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How to deal with dry face in the summer?

How to deal with dry face in the summer

A person residing in the area where the humidity is low but temperature is quite high suffers from the problem of dry skin. If you are staying in those places of the nation, it will be necessary for you to take enough care of your dry skin. It is quite irritating when you feel flaky skin with blood coming out as during the temperate season, it becomes severe.  Due to dehydration, pollution and strong ultra violate rays during the summer season, people suffers from lack of moisture in their skin. You may get ample Vitamin D due to the sunlight, yet the weather will not be favorable for your skin.

When the skin does get affected?

Whether it is extreme hot or cold, human being has to carry on with some important activities during the season. While doing so, they get affected by weather conditions. Some of the activities involve:

  • Walking in sunlight
  • Driving
  • Cycling
  • Dealing with tough physical activities while getting exposed to sun

Tips to overcome dryness of skin

Moisturizing skin

Just after coming back from shower, your next possible task will be rub your body with a towel and apply a non greasy and light moisturizer. This will be effective while you stay at home. Since your skin has been moisturized, dry weather condition will hardly affect you. Apply a good sunscreen with good SPF variation before moving out from home.


You can find variety of skin exfoliates available in the market. You can choose one among the branded one and try out for your skin. Most of the people gets good benefit from almond scrub. You can also apply the scrub of walnut as well as apricot for a wonderful skin exfoliates. This helps in restoring the perfect moisture in your skin and keeps your skin very supple and healthy.

You can also try out some of the effective homemade scrub. For this you have to grind some almond and make a perfect mixture with the yogurt. You must make sure that the almond which you have grinded does not become fine paste. Some granules of almond is needed to give a perfect scrubbing effect to your skin. With the paste, apply it on your face and slowly move your hand clockwise as well as anti clockwise. After keeping it for some time, wash it away with cold water. You will certainly feel the difference.

Avoid air condition

People have a misconception about the air conditioners during the summer season. They generally feel that AC is good during the summer season as these provide a cooling effect to them. But, actually it is wrong. AC can provide temporary cooling effect but as soon as you get out, you will face the trouble of dryness in your skin once again. You need to be very cautious before entering to an AC and coming out. It would be better to avoid AC during summer to eradicate rough and dull skin for long time.