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Simple hair care systematic plan for men

We always think how we can look attractive and appealing in front of our family, friends and to someone special. We go to gym to maintain our body. We go to salon for a good facial. But may be at times we pay less attention to our hair. When we are young no problem is seen, and we sit satisfied, but as time passes we find different types of hair problems crop up, but maybe it is too late for cure. So, we need to follow some basic hygiene and cleanliness and good food habits to stop these kinds of problems.

As like the nutrition diet for the proper functioning of the body, our hair also needs regular caring steps and it is the representation of your interest towards the hair. Though men trim and short their hair, it still requires some grooming and nourishing in order to retain the hair strength, color, shine, volume and thickness.

Simple hair care systematic plan for men to follow

Regular wash

What ever the hair type you are having it is always recommended to wash your hair regularly with a suitable shampoo that meets your hair type. If you are not aware of the hair type that you have, meet your dermatologist and get the perfect idea to buy your shampoo bottle.


Don’t frequently hop from using one shampoo brand to the another. It takes time for every shampoo to show its results on the hair. If you are facing the set of hair problems with the shampoo that you are now on with since many weeks, then its time to move on to the another brand but remember the new one is suitable to your hair type.

Oil your hair

Oiling is one of the best part of the hair care regime. Before washing your hair make sure to apply warm oil to your hair and scalp. Give it a few minutes massage and leave it for atleast an hour or two before rinsing off the hair. If you don’t get irritated by the greasiness handle the oil for a complete night.


Conditioning is one vital step no one shouldn’t have to skip after washing the hair with shampoo. If you are not comfortable with branded conditioners go with the conditioners that are meant naturally by using aloe vera, jojoba oil, tea tree oil etc. But commercially developed conditioners help you to give soft and shiny hair upto until you get the next shampoo.

Hair drying

There are many ways to dry your wet hair. Blow dryer help you to dry out the hair quickly but it is accompanied with some problems such as hair damaging and generating split ends. SO, mostly try to dry your hair in the natural way: leaving to the air.

Groom it

After you are done with shower, groom your hair with a clean and neat comb to prevent the hair loss. Though if you are in a hurry don’t groom it harsh and fast, it may damage the hair and leads to hair fall. Be gentle while handling the hair, apply a dab of post shower conditioner to shield your hair from external toxins.

Natural dye

Dye is a weekly routine process for the people who urge to cover their white or grey hair. But it is recommended to opt for the one which don’t possess any chemicals, especially avoid the dye that consists of ammonia as an ingredient. If you don’t know which one is the best one and which brand will suits your hair type get an idea from the hair expert and then follow it.

Summer Needs Extra Care

In summer the scorching heat is really unbearable sometimes. The sun rays supplies vitamin D to our skin and hair. But the heat can make your hair dry and it can burn off which we do not notice. With heat the unwanted pollution, dust is the enemy to the hair. So, if are not careful you may hamper your hair. Remember hair gives the total beautification of a face, and enhances the personality, and help to maintain a high confidence level. So, to protect the precious hair keep it covered from the sweltering heat. If you have long hairs, make a bun and put it inside your cap or scarf. But a note of caution that if you choose to cover your hair give the boots space to breathe. Let your hair open after a certain time, as covering hair for long can choke the follicles. Continuous sweating can cause fever, and your hair may smell bad. Another thing the hair does is that it takes the moisture from the hair keeping it dry. If the hair lacks moisture and care is not taken at the right time problems like split ends and hair breakage may occur. Always use
cold water to your hair, which do not let your hair become rough. Drink plenty of liquids in summer, or else you will suffer from dehydration, which will hamper your hair. Always drink plenty water which will keep your hair soft and supple.

Cure the Dandruff before it is too late 

This is terrible problems which can happen due to many causes. Dandruff is not always visible, just ruins slowly. Dandruff can be due to very dry scalp, due to using the wrong hair oil; dandruff can come if you unknowingly use the comb of a person who is already having dandruff. Dandruff can be mainly visible if a man wears black attire. This can be very much embarrassing at times. So, never keep your hair unclean, and take quick precaution to cure the infectious dandruff. Dandruff is caused when a different layer of flakes appears on the scalp due to increased turnover of cells, which happens due to sweating and dirt. This dandruff can cause a itching and irritating sensation which can trouble your day to day work. Use non-chemical shampoo and change shampoo after some time. Tar shampoo is good for dandruff infected hair.

Neem pack is a proved solution to dandruff. To make the neem pack you need to mix neem juice, beetroot and fresh milk; you can also use one tea spoon coconut oil. This is a wonderful remedy to cure your dandruff. You need the pack on the scalp for 20 minutes and then wash off with herbal shampoo. This pack can be used once in every seven days.

Methi or fenugreek leaves is a splendid remedy for dandruff. Methi seeds have anti bacterial and anti fungal features. By using methi, the loose white flakes reduce. For the pack you need 2 table spoon methi seeds, 1 cup water, and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. Soak the methi seeds in water for a night. Then the next day make a paste of the seed and add apple cyder vinegar and it is ready to apply on the scalp. Keep it for half an hour and wash it off.

Aspirin tablets cures dandruff magically. Add 2 crushed aspirin tablets in the shampoo and apply on the scalp. Let it stay for five minutes, and wash it off.

Baking soda can do miracle to remove dandruff, as it is alkaline in nature and removes all dead skin cells. Make a paste of baking so add with water and apply on scalp and massage for sometimes. Then wash your hair.

Reetha is a homely remedy for dandruff. Reetha is a remedy for strong and shiny hair. This has anti-bacterial features and can cure maximum scalp related problems. With this add amla powder. Retha should be soaked in water for a night and then in the morning grind it and boil it. Then strain well and make paste with amla juice. Apply on scalp and leave it for 30 minutes.

Lemon is also a good solution to dandruff. Spread the lemon juice on the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off.

Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shinny

We all dream of silky hair, but to get it do not use the strong chemical products as they will ultimately damage your hair. You should aim at silky, strong and healthy hair. Cause of dry hair can be stress, hormonal changes, improper diet, vitamin deficiency etc. Proper nourishment is the important factor to have and maintain silky hair. Home remedies for silky hair is the best. Apply coconut oil. In this pollution, heat the health of your hair is maintained by coconut oil. Coconut helps in retaining Using beer makes hair shiny. The ingredients of beer have protein which makes the hair beautiful and shiny. Another secret for shiny hair is grape seed oil. This moistures the scalp and don’t let it dry. Grape seed oil nourishes the scalp and makes it silky. Regular apply of honey and egg white makes the hair strong and shiny. This gives protein and nourishment to the hair. Another factor to maintain good quality hair is to brush it frequently. To keep healthy hair it is necessary that you maintain it all along. Try to use home based products and avoid chemicals. Healthy hair is the secret of attractiveness.