The facts, truths and myths about the semen

The facts, truths and myths about the semen

facts about the semen

Semen is an important part of a male personality which is usually seen to get visualized with the love making process. Many people are not aware of the seminal fluid which contains the element named as spermatozoa. Usually this is a fluid that is inside the human body that has secretion through gonads. The seminal fluid includes enzymes, proteolytic as well as other fluids.   Semen also helps the survival of spermatozoa. Another important face about semen is its helping nature to allow the sperms to move and swim.

Gentlemen would relish actual pleasure in life through sexual intercourse.  Men can pass on the genetic code in his different ages with the genetic code. Semen is an important part of every gentleman’s health which allows them to enjoy happy married life. Scientifically speaking, semen is a complex secretion from a man’s body which is also packed with healthy chemicals for proper hormone functioning of every man in the Earth.

Some interesting facts about semen

  • Semen was concentrated from blood
  • Semen is a complex secretion
  • Average man’s ejaculation give rise to seminal plasma
  • One tablespoon of semen includes 5 to 25 calories
  • The protein content in semen is quite similar than the one present in egg white
  • The fruits named as pineapple, watermelon, kiwi and celery can make the taste of semen lighter. If you consume much of alkaline based fish and meat, the semen will become buttery

Truth about semen

  • The ingredients needed to make semen are nitrogen, calcium, water, chlorine, vitamin C, Vitamin B12, zinc, calcium etc.
  • Around 5% of the women are allergic towards semen
  • According to a report published in CNN in the year 2003, swallowing semen does not help reduction of breast cancer risk
  • Regular exposure of women to their partner’s semen before pregnancy helps developing immune system of the pregnant lady

Semen is a cloudy substance which comes out of male organ from the urethra of penis during the process of ejaculation. Maximum fluid present in semen is composed of male reproductive organ secretion. There are percentages of fluid secretion which belong to several categories. Around 65 percent of the fluid will be produced by the seminal vesticles. Semen also contains the citric acid, potassium, enzyme, zinc etc. In a single ejaculation, semen will contain between 40 to 600 million of sperm. This density also depends on the length of time in ejaculation and also the volume of ejaculation.

Normal semen

The normal semen is generally cloudy white or grey in color. Sometimes it can also thicken to jelly like consistency. But, this consistency does not last forever. Rather, it will become a runny and clear liquid just after 30 minutes of time. If you are planning for a reproduction, thickening of the semen will be important. If your semen is having a smell of chorine, it is known to be a normal thing. Normal semen has a slightly high content of fructose. Thus, it is sweet in taste. But the taste will vary from one person to another. The diet, lifestyle and other related things are related with the taste of semen.

Consideration for abnormal semen

If there is a decrease in the volume of semen as compared to the previous volume of semen secretion, it can be considered as an abnormal state. Again excessive thick and lumpy semen can be another abnormality of a male personality. This will give rise to low testosterone level. You must visit doctor’s clinic immediately in this regard.

Facts on origination of semen

Semen is a fluid that originates right from the seminal vesicle and has its location based in pelvis of a male individual. A proper name is also provided to the process which results in semen discharge. This process is popularly named as ejaculation. This process is really important for every male individual while they are engaged in the process of intercourse.

Sperm & semen

Some people have wrong idea about semen as they think that both semen and sperm is same. But, this is not a true fact. There is a clean difference between a semen and sperm. It is true that both semen and sperms comes out of penis at the time of intercourse but both have a different influence and effect on human body. Semen though is a fluid that comes out of male personality but is not responsible for risk factor. But, sperm cells are microscopic and are directly responsible to cause pregnancy.

Composition of human semen

When the process of ejaculation takes place, the sperms are viewed to travel through the ejaculatory duct which also mixes with vesicles travelling through the prostate to form semen. You will be able to view a yellowish viscous fluid which occupies around maximum proportion of semen in human. Even the secretion of prostate effects and is affected by dihydrotestosterone which gives rise to white color liquid fluid like substance.

Semen facial myth

Some ladies also beliefs that semen can make their skin look beautiful and attractive as it contains protein which can directly make their skin healthy. This can be a myth but some ladies still beliefs and apply semen over their face to get a natural glow and beautiful skin.  But, accumulating semen together is a tough task as you cannot catch the semen dropping from a male penis when you are intimate with him in your bedroom.

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