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Men health screening from 40 to 65 years age


Every individual must go for overall check up of their health starting from head to foot. Some people are really careless about their health and do not go for a health screening once they feel they are not sick. Even if you think you are healthy, you must go for regular health checkup as some disease does not have symptoms and can reach fatality stage very soon.

Advantages of health screening clinics

  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • Screens very delicate medical issues
  • Updates the vaccination
  • Let know you about your nearest medical venue at the time of illness
  • Predicts the risk of future medical problems

Health care clinics must be visited on a regular basis to avail adequate checkups. You might not know what major disease is going to be in your account for future. Thus, it is always good to stay alert and go for proper checkups on a regular basis. Today, you might see people suffering from high blood pressure. Other problems which can give rise to major diseases include high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

Important screenings

Screening of high blood pressure

You need to check your blood pressure in every 2 years time. If the top digits is between 120-139 and diastolic or bottom digits are 80-89 hg, you must be alert and get your blood pressure check every year.  You may also consult with your health care provider about the automatic way of screening the blood pressure level. You can also get an idea about what is the extend of blood pressure level which needs to be checked with regular diet and medications. Usually an individual crossing upper level of 140 and lower level of 90 must get an appointment with the physician immediately. People with the problems in kidney, diabetes as well as heart disease must go for checkup more often that other people.

Screening of diabetes

An individual with age more than 45 years must go for diabetes screening in every 3 years time. There are people who are getting overweight. For such a case you must go for screening from very young age.

Screening of cholesterol with prevention of heart disease

It is good for people to go ahead with cholesterol screening at the age of 34 years. This must be checked in every 2 years to avoid complications. But, if you are among those people who have problems of kidney, diabetes as well as heart disease screening must be dome more often. In certain situations in order to control heart attack, most of the health care providers also uses aspirin. But, as a matter of fact it can increase the risk of bleeding. Thus, you can ask your health care provider to avoid aspirin and replace the same with something else.

Screening of colon cancer

These days, people are heard to have attack of colon cancer. The risk of such cancer increases once you reach 50 years of age. If you have a family history with colon cancer affected people, getting such screening will be mandatory. Even if you are suffering from polyps or that of an inflammatory bowel disease, risk of colon cancer increases. This is the situation when you require regular screening of colon cancer.

This screening process also brings out another test named as screening of colorectal cancer which must be carried on between individual with the age range from 50 to 75 years.  You must go ahead with a stool test every year.


It is quite common for people to suffer from flu attack every now and then. Thus, a flu shot must be taken every year for precautionary measure. Sometimes you may not be in a state to take all vaccinations. This will be true especially when you are suffering from some medical conditions. Your doctor will be the best person to prescribe you with alternative vaccination in such a situation.

Screening for Ostereoporosis

Individual within the age range of 50 to 70 years might have a risk of osteoporosis. You must speak with your physician to get a remedy in such situation. If you have low body weight, habit of consuming alcohol as well as long term steroid use, risk of ostereoporosis is specific.