Sex – related to physical health benefits

Sex – related to physical health benefits

Sex - Related to Physical Health

Sex is one of the most fun physical activities that can be considered as a popular workout.  One of the most enjoyable and easiest ways to burn calories is sex. It simply requires more heat, time and passion in the act. It is noted that 80-200 calories can be burnt in a 30minute love making session. Sexual intercourse has been known as a super healthy activity with number of benefits. Weight loss is one of the benefits.

Sex includes many things one does with one’s own self or with other people. Sexual activities includes several acts which can last from  kissing to intercourse – from holding hands to hugging  and from touching to fondling each other’s body . There are pleasures and at times dangers in sex. It is sometimes enjoyable and sometimes painful.

There are lots of health benefits associated with sex. It is the best way that you can stay active and happy in life. Sex enlivens the spirit and you feel so perfect and fortunate that you cannot even afford to miss the moments.

 Sex and Calorie Burning

There is no doubt that sex is good for one’s health in many ways. It stimulates the heart rate which is the best way to burn calories. It is believed that in the main act of intercourse there are 100-200 calories burnt. The number increases if some foreplay is mixed with it. Smooching or kissing can burn one to five calories in a minute depending on the how passionate is the kiss. The fooling around or foreplay can take the count of burning 25 calories in a fifteen minute foreplay. Giving the partner a back massage can burn about 80 calories in an hour. Massage can be done in turns to take the advantage. Dirty dancing around the room or in the town can burn more than 170 calories in just half an hour. Reaching orgasm again leads to burning to an additional 60-100 calories. Sex alone leads to burning of 4 pounds of fat from one’s body in a year

Benefits of Sex

  • Besides burning of calories sex has several other benefits. Sex decreases stress, improves blood circulation and increase the rate of the heart pumping. A successful sexual act makes the partners more content and happy. These things help one to remain fit healthy happy and calm…
  • Sex influences the balance of one’s mental and emotional health. Its abstinence can lead to anxiety and depression. But having sex can cure cases of light depressions. After having sex, the brain releases endorphins which helps in decreasing stress and induces a wonderful state of happiness.
  • The level of estrogen doubles in the sex act in women that make their hair shine and make their skin soft and supple. The pores of the skin get an excellent deep cleansing treatment after sex. It leaves the skin glowing and also decreases the risk of certain skin eruptions.
  • Sex helps in sharpening the sense of smell by the release of prolactin that activates the stem cells in the brain.
  •  The release of endorphin during orgasm is the most effective pain killer for minor headaches and migraines.
  • The stimulation of saliva during the act of kissing helps in keeping the teeth clean and in lowering the level of acidity in the mouth.

Sex is not enough to make one lean and thin. A healthy diet should be maintained along with several other physical workouts but still sex does play an important role in keeping one healthy, happy, calm and satisfied. These will help one to feel better and look better.

Do not forget it is one of the most important natural phases in one’s life. We look here into the benefits of sex.

Physical health benefits of sex

  • Sex helps in boosting the immune system of the body. It helps the body to defend the bacteria, germs and viruses that cause diseases.
  • Sex improves the libido by lubricating the organs, increasing the flow of blood and by increasing the elasticity of the muscles.
  • Sex improves bladder control -sex is a good exercise for the pelvic muscles. The contractions during orgasm help to strengthen the muscles.
  • Sex lowers blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart attacks – Sex is a perfect exercise for the heart as the process raises the heart rate. It also helps in maintaining  the balance of the hormone levels –estrogens and testosterone
  • Sex also helps to lessens pain as orgasm has the power to block pain because it releases a hormone that helps in pain. Studies have also depicted that sex can give relief from back pain and leg pain and also tension headaches.
  • Lessens risk of Prostate Cancer– Frequent ejaculation of men is said to reduce the chances of prostate cancer. This is possible even through masturbation, nocturnal emission and of course sexual intercourse.
  • Sex improves sleep—In the process of orgasm there is release of the intimacy hormone called oxytocin which is said to promote sound sleep. On the other hand good sleep is associated with longer span of life and strong immunity. Another hormone called prolactin is also released after orgasm which helps in relaxing the mind and body and give rise to the feeling of sleepiness.
  • Sex eases stress—staying close to each other helps in releasing the good hormone which helps to soothe anxiety and stress in the mind. It provides relaxation which also leads to happiness of the mind.
  • Physical Appearance—Sex is a good exercise to burn calories and promotes hunger which benefits in an attractive physical appearance.
  • Sex strengthens pelvic muscles— Pelvic exercises during sex give more pleasure in the act and strengthen the pelvic area. This is  said to help the women during child birth as well.

Sex is Always a Good Exercising

Sex is a good exercise. It helps the muscles move and in the process you can really workout the best way. In fact, when having sex all parts of the body are made to move. This is the reason you tend to become so perfectly flexible. In humans you have total of 600 muscles and all of them are made to contract and relax and this is the reason you can say that all the muscles are getting used the right way. In fact, from start to finish you would have the ideal muscle usage and you are sure to feel so light and energetic.

Sex is the Secret to Stay Happy

Sex helps you to be happy. When having sex you can feel the togetherness. This is the reason you can have a mood elevation and you are sure to feel so less depressed. The level of understanding increases when you have sex. In case you use condoms the effect is less. When having sex without contraceptives and condoms you feel relaxed and comfortable. It is known that the vaginal tissue is extremely absorptive and the semen has the host of the mood elevating compounds. These are the compounds to help you stay in the best of mood. You feel nice and energetic in the process.

Sex Helps You Have the Perfect Immunity System

Sex will help you have the strongest immunity system. If you have sex twice or thrice in a week, you have chances of immunoglobulin. This is the perfect antibody and it protects the physiological system from all the adverse effects. In fact, you are less prone to diseases in case you have regular sex. This is because sex makes the immunity system stronger and in the way you are affected by no germs. Moreover, none of the body parts and the internal organs remain susceptible to infection. This is the reason you can fight for long with a strong immunity system.

Sex Helps You Have Glowing Skin

If you want to have fresh and glowing skin then sex is the only solution. This is the time when you don’t have to use the expensive face serums. Blood is better oxygenated and there is more of blood circulation and this is the reason the face seems so fresh and glowing. You tend to have that post coital glow and the complexion seems so bright and perfect. In case your skin is affected by the sun, sex will do the magic and help the skin stay normal. It is said that if you have sex on daily basis then you are sure to appear so young every day. This is the best way you can have perfect skin rejuvenation and at the end of the day sex rejuvenates life.

Sex Makes You Confident

It is true that when you have sex you feel so confident in life. This is because there is an increase in your level of self esteem. You no longer feel dejected and forlorn. Once your level of confidence increases, you can give the best of performance at the workplace. Sex makes you more attractive and proficient. This is the reason if you have sex before the night of having an interview you are sure to pass the test. Sex will make you rightly confident and your flexibility will show in your attitude.

Sex Lessens Pains and Aches

Sex helps you have relief from al aches and pains. When you have sex your level of endorphin is better increased and this is the reason you can aptly fight all pains and aches in the perfect way. In fact, sex acts like morphine. It gets into the brain and works positively on the pain. So when you have sex you no more need to have the intake of painkillers. This is the reason when you are aged and you don’t have sex on regular basis you have all the pains and aches ruining your existence.

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