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Party special make-up tips for men

Party special make-up tips for men

Though a man has fewer amounts of accessories when compared to women, the style goes hand in hand with men even with an ordinary shirt. However, to look stunning and handsome, you need some skills on make-up. When it’s a party time, you should take special care in grooming yourself. For this, make up plays an important role. The below tips makes you look confident and handsome enough to attract the whole party crowd.

The times of applying make-up by only girls have gone, men too trying great to show them up as per the trends in this contemporary world. They have been keeping a detailed eye on the make-up products, grooming products and other kits which helps them show upto the mark of the chic.

There was a time where men thought of applying make-up is a complete thing of girls but with the changing trends and fashion men had noticed the vital role playing by make-up. Infact they wondered with the magic of make-up that hides flaws and bring a new glow. To the same idea there are millions of products in the market to care the men skin in terms of make-up, waxes and facials. But with the right guidance get the best products and sport on your face to stand yourself ahead from the others. Here are the magical make-up tips and tricks to be followed by a men to follow.

Special make-up tips for men


Concealer is a must and should make-up in the men’s make up kit. It helps to hide all your facial flaws whether they are dark spots or acne marks. It has been under the practice by film and television men cover their odds including under eye dark circles and hallow cheeks. It is a best option to limit the showoff of pockmarks on the face.


Foundation, it shows the similar action of a concealer. Foundation hides the skin flaws and helps to turnoff the attention from them. It is a smoother way to hike your complexion and to keep your skin flaunt brighter. To say simple, this base coating turns your face more photogenic and brings a new glow.


Kohl is a traditional way of shaping and darkening your eyes. Though most of the men look it as a feminine thing but it is not that much bad, more over it gives your eyes a clear and perfect look. Try using the liquid kohl on your eyes to make them attractive and pointing. This liquid kohl is known as surma in India.

Body make-up

More than women men have to do concentration on the body make-up to show it great. As women are naturally being with curvaceous body type they can save a bit on it where as men must take a little help towards the lines of the body. The beautiful chests every one watch on the screens are due to the fact that the use of some shadow of fine bronze. Many men use foundation as well to emphasize the cuts exist in the muscles.

Golden dust

A make-up tip that is followed by most of the stars to flaunt a glamorous look is by the gold dust. Though the shimmery affects are not digested by masculine people gold dust helps to attain that shine which you crave for. So it is not just a part of the girls make-up but also for the men’s too.

Party Hair Style

There are a handful of hair styles that are preferred by men during parties. You can choose the hair style according to the type of party you are attending. There are hair styles which suit traditional functions and some others which look apt for get-togethers and official parties. For formal events, a shorter hair cut with straight look gives a clean and tidy appearance. You can also use products that make your hair look straight. For casual events, curls give a stunning look. Apart from this, you can try out some classic hair styles that give a retro look to your style.

Better Perfumes

Perfumes play a vital role in attracting others. Make up not only involves the importance you give to your face but for the whole body. Choose an attractive and seductive perfume that steals the focus of others. However, never try to over use the perfume. This makes the people around you uncomfortable which you don’t need.

Be Confident

However stylish you may appear, it is necessary to exhibit confidence in the way you behave to others. Be confident and sure enough about your make-up. Avoid any kind of accessories and clothing which makes you uncomfortable.