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Patchy Beard: Growth, Solutions, and Styles

With the big and thick beards catching all the attention nowadays, men who are not so blessed are feeling insecure. Do not lose your sleep over the patchy beard that runs down your face as we suggest some solutions!

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How to Grow a Full Beard

See How it Grows

If you’ve got a patchy beard, the chances are that you’ve always shaved them before they got uncomfortable. The trick is to let them grow for at least a month and see how it pans out. It may fill in, and you can have a forest on your cheeks! But if you’ve still got spotty beard, then maybe it is a good idea to move on from the dream of growing a heavy beard.

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Crop Out the Extra

You can still have patchy stubble and look enormously sexy. The lumberjack beard is just a passing trend and though it is very hot now, the shorter, cropped stubble is not very far away as it fills in the patchy bald spots on your cheeks.

Control the Flow

Brushing facial hair may seem a little ludicrous, but it works. Get hold of a beard brush and comb it in the direction you want the beard to grow. You can even do it for patchy sideburns.

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Using Products

There are beard growing oils, shampoos, and pills that are available in the market, but their efficacy is unconfirmed. Minoxidil is said to enhance beard growth, but there is still no scientific evidence. Unless, it is proved we advise you not to waste your money on growth enhancement products.

Eat a healthy diet

Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone are the two hormones that are responsible for beard growth. Filling your diet with protein-rich foods and green veggies is crucial because they stimulate the male hormones.

Pictures of Patchy Beard Growth

Try new facial hairstyles for patchy beard

Six O’ Clock Shadow

The shadow is a classic style which is shorter than a stubble but hides patchy spots effectively.

Images of Six O’ Clock Shadow

Faded Cheeks

If those agonizing bald spots don’t appear along the chin, then let the patchy beard grow out and trim it with a fading effect near the chin. Do as you please with the mustache as long as it suits your face.

Images of Faded Cheeks

Patchy Goatee

If you have thin strips of patchy and sparse beard, go for the superb combination of a trimmed patchy beard and a mustache. The soul patch is masterfully kept to create a lingering effect.

Photos of Patchy Goatee

The Strap

If you’re not quite a fan of straps, check out Mr. Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr. A sleek strap, lightly faded with streaks of gray – just the perfect style for someone who’s not happy with their facial growth. Add a little goatee to it if you want to.

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Chin Beard

Growth on the chin is not a problem for most men with patchy beard and bald spots on the face. So, utilize what you have and grow a sharp chin beard. Couple it with a mustache if that is your style!

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So embrace your style now, work around those patchy spots or if you’re lucky, grow a lumberjack beard!