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Is it good for men to take the prenatal vitamins?

Is it good for men to take the prenatal vitamins

Nowadays the health consciousness among men has increased to a great extent. They focus on the key vitamins and minerals that are essential for their body. However, even though you concentrate more on your diet sincerely, it is not that your body has got enough vitamins and minerals in stock. Hence, it is important to go for prenatal vitamins, which are essential for maintaining a good health. It makes sure that you have got the proper amount of nutrients for a healthy life.

These prenatal vitamins are easily available in pharmacies and some super markets. You can go for the prenatal vitamins that are rich in folic acid. It is also essential that your nutrient box has got a considerable amount of calcium and iron to it. Apart from these nutrients, it is good to have copper, zinc and Vitamins like A, C and D.

An array of prenatal vitamins as well as minerals can be found in prenatal vitamins. Some people are really keen and consider it to be the most powerful vitamins available. It has been proved that prenatal vitamins can support both a growing baby as well as woman. Thus, it will be easily effective for the men as well.  Since the composition of men and women body is different, thus the prenatal vitamins supplied will be differently reactive to both the bodies.  There are several benefits of availing these prenatal vitamins.

Good reasons for men to take prenatal vitamins

Decreased risk of heart attack

Proper supplement of vitamin D has shown reduced risk of men’s heart attack. There would be appropriate amount of vitamin D for each man of all ages.

Decreased chance of birth defects

If the couples wish to get a child, the particular constituent of prenatal vitamin named as folate can be a benefit to both men and women. With the consumption of it on a regular basis, there will be decreased risk of birth defects in children.

Hair growth

Several people think that prenatal vitamins have made their hair and nails grow faster.However, there is no scientific evidence yet that these vitamins can do this.

Stronger bones

Prenatal vitamins contain calcium and men, who are 51 years or older need 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. Since prenatal vitamins are meant to supplement calcium, you will be able to get more calcium than from your regular diet. However, do not rely 100% on the prenatal vitamins to give you calcium that would give you stronger bones.

Negative reasons

You can also find some negative reasons for men taking prenatal vitamins. The way women need iron content in their body, men do not require the same. Since women lose blood every month through the process of menstruation, they really do require iron in huge quantity. But, in comparison men do not require the same.  Thus, the excess amount of blood in prenatal vitamin can give rise to the condition like constipation, stomach pain, nausea etc.  Even the high level of iron in human body can give rise to the heart disease in men. An excess of iron can eventually result in the death of the person, who has taken it. Moreover, these supplements make you feel queasy and may even result in birth defects, when taken in excess. If you feel uneasy after consuming the prenatal vitamins, you should go to your doctor and find out what you can do about it.

Problem of prostate cancer

Most of the prenatal vitamins contain essential minerals as well as vitamins. Some of the brands also include the omega supplements. Many people are aware of the fact that since Omega 3 is derived from flax oil, this have the maximum chance of getting prostate cancer in men. The particular type of omega 3 is also important to find out so that there are no such complications again.

Increase in risk of fracture

The risk of fracture will be invariably increased with intake of prenatal vitamins by men. Men crossing 40 years or 50 years have a good chance of getting fractures due to an accident if the consumption of prenatal vitamin is more. But, you cannot expect the high level of vitamin A in all brands of prenatal vitamins. You must check the label of the supplement if you really wish to consider it for buying. Men should actually not have more than 900 mg of vitamin in diet.

You can now come across many individuals who suffer from fatigue and dizziness due to excess dehydration. This can be due to wider physical strain in such individuals. Parental vitamins will be really effective in this regard. People with cardio vascular disorder also suffers from stroke, tachycardia etc. You can find out more details from the concerned website.

You should consume the prenatal vitamins carefully without taking them in huge quantities. Prenatal vitamins are not absolutely necessary for good health. You should ask your doctor before consuming them so that you are on the safe side and do not face problems while consuming the prenatal vitamins.

Healthier Skin

Prenatal vitamins not only make your body to be healthy but also your skin. When you consume this in regular manner, your skin looks glowing and the cells become healthy. This is due to the presence of Vitamin E, riboflavin and niacin. It increases your skin complexion and maintains a healthy hair too.

Improvement in the Immune System

The prenatal vitamins help in improving your immune system. This aids in preventing diseases and eliminates threats of various contagious diseases, pollution etc…

Negative reasons

Headaches are the most common problems reported by men who have used prenatal vitamins. If the headache is getting too severe day by day, it is recommended to stop the consumption of prenatal vitamins.


Overuse of prenatal vitamins can cause the results to show negative effects. People who consume more and more of prenatal vitamins sometimes suffer from fatigue and get tired soon.