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Premature Ejaculation: ways to stop it

Premature ejaculation is what stands in the way of most relationships. Ejaculation is necessary for all men but at a certain stage, men start facing problems with it – they begin to ejaculate prematurely. Most men think that their relationships have hit the rocks or that their partners will leave them and go!  It is all in the mind!  It is natural for the modern man to ejaculate prematurely. Even though ejaculation can make sex exciting, it should happen at its own time and pace. However, most women do not like to have sex with men who ejaculate prematurely.

Male individuals need to ejaculate in order to have a healthy sex life. But, sometimes this becomes so vigorous that individual becomes too much tired in initiating ejaculation on a regular basis. This is a very common sexual problem that is faced by individuals within the age range below 40 years. There are some reasons behind the Premature Ejaculation with regards to emotional and physical state of every male individual. You can also avail some techniques through which you can get a slower rate of ejaculation. Certain techniques are effective in stopping ejaculation as well. If your husband, friend, son or some other relative have such problem, you can easily teach him the ways through which he can delay his sexual response.

You may find problem of premature Ejaculation developing among male at some point of time. Even if your partner does not wish you to go for ejaculation, you develop a strong wish for it.  Many factors are responsible for the act of Ejaculation. But there are ways to stop this through medical intervention or home remedies. If you want to get a control over you sexual stamina, below mentioned procedures must be adopted.

Wearing condoms

Many people may not believe, but it is true that condoms help in reducing level of stimulation for men. Thus, they can carry on with the sexual activity for a long time before going through ejaculation. You can get variety of condoms in the market each having their own advantage. Some of them are as follows:

  • Extra thin condoms – There is a chance of getting torn as the material is very thin. You must buy upgraded variety which can provide extra stimulation.
  • Condoms with gel – Some of the condoms are coated with gel with an effect of numbing insider. This is very beneficial as it can control ejaculation for a long time. Even your partner will be free from numbness.

Strategic pressure application

If you have little bit knowledge of anatomy, this can help in getting a delay of ejaculation. You can do this by putting pressure on some important spots of your body. Some of the spots are:

  • Perineum – This is a spot that lies between your anus and scrotum.
  • Testes Tug – A male personality going to touch orgasm is a time when his scrotum rises up to his body. You can pull your testes down and stop ejaculation.

Utility of Analgesic

Analgesic products are found in the form of cream or spray. If you apply any one of these, the couple will feel less sensation in the process. Thus, it is possible to stop Ejaculation or delay it till the time you wish. But, this procedure has the down side and provides less sensation as the intercourse will not be very pleasing.

Bedroom change plan

Many male are very excited and anxious with the thought that , they are going to have intercourse with partner. You must think about your partner and put effort to satisfy her as she require more time for organism.

Non sexual thought

If you can think about something not related to sex, you will get more time to continue the process and stop premature ejaculation. You can think something abstract such as mathematics, television soap etc. If you can take a break in the middle, your partner can get more time in discharging orgasm.


If you want to maintain high level of sexual arousal by delaying ejaculation, control of orgasm or edging will be quite effective. Methods are as follows:

  • Squeeze method
  • Stop and start method

Above mentioned ways are very effective to thousands of me personalities.  These process and action may vary from one person to another. You must try each one to find out what suites you the best.


Yes. You read it right. Do it half an hour before sex if you have premature ejection problem. This helps you to last longer in bed. When you orgasm fist time, you can last longer for next round. This is undoubtedly safe. There are many rumors about masturbation, but it is quite safe. Recent research found that it also combats with impotence and prostate cancer.

Topical medication

Try topical medication instead of traditional numbing gels or sprays.  The sprays and gels leaves you with side effects. Try ayurvedic or herbal creams. Aswagandha is one of the good to delay the ejaculation, gives you strength. Go to nearest ayurvedic shop and buy a ashwagandha lehyam.

Ways to stop premature Ejaculation

Deep breathing

Meditation with deep breathing mechanism will help you getting a control over your sexual arousal. Some men are tensed about getting premature ejaculation, which can be down with the help of deep breathing. You can also ask him to avoid short breathing, shallow breathing and initiate rising of heart beat. It would be ideal if he can get a deep breathing for 5 seconds. After breathing in you must hold the breath for three seconds and then release. You must also monitor about how the heart breath falls and rises.

Squeeze method

This is the process through which the men penis needs to be squeezed from the base and initiate stop and start technique. This method must be accomplished when the male is at the verge of orgasm. This will help reducing the erection of your partner with a healthy practice. He can either do this by himself or can ask his wife to do for him.

Tantric techniques

Apart from getting physical pleasure, unlimited sex can also give rise to exploration. Tantric technique is a way to have a control over the procedure of explorative sex with the technique of establishing intimate connection. This should be done when the male individual is nearing to a no return point. Ceasing of stimulation at that particular phase will limit ejaculation.


Recently FDA has approved little medication among which Promescent is one. This is a tropical medicine which the male must apply over their penis juts 10 minutes before the sexual activity. Desensitization will work well in order to manage the true sensation of sex. This is one of the effective ways to stop premature ejaculation.

If a man does not tell his woman openly that he has the problem of ejaculating prematurely, then he could face a bigger problem in the future, in that his woman might get pregnant even if she does not want a child. If you are facing this problem, it would be better to consult your doctor. He may prescribe some medicines. There are also some home remedies that can help stop premature ejaculation.

Here are some methods to stop premature ejaculation

  • You should never insert your penis into the vagina the moment you start having sex with her. You can hold back the semen this way. This will prevent premature ejaculations from taking place.
  • After this, you should try working out your PC muscles. These exercises can make your PC muscles flexible.  If you perform these exercises, it will help you hold back your orgasms and allow you to have another go at sexual intercourse with your partner.  If you are not sure how to do these exercises, ask a trainer to help you out.  Alternatively, you can even visit a doctor who might recommend a good trainer who can acquaint you with these exercises. These work outs can be performed easily and you will easily benefit from them.  Several studies have shown that these exercises have helped treat the problem of premature ejaculation in many men. You just need to be patient enough to perform these work outs.   You can even watch videos to learn how to perform these exercises.When you are making love with your partner, you should concentrate on it. You should think ways to give more pleasure to your wife. If you are stressed out due to work or any other issues then they might affect your sex life. However, they can also prevent you from ejaculating prematurely. Worries play an important role in the ejaculation process. Men who do not indulge in sex everyday may get excited very fast. When they are excited they get easily aroused. This leads to ejaculation. When a man is unable to give his best in his sexual encounters with his partner, it might worry him that he is unable to satisfy his partner.  In order to overcome this problem, think of one day when you satisfied your partner.  This will help you perform better during sexual intercourse with your woman. In fact, you can perform excellently without any worries.
  • Sharing your thoughts with your partner can also help you do well. You can even ask her to give you feedback on your performance in bed. Many a times, men think that they have not truly satisfied their partners. The truth is that the case is just the opposite. Studies have gone to show that even though most women are satisfied, their partners do not realise it and think that they have dissatisfied their partners.

If you continue to face problems despite following these tips, you should consider consulting a doctor or a counselor, who would be able to give you the right advice at the right time.