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How to protect your hands while driving in hot Sun during summer season?

How to protect your hands while driving in hot Sun during summer season?

The summer can be a torturous time. You need to take extra care of everything during summer. Your lawns need more water, your home needs air conditioning and even your hands need special care to survive the onslaughts of the summer sun. Your hands are more vulnerable than you think they are. When you are driving your body may be highly protected but your bare hands have to face the scorching sun-rays. Having tanned wrinkled hands is not an ideal situation that you want to live with. This is why it is important to follow a few tips and recue your hands from the sun while on the road.

Choose vehicle wisely

Your hands are bound to get burnt if you are driving a two wheeler or even a convertible. The safety of an enclosed vehicle extends to the safety it provides from the sun. The two wheelers are bound to expose your whole body to the sun but since protective gear covers most parts of your body it is your hands that suffer. But a convertible or a car with a sun roof is the worst if you choose to keep the top open. No matter how impressive you thing you look in your swanky car, the sun burn is sure to make you regret your choice. Hence it is a good idea to go with any car that does not force you to expose your body to the sunlight.

Sunroof your car

Even if you are driving a non convertible car or a car with the sunroof closed, the windows can allow enough sunlight to hurt your hands. The best way to avoid this is by making your windows UV ray proof. Earlier the use of tinted windows helped block out some of the rays. But many countries have banned the use of these windows for safety reasons. The new way of keeping the UV rays out is by making use of transparent window film screens. These can help keep out the UV rays without hindering visibility hence it can be used on the windshield as well, where as the tinted windows could not be. So make your car UV ray proof.

Two essentials to keep in your car

You can keep your hands healthy while driving if you have two essential things in your car, they are:

  • Sunscreen- Many of us suffer bad sun burns because we forget to carry sunscreens with us where ever we go. This is why if you drive long hours it is important to have sunscreen in your car. You might forget your sunscreen at home but you will no longer have to worry as you have a back up in your car. Even when you leave your home, do not use sunscreen just on your face use it on your hands as well. So, keep extra sunscreen in the car and use it generously on your hands.
  • Driving gloves- covering up is a good way of avoiding damage. Driving gloves might no longer be the hottest vogue but using them can help your hands remain healthy. Keep a pair of clean driving gloves in your car. But be sure to take them off as soon as you park the car and also be sure to wash the gloves often.

These few tips can help your hands stay safe from the sadistic sun during your summer drives.