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Best oily skin tips for men

Best oily skin tips for men

As like the girls, men don’t addict to the cosmetics and hair products. How ever, they need to take proper nurture if their skin is too oily to reduce the shade of glittering oily shine. Check the tips to reduce oiliness on your face.

Skin care products

There are millions of products in the market to tone up the skin color and to clean and cleanse the face. Among the all, try to choose the best product which can satisfy your skin type. Try it in your bathroom and find the results, if this concept is new to you and you feel like needy take the help from your sister or a female friend. When you find a particular cleansing and moisturizing product is working on your skin, pack it and carry everywhere with you because you don’t know when would you need its help.

But don’t make your steps towards the soaps and cleansers that are harsh though your skin is oily, they take out the natural moisture and oils from the skin and leaves the dry and flaky skin.

Open up the pores

Men’s skin with the oily texture likely to behave with clogged pores, to open up the pores one need to deep clean the face,flushing  out the impurities is necessary because they may increase the risk to your skin. Try applying your face with men’s facial mask for two to three times a week. A facial will help to swipe the excess oil that is blocking the pores and it also adds the antioxidants to your skin.

Don’t wash your face more often in a day

The feel of oiliness may tempt you to wash the face with a harsh cleanser, it certainly give you dry and freshness for that time, but it actually worse the situation.

Washing your face for many times in a day will leave your face red and dull, through which your skin becomes more than oily. So, limit your day with one to two washes.

Take care while you wash

Oily skin and acne are common problems that are linked close. If your skin is acne prone, don’t give away the scrubbing with gritty exfoliates and zillion percent benzoyl peroxide. Well, you need to wash your face with a mild cleanser and warm water. To the severe acne problem, you must have to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.

Use moisturizer

Many of the people think that applying a moisturizer will double the oiliness, but the truth is that oil and moisture are two different things. Though your skin is oily, apply a mild moisturizer  to your face to keep it smooth and soft. Remember to use a lotion which is free from oil and is ultra-light.

Stay away from steroids

Steroids, which help to grow up the strong and great muscles not just offer those, they come with side effects and especially they throw the problem of acne. So, stay out of the steroids ring.

Clay masks

Clay masks and Greece masks are most popularly known as grease cutting masks for your face. These masks help to even up your skin tones and remove any kinds of impurities. It also helps in whitening of your skin in a natural way. One advantage is that these types of masks are available in the local store. There is no special preparation needed for this. It is better not to choose pottery clays as it won’t offer that much effect as facial clays. Apply the facial mask all over your face and neck. Sit and relax your face until it becomes completely dry. Once dried, wash with warm water. This, upon continuous usage produces excellent results.


Lactic acids have the capacity of keeping your skin fresh and warm. It helps in exfoliation of skin thereby removing oiliness. Yogurt which contains lactic acids can be applied to your face to get rid of oiliness.  You can either use plain yogurt to your face or mix yogurt with other natural ingredients

Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt is one of the most commonly available ingredients in home. Apply this on your face and around the neck. Leave it off for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. This helps in making your skin glow in a natural way. You can also go for organic yogurts for best results.

Mixed yogurt

Mix the plain yogurt with one spoon of honey and one tea-spoon of oatmeal. Apply this on your face and leave it for an hour or so and wash off completely with distilled water. Honey makes your skin silky and oatmeal helps in removing the oiliness in your face.

Almond and honey scrub

Almond and honey are the blessed ingredient for glowing face. When almond is made as a powder and is mixed with honey, it makes an excellent natural scrub. Scrubs do wonders by removing dead cells from your face and making your face bright. In addition to that, it also removes oiliness from your skin completely. Lemon juice can be added along with this paste as it helps in removing the dirt from the skin. This remedy not only gets rid of oiliness but also serves as an excellent remedy for curing pimples and dark circles.

Orange peels

Oranges are the great source of nutrients. Orange peels are equally beneficial as the fruits present inside. Since orange peels contain astringent oils, it helps in getting rid of oiliness in your face. It leaves a smooth touch to your skin with a long lasting freshness.