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Recipes to boost male fertility

Recipes to boost male fertility

There are various food stuffs that hep in boosting men fertility. These are delicious food items and at the same time they are best for the health. Once you start having the items you are sure to have enhanced fertility and this way you can stay active on the bed for long time.

Most of the recent studies have linked the low rate of male fertility is due to improper diet and toxins included in the lifestyle. So here are few recipes to boost up male fertility. These fertility increasing recipes can be prepared from the kitchen ingredients as follows.

Recipes to boost male fertility

Ginseng tea

To increase testosterone, a male hormone ginseng helps you a lot. So keep those daily boosting black coffee’s and normal teas aside and replace them with ginseng tea. This herb is renowned to increase male fertility.


The rich amount of selenium present in the garlic improves the ability of sperm to swim or it helps to improve the movement of the sperm. So increase the addition of garlic in your diet to make your food taste great and also to increase mobility of the sperm.

Oysters and Pumpkin pie

The quality and quantity of sperms can be maximized with the mineral zinc which is available great in oysters. It is one of the tasty way to increase the sperm count. Cook oysters along with chilli peppers and garlic.

Similarly pumpkin is a also a greater source of zinc. So non-vegetarians who don’t want to add oysters can have the delicious pumpkin pie that is tossed with sesame seeds to boost up fertility.

Kheema kalegi

Iron is highly available in liver, it is most vital to fuel the blood circulation to the genital parts. In addition to that red meat offers you amino acids. To get both of them in a single recipe kheema kalegi is the best choice to improve the overall fertility.


Almonds are considered as one of the fertility foods to consume daily. They consist of essential vitamin E which aids to improve fertility. So toss them in your favorite sweets and cookies to raise fertility. You can also intake it by adding with a bowl of oats, porridge or eat them alone in the morning.


Consume raita along with yogurt, chopped onions and other fresh vegetables to get the vitamin B12 that is necessary to improve male fertility. Well it is a low calorie food so you don’t need to worry about the weight gain.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is one amazing food to eat in order to boost the fertility and also libido. Diabetics patients have to consume it as per the recommendations of your doctor where as a normal person can have a byte whenever they need, you can also consume it through dark chocolate cake.

Berries salad

Berries are extremely good sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C are required to speed up the sperms movement. So prepare a special salad that is all consists of berries like strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and blueberries.

Grilled salmon

Prepare grill salmon with the toss of garlic pieces and olive oil in your microwave. The cold water fish salmon offers you rich amounts of omega-3 fatty acids where as olive oil and garlic make this recipe as an ideal dish for men to improve fertility.

The Tasty and the Yummy Lamb Chops

A specific food preparation which can really help in boosting men’s fertility is BBQ lamb chops with Greek salad and Haloumi. This is the dish full of arginine and there is more of Vitamin C and zinc. The food helps in proper blood circulation and on eating the item on regular basis the strength of the sperm increases. There is also an increase in the quantity of the sperm.

The Delicious Pumpkin Couscous with Chicken

You have the special dish of chicken and pumpkin couscous. This food too is provided with lots of arginine and this is the sort of amino acid which helps in the improvement of the blood circulation process. The food also contains Vitamin E and this helps in rectification of the sperm. In this way the sperm can overcome the defects and there is boosting of fertility.

The Ideal Salad for You

This is the salad with mango, prawn and watercress. This recipe is full of Vitamin C and there is the presence of arginine to enhance the strength and the quality of the sperm. This is a good food to enhance the level of fertility.

The Salmons and the Sweet Corn Fritters

You have the sweet corn fritters along with the smoked salmons. Corn is a dish with lots of arginine and it can help in boosting the count of sperm and motility. In the same way the salmons are good food in boosting the level of fertility. Both of them together can really make you so fertile and sexually strong.

The Special Beef with Noodles and Vegetables

There is the Teriyaki beef with the vegetables and the noodles. This is a quick dish to be prepared and it contains lots of vitamin A and arginine. Due to the presence of vitamin A there is strong and mobile sperm and this also helps in matters of libido. This is a total packaged food to help you have enhanced sex ability.

The Tasty Prawn and Avocado Salad

You can even enjoy the salad of prawn and avocado. This is a refreshing salad with loads of arginine and Vitamin E. The dish helps in boosting the sperm count and there is more of motility. In addition to this the ingredients even counteracts with the effects created by the free radicals within the human body and there are less imperfections in the DNA sperm.

The Plain and Simple Vegetable Frittata

Here you have the yummy vegetable frittata. The dish is prepared with lots of vegetables and this helps you have a craving for all the essential nutrients which in the long run boosts fertility and sexual craze.

The Mint Salad with Lamb Chops, Watermelon, and Haloumi

You have the lamb chops perfectly marinated and they come with haloumi, watermelon and mint salad. The dish has the best content of zinc and arginine and it is important to know that watermelon is a fruit rich in Vitamin C. These help in perfect sperm production and you have more of fertile strength.

Pumpkin and the Chickpea Curry

This is the chickpea curry and pumpkin. This is a yummy vegetarian dinner and it helps in increasing the fertility in your partner. The dish is loaded with the essential Vitamin E and this can help in lessening the imperfections in the sperm DNA.

The Too Good Mandy Bruschetta

This is an innovative dish with an inventive name of Mandy Bruschetta. This is a tasty and simple treat with lots of Vitamin C content. The dish helps in boosting the strength and the quantity and even the motility of the sperms.

Other Foods to Talk About

Now let us talk about the usual foods, fruits and vegetables that can really make male fertility strong. These are stuffs to help you have an increased appetite for sex.

