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Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercise: Steps to avoid erectile dysfunction


Men face several problems on a daily basis in their sex lives. You will get to hear many a times that they are unable to satisfy their woman. And many women have filed divorce cases stating the reason that their husbands are unable to satisfy them.  It is quite common for men to lose their stamina during sex. One of the major problems with men today is the occurrence of premature orgasms.  If they ejaculate easily, they end up making their women pregnant, which not all women want. If you would like to control unwanted orgasms, try working out your pubococcygeus muscles. In order to know more, consult someone who knows these exercises well. They should be highly experienced in this field.  In fact, many men consult doctors to get help in this area.  The doctor can tell you what is wrong with you and prescribe certain medicines, which will help improve the quality of your sex life but that is about it. So it would be better to enlist the help of a learned trainer.  These exercises can help improve the stamina of men by leaps and bounds.

Some muscle exercises are really effective in avoiding the situation of erectile dysfunction. You can now get a control over the stronger erection as well as incontinence with the help of Pubococcygeus muscle exercise. You can now contact with a trainer who have experience to conduct such exercise. If you cannot hold your sperm for a long time when the sexual activity is taking place, your partner will be unhappy as you fail during the sexual activity. Several cases are put to court for divorce just become the male partner cannot perform well in bed. This is the time when you need to be cautious and think about a healthy married life. In order to avoid erectile dysfunction you must proceed with some muscle exercise.

Fecal incontinence and urinary problems can be treated with Pubococcygens Muscle exercise or PC Exercise. Even men can easily get rid of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction through this muscle exercise. Some of the steps are as follows:

Primary steps

Get the location of PC muscle

Before taking the first step of exercise, it is important to know where PC muscle locates in a human body. It basically acts as a floor to the pelvic cavity which starts from pubic bone of a person till the bottom of his spine. If you are in the process of urination, try to stop the flow. The particular muscle that stops the flow through quick muscle contraction is the PC muscle. For the first step of exercise, it is important for an individual to keep the thigh muscle and stomach muscle relaxed by focusing entirely on PC muscle.

Flexing PC muscle

Now, you have to flex muscle by holding it for a period of one or two seconds each time. Just after holding for few seconds, you must release it. This must be repeated by an individual in a set of 20 three times in a day. When you are carrying on with the exercise, breathing must be normal. You should not hold your breath while exercising.

Addition of low squeeze

Now comes the step of squeezing your PC. You may take just 5 seconds to squeeze your muscle slowly and patiently. But, make it squeezing tight according to your capacity. Now you have to hold the muscle for a period of five seconds and get it release in another five seconds.

Exercise in an intermediate level

  •  If you have tried the above mentioned primary exercises, now you must go ahead with the intermediate exercise. Here you have to try out clenching PC muscles for a longer period of time. Since you have tried the primary exercises for a week or two, your PC muscles will be capable in clenching for a longer period of time. You can try for upper flex and go for more complicated steps.
  • Now, you must try and increase the duration of clench from one of two seconds to 5 or 7 seconds.
  •   As you have tried 20 reps thrice a day, in the intermediate level you have to increase it to 50 reps.
  • You can soon learn how to clench anus sphincter and penis muscle at the same time separately.

Other advanced exercises

  • PC tremble exercise
  • PC muscle exercise with erection
    • You need to use small towel over the erected penis and try to lift it by squeeze in PC muscle
    • You can also repeat the step by p[lacing your hand two inches above the penis
    • Now you must try your penis reach your hand without moving your hand.
  • PC stutter exercise

These are very effective steps which must be taken seriously by males to eradicate erectile dysfunction. But, you must also avoid over exercising.

Pubococcygeus muscle exercise to avoid erectile dysfunction

Relaxing right muscle

Through the process of Pubococcygeus muscle exercise individual will come to know about keeping the right muscle in relaxing situation while performing sexual activity. There are some points to be noted when performing this muscle exercise. You should never do this vigorously while having sex. Even this exercise should not be practiced before having orgasm. You need to relax your pelvic floor muscle when performing sex.

Improving force of ejaculation

Some male individuals end up with very poor ejaculation methods. In some cases the volume of ejaculation is larger which can be benefited with the help of Pubococcygeus muscle exercise. After abiding with this muscle exercise on a regular basis, the process of ejaculation will be better than previous state.

Last moment ejaculation delayed

You can only have a healthy and elongated sex if you can delay your ejaculation. This can be effectively done with the help of Pubococcygeus muscle exercise. When you are in the verge of ejaculation that will be the time when you need to stop it and delay so that your partner can get another round of love making chance. This will build a great bonding of both physical and emotional relationship.

Helps leaks, incontinence and dribbing

Some men with the problem of incontinence can get remedy with the help of Pubococcygeus muscle exercise. Some men can also have a problem of leaking urine at the time of having sex. But the muscle exercise over here can also help holding your urine. Dribbing after urination is also one of the major problem which can be avoided with Pubococcygeus muscle exercise.

Research has indicated that PC exercises can help men benefit a lot from them. Your trainer will only teach you the basics though there are also advanced steps in these exercises. If you find the basic steps beneficial, you can go ahead and ask your trainer to help you out with the advanced steps too.  You can also watch videos to get more information on these workouts online. However, it is suggested that if you are not sure what your problem is, then ask your doctor to help you diagnose your problem first and then, visit a trainer who can help you out with these PC exercises.  If your trainer asks you to take a look at the way some workouts are done on the internet, you can do so too. If you have forgotten particular exercise you can watch a video on the internet to get a glimpse of the correct steps once again.  Your trainer might allow you to do this if he is extremely busy with his work.

The first stages of the PC exercise

Even absolute beginners can try out these exercises. If you would like to see results, you must perform the exercises at least six days every week. You must give yourself some rest on the seventh day.  After four weeks of doing these exercises, you will see the results automatically.

How to do the exercise?

Contract your pubococcygeus muscles for about 5 seconds. Then take an interval of 5 seconds.  Repeat this 10 times.  This is just a warm up exercise that you can do before performing the actual PC exercises.

After this, try out something more challenging. Contract your PC muscles for about 30 seconds.  Repeat it ten times. Then take a one minute break.

Contract your pubococcygeus muscles thrice and do it vigorously. Continue this exercise for ten seconds and relax for another ten.

After these three sets of work outs, add two more sets to them.

The other two sets of workouts are:

Take a break for a minute. Then try and hold back your PC muscles for a minute.  You will find it challenging at the inception but you will get used to it.

If you can effectively perform the last exercise for one entire month, you will be able to see results. Contract your PC muscles for an entire 20 seconds. Then, take a break for about 30 seconds.

If you can perform these exercises effectively, you and your partner will face absolutely no problems in your sex life.