Showering tips for men

Showering tips for men

A human body is having nearly 1.5 to 2 square meters of skin to clean, skin is the largest organ of our body. Among the total body weight, skin takes 18% from it. And there are huge number of products that take care in cleaning and cleansing the skin along with the add up of fragrances. But even the popular products don’t work exact if you are not keen with your shower.

Proper use of shampoo
Most of the men wash their hair for three to four times a week. While the simple wash may fix your bed-head, Shampoos are pointed in cleaning the scalp – they will eliminate the oils, dead skin present in the scalp and sweat.

While shampooing massage your scalp with shampoo in such a way that oily substance sebum will be removed. Sebum is produced by the body to retain the skin and hair hydrated and supple. Wash your hair thoroughly and don’t neglect to use conditioner, which will get back the moisturizer to your hair that has lost in the washing process. If you prefer to pick the hair wash that is combined with shampoo and conditioner, it will be another process to follow the above steps.

Don’t shower with hot water
Although the hot shower offers you a good pleasure but beyond that it doesn’t give any favors to your skin. According to dermatologists, showers and baths must be completed with in 10 minutes or less than that and it is suggested to take the shower once a day at most.
Our skin outer most layer is stratum corneum, it works as shield to the skin and protects us from the harmful pollutants, bacteria and viruses, on the other hand it helps to lock the moisturizer from escaping. If you soak your skin for more than the bath time or using an harsh soap or hot water bath the outer layer stratum corneum will loses its potential and lost its natural oils, which subsequently turns the skin dry and wrinkled at fast.

Use the right kind of soap
Prefer to opt a soap or a body wash that is matching your skin type and sensitivity levels. Grip the precise one with the gentlest cleansing agents which will work proper to your skin.
If you are having oily skin, seek for the cleanser that is rely on water rather than stocked with oils. In the same way, look for the non comedogenic one, which doesn’t clog the skin pores. If your skin type is dry, then choose for the cleansers that are contained with the hydrating elements including natural oils and petroleum substances. People with sensitive skin type need to go with soap-free cleansers, and they have to ditch the products packed with preservatives and fragrances in order to avoid the forth coming allergic problems.

Though our skin reloads itself with the time, some times it becomes flaky, dry and dull, in such cases exfoliation works magic by removing the dead and flaky skin. Simple exfoliate with your wash cloth or you can try exfoliate that contains with beads.

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