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Signs and symptoms of testicular cancer in men

Signs and symptoms of testicular cancer in men

An individual can come across variety of signs and symptoms when he is suffering from the testicular cancer. Knowing the signs and symptoms at an early stage will be important. With little research, it will be quite easy to find out the symptoms and signs of the male personalities suffering from testicular cancer.

Symptoms of testicular cancer in men

  • Pain in the scrotum or testicles
  • A little painless lump in the testicles
  • Tenderness of male breast or nipples
  • Enlargement of male nipples or breast
  • Changes in the way of testicle feels
  • A minor or unrecognizable pain in the groin or abdomen of an individual
  • Men can have a feeling of heaviness in their groin or testicles

The above symptoms are common for people suffering from testicular cancer. But, there are also some exceptions to the same.  If you find some abnormalities, it will be important to contact doctor and know whether you are suffering from the same problem. You shall wait for a period of 2 weeks and watch whether the symptoms last for such a long period. There after you must visit doctor.  If the cancer is diagnosed sooner, it will be quite easy to treat patient at the early stage. But, if you are late in showing doctor about the same saving the patient will be really a difficult task.

Detection of testicular cancer

Men suffering from testicular cancer are detected by the patient as they can understand the discomfort and physical changes in their body due to the cancer cells. Then they need to show the physician for a routine checkup. Proper diagnosis will be carried on after visiting the physician who has specialized in medicine. You cannot just assume that your are suffering testicular cancer just by resembling some of the symptoms over there.

Blood test

Doctors generally ask the patients to carry on with some important tests. One of the prime and important tests is the blood test.  This is the wonderful test that helps in marking the tumor. Substances are found quite higher than that of the normal amount. The names of the tumor marker include beta- human chorionic gonadrotropin, LDH etc.


Another way of finding out whether the  person is suffering from testicular cancer is through ultrasound. This is a type of test where the high frequency sound waves bounce off  in the tissue as well as internal organs of the individuals. The ultrasound of the scrotum is really effective in finding out the mass as well as size of testicles.  This is the way of ruling out the doubt if ultrasound provides a negative result altogether.


It is also an important way to find out whether cancer is present in the testicles of individuals. If cancer is suspected, immediate treatment must be provided to the individual.  Here, through the incision of the groin, entire testicle that has been affected is removed. It is also named as radical inguinal orchiectomy.  This is performed by surgeons in rate cases.