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How to get rid of ear hair for men

How to get rid of ear hair for men

You will perhaps not find many people talking about how to remove hairs from the ear. In fact, most people seem less interested. It makes you look aged and weird when you have hairs coming out of the ears and nose. This is the reason you should start thinking of ways of how to remove the same.

Shaving the hair

The first method you can choose to have in order to remove the hairs from the ears is shaving. Shaving is quick and it is sure not to cost you much. However, this is not a permanent process. Once you shave the hairs they are sure to show again in few days time and you have to shave once more. In fact, you have to shave every time the hair is there. So, even if the method is not costly it is hassling for you. You can make use of the trimmer to pluck the hairs from over the ear canal. In case, you are using a razor for the purpose it is best that you make use of the electrical variety. With the manual variation you have the risk of hurting yourself. It is often known that if you shave the hit for the first time it is sure to grow thicker each time. This is however, just not a myth but the process is convenient and easy so you won’t mind shaving the hair each time.

Tweezing can help

You can tweeze the hair as well. Once you tweeze the hair it will not be seen in the next few days. However, it is best that you make use of the quality tweezers. It is best is the tweezers are slant. f the tweezers are not proper they will make the hair break and not pull and eradicate them from the root. When tweezing make sure that you are not inserting the tweezers within the ear canals. This can dame the ear drum unknowingly. In case you cannot see properly in the mirror you would need an external help for the reason. It is also required that you hold the skin tight in order to make the hair come out from the root. You should tweeze the hair on the direction towards which it is growing. Plucking and tweezing is the same and the effect is sure to last for 6 weeks. This is the controlled way of plucking the hair and it can be done with perfect accuracy. If you start tweezing too often then it can permanently damage the hair follicles and there would be no more hair growth after a certain time period. However, the method is time consuming and this is the reason you should have the patience when you sit to tweeze.

Waxing is a fast process

Through waxing you can remove the hair from the external area of the ear. You cannot do waxing on your own. It is best that you take a professional help in this case. Through waxing you can remove the hair completely from the hair follicles and this way you can stay free from hair for weeks. In case of waxing there is no need that you treat the hairs individually and this is the reason the method is not so time consuming. You can heat the wax strips at home and utilize the same for hair removal. With these strips you don’t have to worry about hurting the ear drums or the ear canals with the dropping of the hot melted wax. In case you feel that you cannot manage things on your own you can ask someone from the family to help you and you can even opt for an external help in this case. However, it is good to make use of resin based wax and the effect of the same is sure to last for 6 weeks. This method is faster than tweezing as you don’t have to deal with the separate strands of the hair.

Sugaring can remove the hair

The next method you can use for removing the hairs from the area of the ears is sugaring. This is one more method just like waxing. In this case you can remove all the hairs from the external area of the ears and the hairs are removed from the base or the root. In case of sugaring you feel the pain less than waxing. Sugar will not stick to the skin tight and this is the reason it is not as painful as waxing. In case you have the sensitive type of skin you can make the complete use of the method in order to remove the hairs from the follicles. You have to apply the melted and the hot sugar with the help of an applicator. In this case you have no choice of pre made strips. Before you start the process it is best that you cover the ear with the application of cotton. This will protect the ear from any kind of damaging.

Laser treatment for hair removal

You can even remove the hair from the root with the help of laser treatment. For this you can make use of pulsed light. This is a permanent method of hair reduction In case you have darker skin or darker hair you should be an obvious candidate for laser treatment. It is best that you take the help of a professional when opting for laser treatment. However, before having a laser treatment it is best that you consult an expert and this will help you have an idea regarding the cost of the treatment. You can ask someone who is aware of the process and this way you can perform the same with the least hassle ever. This is an FDA approved application and it is used to cause hair reduction but not permanently.

In fact, you have all the latest ways of removing hair from the section of the ear. You can take to electrolysis also in order to remove the hair from the part of the body. Just make sure that the process you are opting for is perfectly safe and workable.