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A Sneak Peak at the 80’s Men’s Fashion

Fashion trend during the 80s was somewhat weird. The clothes were loud with unusual designs. Elegance was not much in trend during that time, and the fashion followers preferred a rugged look. Now if you want an idea on how people dressed in the 80’s, then here are some of the fashion hacks of that decade for your knowledge.

The Urban Fashion Scenario

The rock and hip hop fashion culture had a huge influence on the men’s clothing in the 1980s. Colorful clothes that encompassed a jacket, t-shirt along with an anchor like gold chains punishing the neck were the signature style of this genre. Big sunglasses covering up to the forehead, sneakers with thick laces and starter caps used to complete the attire.

1980s Hip Hop Fashion

Shoulder Pads

The 1980s fashion trend remains incomplete until you mention about the shoulder pads. They gave your shoulders some wing-like expansion almost similar to a Boeing 747 ready to take off. Mostly the women adopted this trend, but it became famous among men due to pop sensation Prince who used this style hack in his outfits.

80s Fashion Men

Tees of Slogan

The 80s was excessively graphical when it came to styling, and the slogan t-shirts defined it well. Catchphrases written in bold letters on the Tee, visible from a mile across became a hot fashion trend during the 1980s. Not only it was stylized but also used as an important tool for political campaigning or for protest demonstration, which is followed even today.

1980s Men's Fashion

The Spandex Mania

The fabric literally ruled the 80s. If you had run your eyeballs to any direction, you would have seen a guy wearing pants made out of spandex, be it a casual outfit or the rock band party. Stretchable with a glossy texture, it became quite a fad among the youngsters of that era.

Hammer Pants  

“U can’t touch this” rap by MC Hammer gained overnight popularity, and like his song, his pants acquired some name of its own as well. The parachute type of pants became instant fashion hysteria among the guys which had ample use of fabric, and the crotch was hard to locate in those.

Jackets Only

The Members Only jackets became one of the iconic style trends of the 1980s. The tagline “when you put it on, something happens” that was used to advertise it struck a chord with the masses earning tremendous popularity. The jacket came in a trademark shoulder and collar strap with a range of colors made out of fabric as well as leather.

Jeans Jacket

Every man’s wardrobe contained a jeans jacket during this decade. You had to wash your jacket thoroughly for making it look soft and cool as well. They were used till the last thread of it wasn’t ripped off or was abused to hell by adding pins, patches or button to it.

1980s Jeans Jacket

Rock Fashion Clothing

Rock fashion culture was on a high during the 80s era when bands like Metallica and Poison were ruling the charts. Their heavy metal clothing included torn up pants, t-shirts, leg squeezing leather or spandex pants and studded boots which looked nothing less than armor. And all this could not be complete without adding a bandana with a messy hairdo.

80s Rock Fashion


You just cannot forget to mention about Michael Jackson while discussing 1980s fashion style. This king of pop had a style of his own that even influenced the men’s costume of the 1980s. The guys followed this icon by wearing his signature leather studded jacket, pants that met their end before the ankle, a top that was larger than usual and of course the one handed sparkling glove to complete the attire.

Suit Up

When it came to suiting up, the boys of the 80s were more inclined towards Miami Vice style. It promoted a typical gangster outfit with suits that were light colored, a pastel t-shirt underneath and the socks went missing from the shoes. But when it came down to men who meant business they favored a powerful outfit of the dark suit with chalked stripes, wide ties, banker’s collars and suspenders.

80's Suits

Punk Fashion

Punk rock fashion was something extreme in fashion during the 80s. The men’s clothing was graphically rebellious with studded leather jackets and pants. Accessories appeared more like a weapon and piercings looked a bit scary. The most notable thing was their hair which was multicolored and spiked like a skyscraper in the middle.

80s Punk Fashion

Glow in Dark

80s dresses of men included bright neon clothing that was visible in the dark. The vibrant fluorescents looked quite cheeky, and above all, you could spot your guy easily in those attires even if the lights went out.

New Wave

New wave was a fusion of punk music with other genres of glam rock. It also started a new fashion trend that appeared like a hybrid styling as men started putting on makeup, wore skinny ties and the dress looked more like an outfit out of the history of the 1800s rather than of 1980s.

New Wave Fashion