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Party hair tips for men

Party hair tips for men

The season is all set with parties and functions, whether it is an annual office party, family gathering or a night out with friends make sure to plan your outfits and also the most important part ‘hair style’. As per the outfit you wear your hairstyle will varies, so take care and plan to choose the best one that lifts your beauty.

Depending on the occasion and attire
As per the attire you wear and the occasion you are going to attend groom your hair. For instance, a wavy and not completely groomed messy hair won’t match with a suit and tie, wisely get ready with well groomed and traditional hair style. Get a divine hair cut that will help you play with various hair styles and to display your hair versatile.

Go classic
If suit or tuxedo is your party attire then apply a dab of high shining product to make your hair classic and elegant. It will show you with a polished look. The three formal hair styles for the perfect party look are the side parting, slicked back hair and side sweft quaff for people with long hair.

Key products
The products that are based on shine have become more popular now-a-days. So try to stylize your hair with a grooming as per your hair length. Try using Kevin Murphy Super Goo shining cream to get that shine.
To help retain the groomed hair style in the way it is, use a strong hair spray, use it especially when you are travelling from one place to the another.

Tip to follow
Fill a small lip balm pot with the styling product and carry with you. After reaching the venue, go to the bathroom and set your hair style with the styling product. Rather than being with the disturbed and uneven hairstyle taking care in the midst will be a good option to continue your looks. Also do the same when you are attending a club too.

Relaxed event
Shape your hair style relaxed and loose when you are attending a less formal party. Be perfect in showing the haircut texture and sport with new looks. Apply a hair cream like Bangstyle mousse on your hair before you are going to blow dry the hair, it will help to give some thick volume.
Experiment and try some new hair styles on your hair to attend such events. If the way of styling is turning odd calm down it by running your finger tips or with the help of a hair spray.

Take care
Whether your hair is short or long, it is always important to maintain your hair healthy and well conditioned. Infact add on care when the season is all filled with parties and outings. Wash your hair in  a frequent manner and condition it to turn it manageable and healthy.
Due to excess alcohol consumption in the party time, your skin and hair may turn dehydrated. So, lift the life of the hair with the help of a conditioner. A leave in conditioner aids to penetrate and to keep the moisture in the hair.