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Sexual addiction – Facts and recovery

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is a  personal disorder that makes a person obsessed to sex and engages him in risky sexual behavior.  These actions and thoughts are constantly focused to fulfill sexual impulses. This behavior can create problems in relationships, work front and with friends. Such situations of sex addiction can be overcome with support and willingness.


  • Sex addiction or sexual compulsion disorder is found in a large number of people in the United States. It is a personal and secretive type of addiction and these people are very conservative.
  • Sex addicted people are most addicted to watching pornography on the internet. Number of sex addicted people view pornography in the office. Porn addiction and sex addiction is a growing problem in the modern world. This addiction is similar to drug or alcohol addiction.
  •  The different thoughts and activities of sex addiction include masturbation, reading pornography and watching pornography, having sex with many partners, attending strip clubs and engaging in prostitution. Some people are engaged in some of these activities as a healthy part of sex life. On the other hand there are some sex addicts who are regularly and repeatedly engaged in such activities.

Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

The symptoms of sexual addiction have been adapted from the criteria used for chemical dependency which are:–

  • Repeatedly engaging in sex with multiple partners.
  • Preoccupied  with sex activities  even when there is desire to stop
  • Spending lot of time engaging in sexual thoughts or acts.
  • Spending hours visiting pornographic websites and reading illicit literature on sex.
  • Neglecting responsibilities of family work or school to pursue sexually activities.
  • Engaging in sexual activities despite facing  negative consequences like health risks or broken family
  • Feeling angry irritated or frustrated when unable to pursue in desired sexual activities.

Methods of Treating Sex Addiction

There are many methods for treating sex addiction.  There are many studies on addiction and with the number of addicts increasing several programs have been developed to treat this disorder.

Therapy is one of the most common method treating sex addicts. This therapy is conducted by one who has a deep understanding of the disease of addiction. These therapists meet the addict from time to time at short intervals. They try to bring out the cause of addiction which may include child-abuse, neglect or other factors. A person can get into sex addiction to overcome their depression or boost their self-esteem. Knowing the cause is one issue but controlling the behavior of a sex addict is a crucial issue.

Replacement techniques like reading and reciting motivational poems, exercising, reading or engaging in art is another way to divert the actions of the addict. Simple breathing exercises and contact support of a friend is also beneficial.

Medication with certain drugs can reduce a person’s sex drive. Some mental health disorders can be treated with the use of medication.  Sex addiction need to be treated in the same manner as drug addiction

12 step programs used for treatment of alcoholics is also used to combat sex addiction. It consists of counseling services, hypnotherapy, group discussions and step programs organized by professionals. This program encourages self-reflection and self-monitoring of one’s behavior and also uses spiritualism as an essential powerful tool. The sex addicts get sober and proceed to the path of recovery to lead a rich successful and healthy life.

Addiction to sex

When do you become addicted with sex? This is an important question to be asked. Thinking about sex all the time can be definitely detrimental. It may be so that you engage most of the time thinking about sex and now you have no time for other things in life. This is when you become obsessed with sex. You feel like having sex all the time.

Please don’t keep on collecting sexual magazines all the time. You would read on those articles and love to look at the pictures and in the way you remain sexually preoccupied and there is disturbance in normal existence. Gradually you change to a shameless creature. As sex is everywhere, you don’t even mind making sex in public places. In the way the real essence of relationship is gone and it is all sex for you.

Signs of sexual perversion

You are said of have signs of sexual perversion when you start doing things which are against social norms. Indulging in cyber sex is something you should avoid. You should not make sex on net or over the phone. This is absolute perversion.

At times you may become so mentally blank that you can even go to the extent of raping or molesting someone and you are not even ashamed for what you have done. You start harassing people sexually as you become badly obsessed with sex. Gradually you become a social nuisance and people are afraid to mingle with you.

Unfair sexual consequences

Unnecessary sex can lead to all financial, social, health and emotional loses. You become a diseased individual and you start paying money unnecessarily on sex oriented stuffs. You become like a mental patient and in case of females there can be unwanted pregnancy. All sex and no attachment creates a sort of emotional void and now you feel so lonely and dejected.