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Things that can cause marriage failure

When you marry you are happy and have lots of dreams and expectation from your partner and from life. Marriage is a commitment,understanding, bond, mutual love and respect for each other. To have a successful marriage you need to abide by these laws. Every individual hopes to have a smooth married life. But life does not always come as we expect it to be. So, in many marriages there are failures. The breaking of a relationship is really painful and heart breaking.

Marriage is a great event which has the power to bind two life’s to single. Every one wants their relation to stand for last long and no one wants their marriage to go in a threats filled path. But due to certain cases couple may face problems in their marriage relation. Here is the list of things that may cause marriage failure

Working more on wedding than on marriage

Most of the people spent loads of time for their wedding, starting from printing of the cards, the venue and its decoration, the bridesmaid, groomsmen, the guest list, the ceremony and for the bands and etc. But they not spend in time planning and also in preparing for the marriage.

Be truthful 

You never become a trust worthy person until your share real feelings and truth. If you are in the same track of telling lies and not standing on the words that you said before will never drive for the trust.

Never listen to a foolish marriage advice

By listening to a foolish advice given by your friend who is trying to join you in a men-hater or woman-hater club. To the similar there are some persons who polish their personal relation problems with you. Don’t get those words in to the brain, always be smart and leave them at the very moment other wise they will ruin your mind and your golden relationship.

Fail to ask forgiveness and forgive

When your partner address you that, you hurt him/her try to ask forgive. This case is simple to suggest but hard to work on, as a human mind generally thinks that i didn’t make a mistake then why should i have to ask apologize. It don’t travel good in all the cases tune yourself to ask for forgiveness and forgive for some other incidents.

Respect your partner

Respecting your partner emotions and their ideas are very necessary. Listen to them while they are speaking and adding thoughts to the decisions. If you are constantly questioning their decisions and abilities it is nothing but hitting their self esteem and respect.

Be careful with your words

Words are very powerful, they have the power to heal the pains and has the wheels to rope the tears. Your disrespectful, supportive-less, heart hurting and sarcastic words are like toxins from the mouth which can spoil your marriage. Many marriages came to the culmination due to the affects by words. So, be conscious and concentrate while you are talking.

Treating your partner like an enemy

If you carry the same nature while you are playing cricket, it never adds good score to the relation. Don’t keep your eye’s on focusing the things like who spent more, who cleans more and who works more. Don’t pinch your partner emotions by pinching that she/he is not offering enough help. Don’t try win alone but hit the triumph as a couple.

Give priority

Some people pour all their time, attention, energy and affection to their kids, they don’t think about to enjoy with their partner.

Co-operation is expected from Both Sides

Never be a heartless fool to think your marriage to be a contract. Never consider the relationship in give and take terms. This is not a 50-50 partnership, but a 100%commitment with full love and affection for your partner. This will give a relationship which lacks the personal touch and as a result both of you are not satisfied and sad in the relation. Never commit the mistake of taking your partner for granted. Many think that his or her spouse should always keep her or him happy, and him or she does not have any responsibility towards the partner. When you expect certain things from your partner, you also should keep in mind to fulfil your spouse’s mental and physical demand. In most of the failed marriage cases the attention is totally on the child or children. It is your priority for sure but never ignores your husband. This makes the husbands feel dejected and the love fades away with time. You tend to pay attention, put your effort and energy to your children the whole day and your poor darling is left alone. So, be aware that you take care of your husband and keep the flame of love awake in your relationship. Some people have a tendency to change the spouse. When you stay together you will notice many bad habits and things which will irritate you. You can see your partner lazy, messy, and nagging,never help with kids and household work, but always don’t poke your spouse to change. A person can change the habits and nature to some extend but not from head to toe. So, respect the changes your spouse made in her or him, and stopping picking the flaws in her or his actions. Let your spouse free and give her or him space to breathe.So, lead a jolly and lovable relationship with your partner, rather than trying to dominate her. You should understand it is a mutual understanding rather than a competition.

Mistakes Can Be Grave in Marriages

Always remember to keep a healthy and open relation with your spouse. Your communication level should be transparent.  Men also can make few typical mistakes which can lead to a breaking of relationship. Love and marriage is a holy institution which should be over protected by us. Never blame your partner for each and everything which comes in everyday life. Problems should be solved with mutual discussions rather than blaming each other. This process of discussion, instead of shouting and yelling can make a good difference to your married life. Feel free to talk to your partner. If you keep your grievances within you always then you cannot have a healthy and happy relationship and as time passes you can face some psychological and physical problems. When stress develops it hampers the relation, and health of an individual. This can lead to depression, and bitterness in your relationship. Men should be empathetic to their partner. You should understand the soft heart of your lady partner and know how to share her feelings and give her the comfort zone. Women are soft at heart so wants the men to understand their feeling and validate them.

Please don’t hurry in a Relationship

Always don’t be in a hurry to fix a solution to a problem she shares. Rather be empathetic and be at her side for sometime, which will be better for both of you. When she faces some sentimental issues, never run to justify yourself, rather be feeling it and support her. A lady of the house always expects that you will pay attention to her opinion or decisions. So, before taking any big decision it’s a must to consult her. This is what makes her satisfied that you give her an important place in your life. So, she will be happy and content and your married life will be peaceful.Never try to be the leader in any relationship, have everything mutually. Never be forceful in bed. This causes an unrecoverable distance to your relationship. Lady needs a slow arousal, so you need to be patient while spending the intimate moments with your lady love.When she feels your warmth towards her and when she is shown the affection she gets aroused.

Patience is the Key Word

For men sex is having a close relation,but a woman is only involved totally when there is a pre-satisfactory relation with her husband. So have patience and be loving, then beingforceful and not to be in a hurry. Some men try to hide their feeling,to be at the safe side in the relationship. So, as it is essential toshare her feelings, it is also important to share your feelings aswell. Never think your feelings will prove you week in front of your partner. She wants you to share your feelings with her.So, if you do not share your feeling, maybe she will feel distressed and dejected. She feels that you have a close connection is to wantyour husband to share your feelings and emotions with her. So, be openand share with no fear, of losing your position in front of her.Some men are over dominating. He tries to insist on every decision tobe as per his liking. This is really suffocating. She after sometimeswill revolt or back out. Always thinking I am right and she is wrongis absolutely incorrect. The relationship of a couple should bereciprocal, caring, sup portative and understanding. Try and understandthat she is your wife but she has an identity of her own altogether.