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Sex during Pregnancy – Is it possible & safe?

sex during pregnency

Pregnancy for most women is a glorious experience that begins with sex and for some it also ends with it.  A woman experiences the feeling of joy, fear and contentment at the same time. But it must be noted that women are biologically in a manner to enjoy pleasure in love making, child birth and feeding the baby.

It is not right to believe that when you are pregnant you cannot have sexual life. You will concentrate all on the developing fetes and there will be a stop to intimacy, this is not acceptable. This is the reason it is best to know that how you can have safe sex at the time of pregnancy.

Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe during a normal healthy pregnancy. In such cases there can be no chances of miscarriage or any type of vaginal problem. On the other hand experts believe that sex during pregnancy is helpful in reducing the chances of premature delivery. There are cases when the chances of the sexual desire become less during the symptoms of pregnancy like nausea, vomiting and tenderness of the breast. Weight gain, back pain or other problems in the advanced stages of pregnancy can lower the desire to have sex.

Can sex during pregnancy cause a miscarriage?

The myth that sex will harm the baby has no basis as one must know that the unborn baby is well protected in the womb. Sometimes there is movement of the baby while in orgasm, this is the result of the fast heartbeat of the mother and has no danger to the baby.Miscarriage is not caused by sex but only when the foetus has not developed properly. The baby is well protected with amniotic fluid in the uterus and the strong muscles of the uterus. Hence there is no risk of the baby being harmed by sexual activity.

When to avoid sex during pregnancy?

Sex during pregnancy need to be avoided when there is bleeding or pain in the stomach. In case of water breaking at any stage or for a woman with the history of cervical weakness sex should be avoided. Sex should also be avoided if the male partner has been suffering from genital herpes or some sort of sexually transmitted disease. In women with history of premature delivery or is carrying more than one baby sex need to be avoided

Best positions for having sex during pregnancy

Any sexual position in which the pregnant woman is comfortable is alright for her during pregnancy. One has to try out different positons to find out which one is most comfortable for her. There can be no one position which can be generalised as comfortable for all women.

Couples are confused about sexual activities during the pregnancy period. Some even doubt whether it is safe within the particular period of time. Pregnancy is the period in the life of every woman when she experiences certain changes in mental and physical conditions. Even, they get a heightened sex drive during pregnancy. Women also get the pleasure of orgasm in some stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy as well as sex is natural phenomenon in the life of every woman. Many women also find sex during pregnancy very safe. Even if baby is in the normal position, sex is not going to affect it at all. This fact was mentioned by an associate clinical professor at Columbia University Medical center named Annette Perez Delboy. He also adds that, baby is well protected within the uterus of the mother. Good protection is provided to the baby through the amniotic fluid as a proper cushioning. Even the cervix of the pregnant lady is sealed tightly so that baby is guarded from any types of infection. When orgasm takes place in a pregnant lady, some individuals takes it as labor pain. But, actually this is nothing but uterine contractions.

In the second trimester of a pregnant lady, sexual drive spikes. This takes place when nausea subsidizes and energy level in women specifically rises. Ladies will get an increase in their blood flow in vagina during the pregnancy period. Since vagina becomes engorged, lubrication increases. This is the period when women gets indulge to orgasm.

Sex: try it during pregnancy

Responsibility of parenthood is very vital. But, sexual enjoyment is also equally important for a healthy couple. It is now possible to enjoy sex by the pregnant lady in the last month of pregnancy. But, the posture during the sexual activities which you need to adopt before pregnancy might not be same with the sexual activities after pregnancy. But, a women willing to take up sexual activities must make some adjustments when comfort is concerned. In each stage of pregnancy adjustment should be made with the posture.

Different sexual position

When belly gets enlarged during the pregnancy period, it becomes quite uncomfortable to move. You must lie-down with a side by facing your partner. Women can be placed at the top instead of lying under the men as the pregnant lady can easily control the depth of penetration.  Women can also position on knees and hands where her partner would be kneeling from behind. She can also try on sexual position by sitting on his lap.

Safety measures

You must check whether your partner has previous history of sexually transmitted diseases. If this is the case, you must ask him to use condoms while going through intercourse. Since, HIV can even affect the baby through pregnant lady; safety measures must be taken while having sex with a partner associated with sexually transmitted diseases.

Open communication

Communication with the partner without hesitation is important. You must speak openly with your partner about having sex during pregnancy. Changing needs of pregnant lady must be fulfilled by the male partner.

Discuss Things with the Doctor

The first thing you should do is to have a word with the doctor. If your case is normal the doctor will ask you to have sex and then your way is absolutely clear. In case of normal pregnancy there is no reason that you should say no to intercourse However, you should only know how to practice sex normally and that too without complications. In case you are not sure you can talk to your physician on the topic.

Staying Comfortable is the Rule

It is the rule to stay comfortable during pregnancy. Do not try something which is painful or you think is not right at the time of practicing. It can be so that you are feeling too tired at the time of pregnancy. So it is important that you choose a time when you are feeling the best. However, don’t take the pressure. If you feel that something is wrong then refrain from having sex immediately.

Sex during First Trimester

Sex at the time of the first trimester is something really hard. It is normal that you are sure to have tiredness and morning sickness at the point of time. This is when you feel less inclined to sex. The discomforts that you have in life will make you not have sex. However, in case you are able to stay normal you can indulge in the special feel. There are ladies who are so active during the first trimester. They love to be on their own and would even prefer to spend time with their husbands on bed.

The Sex Positions in the First Trimester

In the first trimester you can try with all things special. You can practice aerobics and you can even spend time with the sex toys. There are more things you can do to have complete sex in life. This is the time you should explore the essence of Kamasutra. When you are tired you can try the missionary position. This is something extremely beautiful and enjoyable. You just have to stay back and have enjoyment with the ride. You can even have spooning and this is the best lazy option you can try to feel good.

Nothing to Avoid in the First Trimester

There is nothing to avoid during the first trimester. In case you feel that having sex at the time can make you have a miscarriage then it is absolutely wrong. There is no connection between miscarriage and sex in the first trimester. You just have to be cautious when practicing the art. This will help you have safe sex and at the same time you are sure not to lose the pleasure of life and happiness.

Dos and Don’ts in Sex During the Second Trimester

There are more dos and don’ts during the second trimester. On fact, this is known as the honeymoon period for having sex. You feel no more tired and restless and you have all the energy to try sex on bed. This is the time when you can try all the fun poses. You can sit and stare at your partner and at the same time you can make the best use of your knees and hands. You can even try the reverse spooning. After 20 weeks there are certain positions that you should avoid like lying flat on the back. This is something to be avoided as the missionary position at this stage can cause harm to the baby.

Sex in the Third Trimester

Sex becomes more creative and challenging in the third trimester. At this stage you should try with the poses which are sure not put pressure on the belly and in the period you are expected to have shallow penetration. Deep penetration at the stage can do the damage. When things are on the verge of maturity it is best not to follow any specific sex position at all. Try things which make you feel comfortable. This is the best way you can have sex and feel good.