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How harmful is Alcohol for men’s health?

How harmful is Alcohol for men's health?

Some men are in the habit of drinking occasionally. Others may be drinking a small amount on a regular basis. Alcohol has its effect on the person at all cost. An occasional drinker, a moderate drinker or a high drinker all are at their health risk.  Alcohol damages the men’s body in several ways. It is just a matter of degrees. Less alcohol takers are at less risk than high grade drinkers and regular drinkers.

Problems Related to Alcohol

Drinking and driving
the ability to drive becomes impaired with drinks. A person lacks in the skill of steering control and changes in the traffic under the effect of alcohol. The driving skills lessen more and more with excess alcohol.

Interactions with Medications
certain medicines interact in a negative manner with alcohol. Drugs given for allergy increases the drowsiness when combined with alcohol. Pain killers combined with alcohol can affect the functioning of the liver. It is advised to consult with the doctor while on medication.

Interpersonal Problems
A heavily drunk person created more problems at home, at work place, with friends and relatives and sometimes even with strangers. These people enter into unnecessary arguments with the family members and develop a short temper. They develop a strained relationship with their colleagues and become irregular and ineffective at work. Unknowingly they commit or become victims of violence

Alcohol Related Birth Defect

Alcohol can cause a number of birth defects if the pregnant women are a regular drinker.  Children born from alcoholic mothers can be born some mental disabilities. Sometimes alcohol affects the foetus. Births from this foetal alcohol syndrome will have children born with physical abnormalities, mental problem and behaviour problems. It is not known as to how much alcohol is harmful, hence it is suggested that alcohol should be avoided completely during pregnancy.

Long Term Health Problems

Alcohol leads to a number of health problems like liver disease, heart disease, pancreatic cancer. Women develop the alcohol related health problems by lesser drinking over less time than men. The most common liver disease caused by alcohol is   liver cirrhosis which can be fatal.  There are certain treatments for this disease if detected at the early stage and alcohol is completely stopped.

It is not necessary that only alcoholics develop alcohol related disease. These diseases strike those people who drink more than recommended levelsregularly for a long period. The NHS recommends —

  • Men can drink 3 to 4 units of alcohol a day.
  • Women should drink 2 to 3 units of alcohol a day.
  • After a heavy drinking session, alcohol needs to be avoided for 48 hours.

There’s no safe level of drinking, but if onedrinks less than the recommended daily limits, the risks of harming the healthbecomes low.

Three types of drinkers

  • Lower-risk drinkers are those who are at a low risk to harm them.
  • Increasing-risk drinkers are at a high risk to develop cancers of the mouth, throat and neck, live cirrhosis and high blood pressure.
  • Higher-risk drinkers–Problems of weight gain, depression and fatigue are prevalent in these higher risk drinkers.