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Skin care tips for men

When it comes to taking care of the skin and its beauty and health, the general notion is always related to women, but the fact is men too face skin problems and it is of utmost importance for them as well to make some time and effort for their skin, to keep it healthy, glowing and attractive. Generally it is seen that most of the men are too reluctant to follow even simplest of the skin care regimes, which needs to be bought in their daily routine.

The common skin problems faced by men

Men face many skin problems, most common of them are as follows:

  • Acne
  • Athlete’s Foot.
  • Rosacea

  • Warts
  • Groin rash
  • Staph infections.

The essential causes to take into account

To take care of the skin, men should first know about the common causes due to which most of the skin problems occur, so that they know and understand the process in which they need to take care of their skin, in order to have a clear, glowing and impressive skin. There are numerous causes which lead to occurrence of skin problems, some of them are as follows:

  • Hormonal changes.
  • Some inherit the genes, from which the skin problems occur, which their ancestors might be facing.
  • Use facial products which contain alcohol.
  • Excessive consumption of nicotine.
  • dehydration
  • Excessive exposure to the sun.

Not just for women but skin care tips are too necessary for men also and here are the few vital tips for every men’s skin care need.

Retain your skin clean

If your intention is to look great and neat, cleaning the face is most important. Wash your face in the night to swipe the dirt and excess oil present on your skin since the day long. With the removal of excess oil there wouldn’t be any clue to blemishes.


Men’s skin is rough but exfoliating on every day helps to improve the blood circulation and to remove the dead skin cells.


To keep the skin healthy and bright, moisturizer is very necessary. Amidst you must need to take care about how you are moisturizing. Always apply the sufficient amount, more than the required will leads to skin problems due to the clogged pores. Give a light touch with moisturizer after the shave and before going to bed aids to restrict the condition of irritation.


Acne is a most common problem facing by teenagers, indeed it’s affect on the adults is also huge. If you got hit with acne you need to switch with another daily routine. Here in this new routine cleaning the face, taking the balanced diet that is filled with nutrition and vitamins, skipping the meals such as spicy, oily and high fat are the recommended paths you need to touch on every day. And another important aspect you need to follow is consuming great amounts of liquids mainly water.

Black heads

Due to the effect of the hormones blackheads appear, they mostly visible on nose, cheeks and forehead. Do you know they are the major culprits of acne !!yes black heads have the property of attracting bacteria, oil and dead cells there by acne will generate. Avoid being in the sun for heavy amount of time and cleaning and cleansing the face with a perfect face wash will help you to get rid from the blackheads.


Getting wrinkles is a general problem for both men and women. The most visible areas of wrinkles are forehead, cheeks, corners of the eye and mouth. To prevent the wrinkles you need to intake high amounts of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Along with them staying away from the sun for long hours, getting plenty of sleep, using good face wash and the right posture will also works.

Shaving tips

Never shave on the dry skin, dry skin shaving irritates the skin and  will leave you cuts, acne and ingrown hair. The best time to do shave is after the shower because your skin will be supple and the shaving will go smooth. Blend the shaving cream with water and start working on to prevent the skin problems.

To get a clean and close shave one must need to work towards the direction of hair growth. If you do shaving against the hair, it may irritate and cause damage to the hair. So, do shaving in the direction of hair growth. To treat the razor burns and cuts use after shave at the ending of the shaving part.

Another important tip you need to remember while shaving is a perfect shaving tool. Choose a good razor and sharp blade, change the blades frequently to restrict the growth of bacteria.

The common and the usual treatments to adopt

These are skin conditions which arise due to hormonal changes, inheritance of some particular genes and needs to be treated with homemade remedies or medications, whichever the doctor suggests. Other than these skin conditions, men also face the problem of getting wrinkles, which is generally believed to be a concern for women only, but men also get wrinkles and they should put some effort in trying to keep their skin look as young as possible and prevent premature ageing.

It is always advisable to take preventive measures and avoid skin problems; this is because skin problems can be daunting for the person, not only physically, but mentally as well. When a person suffers from any kind of skin problem, they see a difference in their appearance, which is unwanted and unpleasant. Some get over-conscious about themselves and tend and too lose their self-confidence, they prefer to hide in their closet rather than stepping out of their house, in other words, they opt out of socializing with people and isolate themselves due to fear of rejection pr being mocked at. This can be very mentally exhausting for the person and can also lead to depression, which would in turn affect the personal, as well as the professional life of the person.

It should be understood that there is nothing to get paranoid about, the commonly seen skin problems can be taken care of at home or with the help of a very well-qualified, certified and reliable dermatologist. Men do not need to go through lots of hassles to have a wonderful skin, only very simple, basic, yet significant skin care habits should be inculcated in their routine. Some of the effective and easy skin care tips for men to have a healthy skin are as follows:

Stay hydrated

Only moisturizing the skin from the outside is not enough for the skin. It is suggested that men have minimum of seven to eight glasses of water in a day, to keep themselves hydrated all the time. Drinking lots of water helps the body to eliminate the toxins present in the body, through urination, and is one of the major preventive measures to avoid skin problems.

Cut down sugar intake

Regular overdosing of sugar in the diet can lead to inflammation and cause breakouts, acne, Rosacea, etc., therefore, men should keep a check on the amount of sugar they have in their daily diet and have desserts in appropriate proportions.

Get sufficient sleep

Women have beauty sleep for a reason; men should give attention to it too. While sleeping the skin rejuvenates itself, men should have sound sleep for minimum of six hours a day.

Have lots of fruits and vegetable in your diet

To fight against the free molecules and radicals which exaggerate inflammation, ageing, and sun-damage, fresh produce is of utmost importance. With the help of fruit and vegetable intake in sufficient quantity, improvement in the skin can be visibly seen within a few weeks.

Don’t build up stress

Stress is one of the major causes of increasing the pre-mature ageing in men. With excessive stress on the mind, the skin gets affected as stress increases the hormone levels which then results in wrinkles and breakouts.

Cut down nicotine intake

Men need to cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke in a day. Nicotine resent in the cigarettes causes the skin to turn yellow and lose its natural color, and makes the skin look very dull and pale, which is very unattractive. Nicotine also leads to building up of fine lines around the men’s lips and many other symptoms of premature ageing. Apart from skin problems, smoking is a very unhealthy habit which can cause extremely dangerous diseases like cancer.

Signs of improvement to witness

These are very basic tips for men to follow in their daily lives, which would definitely help to see remarkable results of improvement on the skin of the men. If men take care of their skin, then do not have to go through medications to fix their skin problems, as they won’t have ant in the first place. Just a tad of discipline, dedication and will is required to have a wonderful skin. In case of having skin problems, which do not get better with the help of the homemade remedies, it is advisable that a dermatologist should be immediately consulted, before the skin condition worsens, so that the required medications can be prescribed, with the help of which the skin problem gets cured and help people to have a wonderful skin, which would improve their appearance, which in turn would result in building up of their self-confidence and personality.