Tomatoes are Wonders

You can start the list with tomatoes. Tomatoes have the antioxidants called lycopene. Lots of studies are going on about lycopene and the relation of the same with make fertility. Tomatoes are known to improve motility. Motility is the ability of the sperm to swim. It even causes better sperm structure and activity. The antioxidant form of lycopene is immensely available in the cooked or the processed form of tomato. A simple tomato puree too contains lots of lycopene. So, make sure that you have tomatoes as part of the dish that you eat.

The Goodness of the Pumpkin Seeds

You can have an intake of the pumpkin seeds. These are high and rich in zinc content and this is essential for sperm development. This can even help in the production of testosterone. The seeds have all the essential minerals and they are highly loaded with the important vitamins. You can select the organic and the raw pumpkin seeds to be able to utilize the optimal nutritional value and this you can even sprinkle on the cereals, smoothies and the salads.

The Magic of Blueberries

You can have blueberries as powerful sources of antioxidants. You can even call them anti-inflammatory antioxidants and these include quercetin and even have resveratrol. Lots of researches have proved that quercetin can improve the parameters in sperms and there is enhancement both in quality and motility. On the other hand resveratrol is known to improve the motility and the count of the sperm. Thus, it is good to have delicious blueberries every day. The taste and make you feel good and healthy. They can be applied to smoothies and yogurts and the blueberries taste good with granola and even with the chopped walnuts.

The Perfect Pomegranate

Pomegranate is an antioxidant rich fruit and it immensely helps in the circulation of blood. This is the best fruit you can have to have minimum cardiovascular diseases and the intake help you have low levels of inflammation. Researchers are of the opinion that pomegranate can cause surges in the level of testosterone and this causes an improvement in the quality of the sperm. Now, you are sure to have better sex drive and the males have the perfect mood for sex. Thus, it is required to have an intake of pomegranate juice on regular basis.

Walnuts Can Increase Sex Drive

Do you know that walnuts have lots of omega 3 fatty acids? A handful of walnut everyday can increase the vitality of the sperm. The same can cause sperm morphology and motility. This is the best way you can have an addition of flavour and even crunch to the essential salads. This can even serve as a healthy afternoon snacks and the nut is best in matters of controlling blood sugar level.

The Super Sexual Lentils

Lentils have lots of folates. This is the natural form of folic acid. The same is extremely important for the reason of male fertility and it is equally important for female fertility as well. In case of males who do not have the right intake of folate from the diet are sure to suffer from high rate chromosomal abnormalities. This happens in matters of sperm growth and structure. Lentil is even called as a great vegetarian source and it can deliver with lots of fibre and protein. However, you can try the Asian spiced lentils and it tastes great with the grilled cod. The combination is delicious and the combination is nutritious.

The Fantasy of Dark Chocolates

Are you aware of the fact that dark chocolates have lots of amino acids? This can help in increasing the volume of the ejaculation and there is also an improvement in the sperm count and you are sure to have enhanced motility. Dark chocolates are tastier and at the same time they help you have better sex. So, it is time that you start stacking them right now.

Water is Right for You

Do you know that if you have to improve the quality of the sperms you have to drink lots of water? Semen is always water based and it helps in increasing the consumption of liquid to have an increased level of ejaculation. This also causes an improvement in the production of the sperm. Now, you have to be serious about consuming more water and make sure that you don’t have excess amount of caffeine or soft drinks as these can drastically lower the sperm count.

The Importance of Having Ginseng

It is important to know that ginseng is an herbal remedy and it can highly improve the sexual performance in case of men. The component helps in maintaining the hormonal balance and it also causes a boosting of the immunity system. Therefore, make sure that you have ginseng in your diet.

The Vitality of the Ashwagandha Root

It is vital to know that Ashwagandha root is immensely beneficial in increasing the sexual power in males. This is a traditional root variety and it is immensely required for treating infertility in men. If your sperm count is low this is the root to help you at the best. It greatly supports and encourages the endocrine mechanism.

The Working of Saw Palmetto

Have you heard about Saw Palmetto? This is once again an herb and it is known to be anti-inflammatory. It has an anti-androgenic nature as well. It comes with all the urinary antiseptic qualities. So, in case men have poor and fragile immune system and they have the worst dietary habits they can have the best intake of the herb as this causes perfect body nourishment.

The Boosting of the Ginko Leaves

Ginko leaves work great in case of male infertility. The supplement helps in boosting sexual desire in case of both men and women. So, with a Ginko intake you would love to be in bed for a longer period of time.

The Magic of Maca Root

The Maca Root is known to have the best effects on male fertility. This is a super effective food which helps in increasing the level of libido and now men are sure to have more of healthy sperm. With the usage of the root you are sure to have increased strength and stamina and with the high energy level you can be in sex for an enhanced time level.

The Importance of Fax Seed Oil

You should know that fax seed oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acid and this once again helps in improving the quality of the sperm. It also helps in increasing the flow of blood and this can rescue you from being impotent. Now, it is usual that you are sexually more aroused with the intake of the fax seed oil.

Eat Guava for Better Fertility

If you don’t want to be infertile you can eat lots of guavas. This is the popular and the sought after fertility food and they contain high rate of folate. This is the best fruit to help in matters of increasing the sperm count in males.

The Effects of Rose Essential Oil

Here you know about the wonder of using rose essential oil. Some drops of rose essential oil should be mixed with ounces of olive oil and then the same should be massaged of the lower portion of the abdomen and the inner thigh areas. After the massage it is important that you have a warm bath. Before having the bath add few drops of rose essential oil into the bucket and this is sure to energize you more sexually.

Good to Have Oats Everyday

Men can eat oats on regular basis. This is sure to keep them sexually going. Thus it is good that you add a teaspoon full of oats in your diet. In the way you can feel the sexual charisma working and now you would like to spend long time with your partner on bed.