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Main symptoms of heart attack

10 symptoms of heart attack

A major life taker known to mankind today is heart attack. A heart attack can be very sudden. There is very little that anyone can do during a heart attack. You need to understand the symptoms of a heart attack if you wish to be cautious.

Symptom one

Since heart attack is caused when there is improper flow of blood in the body, it is no wonder that dizziness is a sign of a heart attack. The improper blood circulation deprives your brain of sufficient oxygen. This can easily make you feel light headed or dizzy.

Symptom two

It is not just your brain that is deprived of blood. The rest of your body is deprived of blood as well. This drop in oxygen level in your body can make your body feel fatigued. So if you are breathless after any small activity then it can be considered an important and unavoidable sign.

Symptom three

As your body is oxygen starved, your brain orders your heart to pump more and more blood. This increase in demand for blood in your body forces your heart to pump faster. Hence there is always a spike in the heart rate or pulse before a heart attack.

Symptom four

Out of all your body parts, during or before a heart attack your neck, ear, jaw and shoulder can have excruciating pain. The pain can be a momentary pain. Instead of being a long drawn symptom, this one keeps coming and vanishing.

Symptom five

Unlike the shoulder, neck, ear and jaw pain you might feel a constant chest pain. The chest pain is for obvious reasons. Generally numbness of the left arm is also a major sign. If you have chest pain coupled with numbness of your left arm then you should take precautions.

Symptom six

Apart from a nagging pain there is another symptom involving your chest that can be a giveaway. If your chest feels heavy, as it would during a cold, then you might be in trouble.

Symptom seven

The body part which is almost absolutely deprived of blood before a heart attack is your legs. Your feet can show signs of pain and swelling since the lack of blood flow allows the waste to remain in the area. This causes swelling and pain.