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Do’s and dont’s when dating a Sagittarius women

Spend a harmonious relationship with a Sagittarian women remembering the do’s and don’ts while dating her

We are completely aware that each species is born under different zodiac signs, where there are some positive points and some negative which have to be accepted by the partner. It’s better to take precaution and not make any faults and regretting later .Do things which will attract her more towards you but also make sure of not doing or saying such things which will spoil your relationship with her .

Do Think beyond and extreme

A normal person would panic sulk in a corner when stuck on an island, such is not the case with a Sagittarian they would absolutely enjoy being there. A Sagittarian women would hate to sit lonely and idle, she could think 24 7 to make use of every second of their lives so make sure you keep her occupied with something interesting. You can gift a Sagittarian a crossword puzzle which she would love and would jump with joy ,don’t be surprised to see her acting like a kid .Invite her for a cliff diving or bungee jumping even if you are very scared of heights she will instantly consider you as her best friend forever .

Accept Sagittarians the way they are don’t try to change them or pressurize them to change their habits and living style .they might be quick thinker or decision maker , they might be less patient , they might continuously crib or brag about something or the other , just be patient and handle her. Sagittarian women would like to always look for answers that are even not there, they want to talk sense and logically always just remember a lesson here is to go with the flow and enjoy their endless excitement for life. Sagittarians like those men who value her freedom , for example if she want to go out on a Saturday night let her go , she wants to spend the weekend with her friends let her . This way you will gain her confidence and trust which will be beneficial for you.

A Sagittarian would love to be dressed and see their partner also well dressed, she always makes sure that she is well dressed than her friends when she goes out with them. Also make sure that you don’t over dress when you go out with her, it would be a turn off for her. Take care of the hygiene issues like smell good, take care of nails and especially shoes should be worn according to the occasions. It’s not just about the looks a good conversation and connectivity is also important .Try to keep a Sagittarius women amused, she loves lively people who have good sense of humor.

DON’T be boring personality

Sagittarian women like broad minded people those who can shock them without warning .be a great conversationalists , talk to her for hours .If you don’t talk or communicate she would consider you as a very boring personality and become impatient too. Don’t just let them talk continuously be active and put your input too into the conversation.

Don’t try to control or dominate a Sagittarian women .Once a Sagittarian women gets attached to someone it’s very hard for her to move away from that thing or person. She likes to live a peaceful life minding their own business and not interfering what the other person is up to. A Sagittarian woman is independent and therefore she would not like any kind of restriction imposed upon her. If you try to dominate her she will leave and let go of you without thinking twice about what kind of person you were and what all you did for her in the past.

Don’t be too predictable, try to be surprising .Nothing drives a female Sagittarian than a mysterious guy.try not to run behind them for attention all the time instead the men who maintain distance are liked by these women. Make yourself seem like the most eligible bachelor around. You can win her with your honesty and faithfulness .don’t talk too much about your work or business deals, she will like it for a while but after that she will get bored of it and you also.