You are currently viewing Bipolar disorder causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment in men

Bipolar disorder causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment in men

Bipolar disorder causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment in men

Human being comes across variety of disorders. One of the disorders includes Bipolar disorder. This is a type of mental illness in an individual which takes place due to a drastic tragic episode in the life of the person. People suffer from an abnormal elevated mood which also includes abnormalities in life. Some people are also really depressed during the phase of Bipolar disorder. People with such disorder often come across the cycling between depression as well as mania. There are also exceptions with bipolar disorder where people can live a normal life.

Causes of the Bipolar disorder

Researchers have experimented for years on the causes of the bipolar disorder. They did not find a single reason for the same. Researchers have also studied some of the family history of the people suffering from Bipolar disorder. The risk of people suffering from this disorder will be maximum when parents and sibling also have the same problem. First degree relatives are also considered by researchers with the similar disability.

Some of the causes are listed as under:

  • Emotional stress
  • Physical stress
  • Use of illicit drug
  • Lack of sleep
  • Experiencing upsetting life

No fault lies on the person suffering from Bipolar disorder; rather it is a medical condition that can be treated.

Symptoms of Bipolar disorder

You can come across variety of symptoms of Bipolar disorder. This is a situation when the mood of person changes in cycles. They feel extremely irritated when they suffer from this type of disorder.  Some of the symptoms of the disease include:

  • Increase in activeness than usual state
  • Need of little sleep
  • Collection of the racing thoughts
  • Carrying on with reckless things without any concern
  • Inflated feeling of power, importance and greatness

You can also come across various other words associated with Bipolar disorder. Hypomania is also known as the milder form of mania where people suffer from less negative impact than that of bipolar condition. When a person becomes depressed, he suffers from conditions such as loss of interest, decreased energy, weight loss, and feeling slowed down.

Severe anxiety is also one of the situations suffered by people with the problem of Bipolar disorder. People are quite excited to deal with diverse physical symptoms. Some people also do suffer from the hallucination with some mixed reaction.

Patterns of disorder

You can now find variety of types in bipolar disorders. It will vary with regards to the frequency of episode. Another group of people also have equal number of depressive episodes as well as same number of manic. Person with more mixed and mamic episode is termed as Bipolar 1 Disorder. Similarly, a person having hypomanic as well as depressive episode which is also not fully mixed or mania is termed as Bipolar 2 disorder. This is a phase where a person seems to be normal in his activities but is not actually normal according to his physical state. Here the patient needs to seek treatment only for disorder.