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 Best tips to avoid heat stroke

 Best Tips to Avoid Heat stroke

Heat stroke takes place when the body becomes dehydrated and is unable to cool itself to maintain a healthy temperature. .  Heat stroke is a life threatening condition which calls of immediate medical attention. It is a disease that can strike anyone but the most that are at risk to heat stroke are elderly persons, pregnant women,  babies, people suffering from heart  or lung diseases ,  and persons on medications for treatment of any mental illness.

Symptoms and Causes of Heat stroke

Warning signs of heat stroke differ from person to person but the symptoms include very high body temperature, hot dry skin with no sweating, rapid pulse,severe headache, nausea and dizziness.

Heat stroke can be predicted and prevention is the best way to avoid heat stroke.

Direct exposure to heat by working for long hours in hot and poorly ventilated areas or being engaged in vigorous physical activity can cause dehydration and cause heat stroke. Alcohol and some drugs also dehydrate the body and cause heat related problems…

Tips to prevent heatstroke during hot weather

  •  Clothes in summer need to be thin and scanty.They should be loose fitting as tight clothes will prevent the body to cool properly.
  •  Light color clothes are better in summer as light colors reflect heat and keep the body cool whereas dark colors absorb heat.
  •  The body should be kept hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids to maintain the normal body temperature.
  •  Medications for mental illness should be taken under medical attention as they lead to dehydration and affect the ability of the body to hydrate it.
  •  Young children or elderly persons should not be left in parked cars. The temperature in the car rises to 20 degrees more in a short time and the place becomes    unsafe for persons inside.
  •  Strenuous physical activity should be avoided during hot afternoons of summer. Morning and late evening heat is alright for games and other physical          activities.
  •  One has to get acclimatized to the heat weather. Persons who are not used to hot summer conditions should start by spending less time outdoors. It takes months  to adjust to the heat of summer.
  •  Those who are at risk to heat stroke should take immediate action if there are any symptoms of heat exhaustion like tiredness, giddiness, nausea or headache.
  •  Adequate meals should be taken at regular intervals to retain the fluids of the body.
  •  Cold showers twice or thrice a day will help in cooling the body and maintaining the body temperature.

Best Tips To Avoid Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a terrible condition. When there is heat stroke you have to drink water continuously. You should keep on drinking water continuously. In the situation your pulse rate can become high. There can be body cramps.  In case the condition is severe you can see a doctor immediately or you can try out the other remedies.

Tips to avoid heat strokes

  • You have to apply sunscreens if you are outdoors exhausting yourself. Well you have to use a sunscreen with high SPF. This will help you stay protected for long hours. You have to use the sunscreen after every two hours. You should apply it more than two times if you are having a sun bath or you are bathing in the pools.
  • Always carry medicines that can protect you from such severe conditions, before going to any warm place where the sun rays are burning to the skin. You can always consult the doctor. He can prescribe you with some medicines so that you can protect yourself from a heat stroke.
  • Keep the windows of your room open to let in cool breeze comes in. If you do not have an air conditioner in your room it is important that you keep the doors and the windows open. It may be so that you are walking on the street in extreme heat and you feel sick. As a way out you can enter a shopping mall with AC. This will save you from the extreme heat condition.
  • It is not to drink alcohol and coffee on regular basis. You can stay safe once you limit the intake of the beverages. Such stuffs will make the body lose essential fluid and in the process you can have heat stroke.
  • Always get hold of an umbrella while you are out in the sun. The umbrella will keep you protected. It is a necessity in warm countries. You can avoid heat strokes by using an umbrella.
  • Try having foods which are cold. You can have salads often. You should also have meals at a less quantity. But meals should be taken at regular hours. This will keep you full and save you from the dizziness.
  • Whenever you get a chance you can pat your face or your feet with cold water. You can apply ice packs on your face. Your feet can also be dipped into cold water. During the summer time when you return from outside you can dip your feet in the warm and cold water and this way you can get the best of relief.
  • It is necessary that you have the best of sleep. It is essential that you make your body rest at the best. Once you sleep well you are sure to stay fresh always.
  • Keep checking on elderly people, infants and babies. They are the most to suffer from heat strokes. You should give them right liquid and the right foods so that they are made to stay best in the summer season. Make the babies drink lots of water when it is too hot. This helps them stay perfectly hydrated and they feel so cool in the season.
  • To prevent heat stroke it is required that you wear loose fitted clothes. Make sure that you are not wearing something that is too tight. This is sure to warm up the body out in the sun and you can have heat stroke. In summer make sure to wear cotton clothes. The kind of fabric will help you stay cool and unaffected.
  • Summer is the time when you should have medicines which is sure not to make you feel so hot from within. Once the inert body temperature gets raised you feel so exhausted and there are chances that you can suffer from heat stroke. So, make sure that you consult the doctor before you take to the medicines.
  • It is true that you exercise for long hours during summer and then get out into the sun you have chances of suffering from heat stroke. So make sure that you drink lots of cold fluids to make the body cool down from within. After completing the exercise you should take rest for some time and then get ready to go out in the sun.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency and a minute’s delay can lead to permanent damage of organs or death. It can damage the nervous system or affect the liver, kidney, muscles and heart.  First aid should be applied as soon as symptoms of heat stroke are witnessed and arrangements should be made to shift the patient to the hospital. In the meantime the person should be kept in a cool shady place. The clothes should be loosened.  Steps should be taken to cool the body with water and ice to bring down the temperature.