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Simple do’s and don’ts for men to deal with his “Ex”

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Now a day’s an unacceptable truth is “Love became Fashion” and at the same time “Break up” follow it like a passion, unfortunately most of the people don’t know why they are blindly believing that they are in love and even don’t know why they got separate from each other, there were several reasons for that, which depends on their individuality.

Whatever the reason may be some people will feel frustrated when they are break up and the others will feel happy sometimes.

Let’s see what happens if a break up pair meets again unexpectedly and even unfortunately, What to do and what not to do particularly for men when they deal with their “EX”

  • Firstly don’t get panic and surprised like a “Ghost”.
  • Say “hi and how do you do” and end the conversation don’t go beyond your limits.
  • Don’t try to recollect your memories and don’t feel nervous, just play cool as much as you can do.
  • What ever happen between you during your relation ship is irrelevant now, there should be no reason to fight now, avoid that and try to keep calm as much as you can.
  • Don’t try to move freely and closely again, because it may hurt you if something goes wrong, try to maintain calm.
  • Don’t try to bring up your relationship back and share all the current things.
  • Don’t drink much and don’t express yourself that how much you miss her.
  • Don’t even try to spend entire night with her which in turn makes you to give a chance to other mistake.
  • Give a small smile and say quick hello and leave from there.
  • Don’t start chat with them once again.
  • Don’t try to share even if you are married or in Date with some other.
  • Don’t agree to meet her once again if she asks to do so.
  • Don’t try to overlie and show off yourself, keep calm and be like yourself.
  • Be confident while talking to your “EX”.
  • Try to appear happy and upbeat, not like you’re still brooding over a breakup.
  • If you run into an ex, do a quick run-through in your head of all the great things you have going on in your life, and that way, no matter how good they looks, or who she is with!,  you’ll still feel good about yourself.

Last but not least we want to say

“”Don’t reserve a space in your heart for someone who does not make an effort to stay”

In this modern day scenario most people had been in some past relationship, be it a male or a female. Sometimes the relationship is smooth while sometimes it can be quite bothersome for both the partners. Dealing with a breakup is no doubt a troublesome task but dealing with your ex after a breakup is even more difficult to handle. So it is very important to known the unwritten and untold rules that is to be followed in order to avoid any serious circumstances cropping up in your life.

Tips and Tricks for a tension free life

When you breakup with your partner you might feel angry, inadequate, sad or replaced because you were unable to make the relationship work in your favor. But staying in touch with your ex after a breakup is something very tricky to handle. You are always at a risk of holding onto your past feelings, a post-breakup rendezvous and an inability to heal up mentally and move on in life. It’s not that you had an agreement that in case of a breakup you won’t meet each other ever again and part ways. Having an accidental encounter with your ex somewhere down the road of your life is quite usual but most people cannot think of what to do when they bump on to their ex. There are certain dos and don’ts while all people must follow when they accidentally get to meet their ex if they are to maintain a peaceful state of mind.

Things you must do

There are certain things which you must necessarily do if you accidentally bump in to your ex.

  • You can always maintain a warm and cordial relation with your ex as long as you don’t favor your ex over your current partner or children and your behavior is friendly. It not only helps to maintain a peaceful life but also teaches your kids how to behave like mature adults.
  • If you feel uncomfortable talking to your ex, then find out other means to communicate. Either e-mail her or take the help of a common friend and stick to the plan. It might seem a bit awkward and a bit harsh but in that way you can both keep in touch as well as maintain a safe distance.
  • When you have to deal with your ex during working hours, just stay busy in every possible way you can. You can either keep your phone in silent mode or constantly make calls to client or any other way which you might find suitable. This will not only make your ex aware of your working schedule but also keep your ex away from your mind when you compulsorily need to concentrate on your work. This is one of the best techniques to handle your ex and will surely pay off in the end.
  • If you have had children with your ex, you will end up being connected with this individual for a long time. It is important to put the kids first. Of course, it does not mean that you should ignore her either since she is the mother of your children.

Things you must not do

You should also avoid doing certain things in order to handle your ex in a more tactical manner.

  • If you get a seat beside your ex in the office don’t try to change your desk by any means. Instead, keep your conversation professional and behave in a manner as if he/she is just like any other colleague in the office. Don’t make a big issue in the eyes of your colleague by changing desk. Try to keep personal matters personal.
  • Once you have a breakup don’t try to flirt with other co-workers in front of your ex in the office and try to make your ex jealous. This might seem that you are a relationship jumper and doesn’t deserve to be in a relationship.
  • When you and your ex get to work at the same office don’t badmouth wile talking to him/her as you will put yourself under a bad light. Instead, try to be respectful and mature in order to lead a peaceful life. If you try to put down your ex in front of the others, it will only make them talk more about you behind your back. So, avoid doing this. Also, do not attempt this on any social networking site. People will only think that you are looking for their sympathy.
  • Do not use your kids as leverage in fights. This will make everyone uncomfortable and put you in an embarrassing position. This will make your relationship with your wife or current girlfriend also uneasy.
  • Do not discuss family issues with your ex-girlfriend. She might try to take advantage of your concerns. As far as possible, stay away from her even if she has had kids with you.
  • There is something called a “six month rule.” If you were not already aware of it, you should understand that it is imperative to avoid all possible contact with your ex for a minimum of six months or so. If you want, you can take a vacation or go on a well-deserved break somewhere with your wife or current girlfriend. This will help you avoid your ex for a long time. This will help you get over your ex easily.
  • Avoid as much bad relationship karma as possible since it will only bounce back on you some day or another. Remember – what goes around comes around. Ouch, right? However, that is the truth and if you do not follow the relationship rules when it comes to handling your ex, it will come to bite you back and in the wrong places.

Some basic guidelines

It is a true fact that dealing with your ex is not at all easy and certainly not enjoyable but definitely possible. You just need to give yourself some time alone and follow the basic dos and don’ts recommended. If you keep yourself mentally positive and accept the realities of life with an open mind everything will start to work in your favor.