Facts on testicular cancer in male personalities

Facts on testicular cancer in male personalities

Facts on testicular cancer in male personalities

People must have experienced variety of cancers among which one is known as testicular cancer. This is a malignant tissue that develops in the testicles of a male personality.  Generally a male personality suffering from such cancer will get its affect on one side of testicles. Majority of men gets the affect on the right testicles. But, it is really essential to treat it immediately or else it can spread to other parts of the body.

Types of testicular cancer

There are basically two main types of testicular cancer namely:

  • Seminomas
  • Non- seminomas

Percentage of person suffering from seminomas cancer is just 1 percent of the patient suffering from cancer in the country. This disease is seen among men between the age ranges of 20 to 40 years. But, there are also certain types of testicular cancer which is viewed in younger children or older men apart from this age range.

Reasons behind testicular cancer

Though doctor cannot prove valid reason behind several types of testicular cancer found in male personalities, some probable reasons include:

  • A male personality whose mother has taken hormone before his birth may suffer from testicular cancer.  Generally  females consume this during the pregnancy period so that she can avoid miscarriage
  • If a male personality is having a family history of testicular cancer, he can easily get this problem
  • Identical twins among which one has testicular cancer might affect another person

It is a disease where the testicular cells of an individual become abnormal. Some people suffers the same in both their testicles where has others are affected in just one testicles.  Researchers have not yet found the exact cause of the testicular cancer in the areas of penile abnormalities, kidney. It is important to find out the history of an individual who has personal history or family history of testicular cancer.

In order to know that you are suffering from testicular cancer, you need to mark some symptoms. A patient having lump or a swelling in testicles might be a sign of testicular cancer. Along with the swelling, other symptoms include testicular enlargement, discomfort, pain in testicles, fluid collection in scrotum etc. If you are facing these types of symptoms, it is the time to contact doctor immediately.  It is important to do a stitch in time so that the cancer cannot affect you at your last stage.

It is good to find out the cancer after diagnosing the history of the patient. This can also be done through a simple blood test, ultrasound, Biopsy of testicular tissue etc.

There are varieties of testament procedure in order to cure people suffering from testicular cancer. You can either go for a surgery or else radiation can also be a treatment option in front of you. But, there are also some side effects of the radiations which include sexual dysfunction, infertility etc. You must consult with your physician before deciding about the type of treatment procedure.  Follow up in treatment procedure is also necessary.

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