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Reasons to have everyday sex

Usually couples getting married would be really eager to have sex and fulfill their desire almost every day. But soon after 3-4 months of their married life, their eagerness and passion starts declining. This is mostly very common in men rather than women. Even due to too much tension in work field as well as tiredness of daily workloads this disappearance of sexual pleasure takes place. But sex is a vital part of every couple along with emotional relationship; this physical togetherness impacts an individual both mentally and physically. Today, you can view variety of reasons behind why you actually need to have sex regularly.

Sex is a magic pill that can boost the overall health of a person in several surprising ways.  It clears the complexion, enhances the mood, and reduces risk of cancer and heart disease. Regular sex during the week helps in relieving stress, sleep better and have an enjoyable week.

The Healthy Side Effects of Sex

Having good sex can lead to good health in the following ways;

  • It is rightly said that good health leads to good sex and good sex can lead to good health. Sex helps in relieving stress. Constant stress in the body reduces the natural pain killer endorphin from the body which results in one becoming sick. Sex gives an outlet to stress. It boosts the immune system and gives relief to the body from some aches pains and stress.
  • Exercise makes the body more active which in turn also makes the mind active Sex also increases mental capabilities to a great extent. The chemicals that are released in the body during sex give energy, boost the mood, increase blood flow and reduce depression.
  •  Sex is a tiring physical activity which needs energy. An unhealthy tired couple will be having an adverse effect on their sex life. Good sex requires a healthy diet with all nutrients. Proper rest and exercise also help in the process of good sex.
  •  Healthy sex is also good for the heart. It helps in blood circulation and flow of blood in the different organs.
  •  Men can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by stimulation to their testicles.
  • Sex improves sleep and awakens the person feeling refreshed in the morning.

Some scientists have laid stress on getting busy with seven great times with sex from Monday to Sunday night.

Mondays are normally stressful for most people, because it is the first day of the week and they get frustrated and are rushed for work on this day. It is a clear fact that stress relief is one of the many benefits of sex. The release of oxytocin in the body during the process of sex helps in stimulating feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Tuesday gets its name from Mars which is associated with energy, action and desire and so also Tuesdays call for this quick energy to be used up in quick sex.

Wednesday is the mid-week which requires some inspiration to carry to the week-end.Sex on Wednesday helps in boosting the mood.

Thursday is considered the best day to spend a quiet evening in being together and appreciating each other

 Friday is the pre -weekend that calls for after the whole week’s work. It is the best time to re-kindle love by spending time together.

Saturday is the best day for sex as there is lot of free time. It can replace a few exercises of the gym.

Sunday sex refuels the partners for the week ahead by releasing positive hormones to rejuvenate energy. The relaxing hormones will give relief from stress which will induce better sleep.

Sex helps one to forget troubles, and increases one’s imagination.  Jokingly it is proven that regular sexy time provides the couples the same levels of happiness as couples who earn over billions of dollar in a year.

Top reasons to have sex everyday

Boost in immune system

Today people are vigorously suffering from variety of health problem just because they lack immunity. The free radicals can easily get inside your body and start invading them. One of the ways to boost your immunity is having sex on a regular basis. Researchers have found out that sex is the best way to drive away all diseases by increasing immunity power. When you have sex, release of antigens takes place which is also known as immuniglobin A. This works really well in driving away flu and common cold.

Pain relief

If you are tired throughout the day due to your work at your office, just come back home and at night have sex with your partner. Initially you might find difficulty to go ahead with the activity since your body is paining. But, there after your body will be free from all types of pains. Even if you are suffering from migraine and headaches, sex will be a better and natural way to keep you away from pain.

Power in pelvic muscle

Many people are not aware of the fact that sex has variety of positive points. One among the positive point includes inducing power to pelvic muscles. Once a better pelvic muscle is created, the individual can easily have better orgasm.

Better sleep

Some people suffer from the problem of sleepless night. But, if you have been having sex every night, getting a sound sleep will be your advantage. Once you carry on with sex, your body will be engaged with variety of exercises with increase in adrenalin. But once you are at pick and complete your orgasm, the whole procedure will be completed with great satisfaction level. Thus you can have better sleep after having sex.

Best Times To Have Sex

So, you already know that it is good to have sex on a regular basis. But, are you aware of the perfect timing for having sex? It is not that you start off with your partner any time you want. You can definitely do that, but it may not be as satisfying as you want it to be. Here are some of the best moments when your sex can be great and most enjoyable:

In the morning

This may be surprising, but doctors have said that everyone’s body is actually made and is good to have morning sex. You have great energy in the morning hours and your testosterone levels are also high. Moreover, since the oxytocin levels in your and your partner’s body increases, it would keep you bonded with her for the rest of the day. Most importantly, morning sex would boost your mood and you will have a good day at work. With so many benefits of having sex in the morning, you would definitely not want to start your day with anything else.

Before a speech

It has often been observed that sex acts as a stress buster. It would calm lower your blood pressure and calm your nerves. That is why if you have sex before a presentation or an important speech, then you are bound to be successful. An experiment was done on public speaking and people who had to speak were told to have sex before their speech; turned out they had a great time delivering their speech because thru were least stressed.

When you are not feeling well

It often happens that you do not feel good about the weather or you are not feeling energetic to work. Basically, you are just a little under the weather. Sex can be a great way to counter this problem. It will boost the immune system and you will feel fresh all over again. Of course, this does not mean you will have sex when you have fever or suffering from any disease. But, if you are planning to prepare for the season of flu, then go ahead and have a good time in bed with your partner.

On day 14

Ask your partner if she is on the 14th day of her cycle or not. If she is, then it is the best day and best time to have sex. Many studies have shown that this is the time when a woman’s clitoris becomes engorged and grows bigger up to 20% than the normal size. She will crave for sex and will have superb orgasms and that is exactly what you need to enjoy while having sex. Moreover, the 14th day is the day when she starts ovulating and she would want to have sex more than you do. So, give it a shot and satisfy her to the fullest. This is also the day when doctors suggest having sex if you want your partner to get pregnant.

After working out

There is nothing better than taking advantage of the post-workout glow during the time you have sex. Be it you or your partner, the sex will be amazing if you do it after a workout session. You will have testosterone flowing inside and that would add to the enjoyment part. Most importantly, you will have a strong and muscular body after working out and you will definitely have a good time in bed. Try having sex right in the morning after a workout on the 14th day of her cycle. Nothing could be better than all the three moments coming together and making your day more enjoyable.

After a stressful day

It has already been said that sex is one of the best stress busters ever. In fact, if you compare having beer to having sex after a stressful day, doctors would suggest the latter. Numerous studies have proved that if you have sex after a really bad day at work, your mood is definitely going to improve and you will not have stress at all. It is all about releasing the frustration and tension out on the bed and not on your partner. Having sex after a bad day can be more enthusiastic and passionate. Just have some good time in bed and you will feel a whole lot better than before.