Testosterone and health problems with low testosterone

Testosterone and health problems with low testosterone

When you become aged you tend to have low testosterone level. Once you are more than 30 years of age you start suffering due to low testosterone level. Now, it is important that you know about this natural hormonal disease. You should know the side effects and the symptoms of having low testosterone level. This is the hormone which helps in normal functioning of the physiological organs. This is the reason you have to be serious regarding the presence and the percentage of the same. It is important for you to know that due to the low hormonal level you can have negative emotional spots. You tend to react in the worse manner.

Testosterone is a major hormone in every male, it is responsible for some important conditions such as facial hair, muscle development and a deep voice. If the level of the testosterone is low when compared with the normal levels it is called as low testosterone. This case is also sometimes called as hypogonadism or hypoandrogenism. One can get the result of low testosterone through a blood test.

There is no standard that refers to normal testosterone value but the general range of testosterone levels for men is 300 to 1000 ng/dL( Values differ among laboratories).

Fat can lower the testosterone

The people with abnormal fat levels in the body more likely get the low testosterone rather than the thinner man. Though the reasons are not clear, obesity promotes the wide spread of inflammation in the body.

Low testosterone levels are linked with the sleep apnea

In most of the cases, the person who is having low testosterone level is due to the sleep apnea. Fixing the sleep apnea can help the person to return back to the normal levels.

But if a man with sleep apnea got diagnosed with low levels of testosterone alone, consuming the supplemental hormone can increases the problem of sleep apnea. So, it is recommended for a person to go with the work out with perfect endocrinologist  in order to get the exact conditions for the low levels like sleep apnea or pituitary gland, don’t go undiagnosed.

Health problems with low testosterone

There are some more additional health problems have been linked with the low testosterone levels apart from the commonly associated problems like decreased sexual drive and low libido. The other health problems are depression, diabetics, obesity, osteoporosis, lack of energy, cardiovascular disease, abdominal fat and reduced muscle and mass strength.

In addition to the above, some studies reported that low testosterone levels might shorten the life expectancy. A German research has showed the high blood pressure and diabetics among the persons who are with decrease in testosterone levels, and those men were also more obese than the persons who are having higher testosterone levels.

Treatment options

A person who is been with low testosterone level can come out from it and its associated problems through many treatments choices. Health care professionals highly recommend for the testosterone replacement therapy as long-acting pellets, patches, injections, skin gel or oral inserts. The most commonly used is gel therapy, which is a selection from around 70 percent of patients due to its simple method of application. The person needs to rub the gel on to his shoulder or upper arm after a shower.

With the testosterone therapy men with low levels get a boost in libido and sexual drive and their bone mass may increases with the supplemental testosterone. It helps the people to build the lean muscle mass who got affected with diabetics.

Testosterone replacement pertains to a lifelong treatment. Hence choose the best type carefully considering the advice of a healthcare professional. It’s essential to take into the consideration of other existing health conditions.

The Sexual Life is disturbed

Once the testosterone level becomes low you tend to suffer from low sex drive. Once the men become aged there are several problems with sexual functioning due to the reason. Men don’t feel inclined to have sex when they have low testosterone level. They show no signs to retire to bed to have sex. They want to stay away from the situation. Due to lo testosterone level there is less erection and the spontaneity is less in this case. Even there is no erection while you are sleeping. Low testosterone also causes infertility. Men tend to have erectile dysfunction due to the same. In this case to get rid of the condition one can think of having a hormonal replacement. This can make normal the level of testosterone.

An Increase in the Body Fat

When testosterone level becomes low one can notice several physiological changes. There is increase in the amount of body fat. This is the reason you become easily obese and you can feel the excess weight building up. It becomes difficult for you to carry the body weight and you cannot carry yourself effectively. The muscles become weak and they lack in strength and mass. This is the reason you cannot make the best use of the muscles and you feel so weak physically.

The Damaged Condition of the Bones

Low testosterone level tends to make the bones fragile. One suffers from several bone related diseases. You can feel the difference as you can feel pain in several parts of the body sand these are bone related ailments which can really make you suffer so badly. You feel old before the impending age and the bones are too weak and fragile. This is when you should speak to an orthopaedic doctor to receive the right suggestion and stay in the best of health always.

Lack of Hair Growth

Due to low testosterone there is lack of hair growth in several parts of the body. In men there is premature baldness and this is the reason men can appear aged before time. There is lack of hair in other parts of the body as well. As a solution you can visit a physician and he will tell you how to normalize the hormonal balance and have proper hair growth in several parts of the body.

You are made to feel Tired

When the testosterone level is low you feel so tired and fatigued. You lack the vitality to perform in daily activities. You decline from visiting the office and you do not prefer to take interest in your daily schedule. You even lack the energy to spend time with the family. You fatigue is clearly noticeable and in the course of time you become unsocial and less interested. You cannot make that significant contribution in life and there is more of boredom and inefficiency. One cannot perform as expected in life due to low level of testosterone.

To Take Notice of the Physical Changes

There are more physical changes one can notice due to low level of testosterone. You have hot flashes, and you can even notice effects on the cholesterol metabolism. The breast tissues become tender and they seem to swell in the process. More things can happen to you due to the reason. Once you can notice the changes in the physiological status you can at the best consult a physician and he would be the best person to suggest you the treatments and the solutions in time. He will ask you take necessary actions and with the prescribed solution you are always at a physiological advantage.

Low Testosterone Causes Sleeping Problems

When the testosterone level becomes low one cannot sleep properly. You have less amount of energy and you are made to suffer from insomnia and faulty sleeping pattern. According to some therapists, the low level in testosterone can give way to sleep apnea. This is a dangerous problem caused due to lack of sleep and in this case you cannot breathe properly and you are in need of immediate medical attention. Once the condition is taken care of you can come back to normal life and have lots of sleep in consequence.

Low Testosterone Affecting the Emotion

You experience emotional changes due to low testosterone. You have spouts of depression and you can even feel the sadness. You feel as if you are not well and this is the reason sadness always persists in life. You don’t feel like talking to someone and you prefer staying alone. You feel as if no one is interested to make you happy and there is the sense of dejection always. Due to the same you have mood tantrums. You shout and cry unnecessarily. You don’t know the reason but you are not happy in life.

Testing the Hormonal Level

However, the above symptoms can happen due to other reasons too. So, in order to be sure it is best that you fix a meeting with the physician and in most cases you would be suggested to go for a blood test. Only a blood test will help you have the perfect determination of the hormonal level. You need to have 300 to 450 ng/dL of testosterone after the age of 65. This amount of the hormonal presence will certify that you are immensely well and there is no problem with your hormonal level.

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