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Remedies to make the men’s skin soft

When you want a smooth and soft skin for your face and body, you must allot sometime for this. There are people who like to spend a lot of money on different products that has chemical components and a basketful of promise to give you the desired result. You would find that natural remedies are better for bringing these desired effects without causing any harm to your skin. There are different reasons why the skin of men gets rough and rugged. Use some natural ingredient with right combination and see the way your skin glows and appreciates your endeavor.

Ouch! its hard!! Ever said this to your father after touching his face? Most probably you might have. Almost all men have the same type of skin – rough and rugged.  One of the top reasons for the rough skin is due to daily shaving and cleansing, says some of the beauty experts. Though the rugged skin is an identity of masculine, there are many men who are craving to get the soft and smooth skin. So here are few tips and remedies to get the soft skin.

Remedies to make the men’s skin soft


Set your mind to use the moisturizer after every shave because shaving has been linked as the inherent reason for the skin roughness in men. Follow up with a moisturizing lotion or cream on the face and neck. On the top it you must need to prefer a quality razor and shaving cream.

Less time for hot bath

Even though you are indulging with the warmness in the hot water it is not good for your skin. Instead of the hot water hang with luke warm. Hot water is known well to its property of striping the essential oils from the skin. So, restrict the usage of hot water and limit the shower period.

Keep away the strong odored products

It may be your perfume or soap, you need to avoid them which are wafting the heavy odour in the air. Skin care products with strong odour behaves as irritants to the skin and exacerbate the skin.

Clean your skin

Men lose their skin softness due to the pollution and dirt particles in  the environment also. The tiny particles may close the pores and leads to acne and other skin problems. So, give a wash to your face after you are back to home. Rinsing of the face before the day end and applying a dab of olive oil before going to sleep helps the skin to retain soft and smooth.


Cleansing is a routine part of the men’s skin care regimen. The sebaceous glands in the men are more active in-comparison with woman’s skin hence they tend to develop blackheads and oily skin.


One ideal way to reach the top floor of skin softness, exfoliation can be your lift. The process of exfoliation is much necessary for men more than women because their skin is more thicker than women’s skin. Exfoliate your face, hands, feet, chest and back.

Exfoliate for once in a week, excessive rubbing of  skin on the name of exfoliation and scrubbing leads to irritation and spreading of the bacteria to the areas rest.


Massaging your skin with the oil after the completion of the bath is considered as one of the effective remedy to cope up with the softness. You can use any essential oils, especially almond has the benefits in softening the thicker skin.

These are easy tips and remedies to be followed by the men with rough skin texture to hedge over it and to obtain the soft and supple skin.

Honey and lemon juice

When you have a very rough skin then you can depend on lemon juice mixed with honey. Apply the mixture on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash off with normal water. Honey is a very effective moisturizer and lemon acts as natural way for bleaching your face and together they make your face softer and glowing with health.

Besan, milk and juice of organic lemon

Make a paste with besan and milk. Stir till it is smooth and free of any sticky substance. Then add 3 -4 drops juice of a lemon and mix well once again. Now apply this mixed natural cream on your face and wait till it is dry. Wash completely with normal water and then pat dry your face. Try this method for 2 – 3 times a week and then see the difference in your skin texture. You will like the smoothness of your skin.

Tea tree oil for scars and blemishes

This oil has got antibacterial qualities and is therefore good for your skin. The scars and acne on your face can get reduced with regular application of this oil. You can use some cotton and apply this oil directly on your face and neck areas. There is vitamin E in this oil and so an overnight application on your body or face will give you healthy and soft skin.

Cucumber pulp mixed with lemon juice as mask

This is a fruit that has got a lot of soothing effect for your skin. It also has got properties that help in making the skin lighter. Hence you can get off with that sunburn effect on your face and neck. Make some cucumber juice from the fruit and then add a teaspoon of lime juice to it. Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a few drops of glycerin. Stir well till all the ingredients are mixed to satisfaction. Apply this mixture on your face and neck and wait for 20 – 25 minutes for it to dry. Then wash off in normal water. You will find the difference in your facial skin soon.

Turmeric for a glowing and blemish free skin

You will find this ingredient a good antiseptic for your skin irruptions. The blemishes and pigmentations will soon disappear with regular use of this ingredient. Make a paste of organic turmeric and then apply on your body and face. The glow will be noticed by others soon and you will find a softness that was never there before.

Mix turmeric with milk and apply on face, arms and neck. Wash it off after sometime. You will find the change coming up soon with a glowing skin in these areas that are free of any marks.

Dark circles from stress and tension becomes things of past with turmeric. Make a paste with turmeric and pineapple juice. Make sure it is smooth and then apply around the eyes. Wash off after 15 minutes and see the fading circles in a few weeks.

If you have dry skin then apply turmeric mixed with sandalwood power and apply on the body. Wash off after it is dry. You will get a smoother skin texture that is soft and elastic to the touch.

Honey for smooth and glowing skin

Honey is nature’s gift to human kind and it has got a lot of effective properties for soft skin. The application of this ingredient will make your skin soft and supple.

Apply honey directly to your neck area and face and wait for 10 minutes. Rinse off with water and find the skin glowing after a few weeks. Make sure you do this at least twice a week and find the difference with this simple natural solution.

You can mix honey with the white of an egg and apply on face. Keep it for 2- minutes and then rinse off with a good face wash. This is again another option for making your skin soft and keep it looking well nourished.

Some general ways to maintain soft skin each day

These were some natural remedies that you can use to bring softness and glow to your skin. There are other things that you can avoid so that your skin remains healthy for a longer time.

Hot bath takes off moisture

Do not take bath in very hot water. It will clean off the natural body moisture and the oily coat will not be there to protect your skin. If you want to change the temperature of the bathing water, make it a little warm so that you do not lose the natural oil of your skin.

Massage with oil

You can also get oil massage once a week so that your body retains the moisture for a longer time. Use some aromatic oil like sandalwood or lavender oil that will nurture your skin. The massage will also make blood circulation better and will keep the muscles stronger.

Protect and moisturize your skin

Take protection from the sun and use some sunscreen. This will keep your skin away from the harmful rays of the sun and also keep the body hydrated. Apply moisturizer after shaving and after taking a bath. Use some liquid soap that will not dry your skin and take of the natural water and elasticity of your body. Cleanse and tone your skin regularly so that you do not get affected much from the pollution and dirt from the environment. You can apply olive oil after cleaning your skin and before going to bed. The oil will give back the oil and moisture that you lose while cleansing.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

You must eat a lot of fruits for maintaining a soft skin. Get your green vegetables and eat them without adding a lot of oil. The water is natural remedy and best for acquiring soft skin. Drink a lot of water so that your body remains hydrated and the toxins are flushed out regularly.