand father or father take part only for few minutes.

Interior care

Whether they are pillows or bathroom tiles, Women always wanted to sketch the best in their interior designing. They basically love to decorate their home from each and every corners.

Watching television

Hey! it’s a general habit from children to old age people, you may say like this. But the count of television hours, daily serials, their liters of tears will never be overcome by men. men really don’t like to watch the serials or programs for day and nights.