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Pamper your woman during the all days


Pamper a word which extends the value of “Love”. The origin of each and every relation in the world is because of “Love”.

Pamper exists and plays a key role in each and every relation like, parents-children, grandmother-grandfather, and even wife and husband too.

Sometimes due to this there were some sort of issues will arise, of course all of them will still ends with “Love” only.

Let’s begin our Journey to discuss, know and share.

  • If someone asks “Do you Love your Wife”, obviously no one will say “No”, some people who have more humor will also say “of course so that’s why I married her”, so this states that everyone love their wife more than them because she is their life.
  • But an unfortunate thing is as a girl, she has several problems in her life cycle which hurts her a lot and ever increases more patience in her with all experience, particularly “At the time of month” when she is in her period, men will play a different role by keeping her away from them, which in turn hurts her a lot.
  • In this particular time woman’s mind is very different and unpredictable too.
  • When she is in her “menstruating cycle” is there any scientific reason to keep her away, or is that something goes wrong if you are with her.
  • Not at all right, then why don’t we do the below things t make her happy even in her “Period Time”.
  • Let’s go through these and make your life partner happy to be every time.
  • Don’t keep her away in a separate room or away from you, try to take her into your arms and hug her as much as you can, so that it helps to show more love and care on her.
  • In this period, she will have more pains in her body which makes her to feel as horrible, try to give some time and de massage which helps her to free from the pains.
  • Don’t refuse to take her to a drive, so that she will feel more comfort and even her mind can be diverted from this situation.
  • Do try to shout on her, which hurts her lot in this period particularly, try to be patience and help her to do her things by giving a complete support.
  • Give him your nice time so that she can feel that she is very comfort and out of this.
  • Divert her mind by sharing several set of experience and good time you have in past.
  • Take her to walk every evening which makes her mind fresh.
  • Try to crack jokes which in turn keep her free from all these things.

Finally we want to say “Pamper is a gift which is precious and priceless”.

It is that time of the month when your woman is going through rough times and you do not know what to do to help her. Your goal should actually be to be a considerate and reasonable person towards your woman. If you would like to give your woman some extra support during this time, consider following some of these tips.

Help her out with things

Help out your woman with even the simplest of household chores. Do the laundry or the dishes on her behalf for a change. This will take some of the weight off her shoulders. Also, do remember that those little chores you did for her are only half of what she does on a daily basis. In fact, women have a lot of other things to cope with including the welfare of the children, pets, and the whole family.

Do not act disgusted

Show your woman that you do not feel grossed out by the very thought of her menstrual cycle. Never utter words such as “go and talk to one of your girlfriends about your problems.” Instead, show her you care. Buy her supplies such as tampons or sanitary napkins.

Do not blame her behaviour

Sometimes, you might feel like blaming her behaviour for your reactions towards her. It will be counterproductive and will invalidate how she feels during this period. So, avoid making her feel more frustrated than she already is. Did you know that women have little control over what they feel like during this time of the month?

Buy her some medicines

Maybe Midol or Advil is what she would feel like taking during her periods. However, even if she does not ask you to help her out or give her medicines make a quick trip to the pharmacy and get her some of these medicines.

Invite her friends over

Arrange a dinner party and ask her friends to come over. She will thank you for this someday or another. Alternatively, ask her parents to come over for dinner. It will make her feel even better. However, if she is not comfortable socialising, do not invite anyone over for dinner. Simply try enjoying dinner with her.

Don’t utter certain words

It would be better to avoid uttering certain words such as “hormones,” “blood” or words that are related to her periods. If you are a doctor, you would know more about what your woman is going through. However, it would still be better not to utter certain words in her presence.

Answer questions with care

If she asks you questions, make sure you do not show that you sympathise with her. If you make that mistake, you will end up seeing her assault you with a barrage of tears, angry words, and even an occasional threat to break up with you. If she asks you, “Am I getting fatter nowadays?” just tell her what she wants to hear rather than telling her the truth.

Get naughty with her

According to some experts, having sex with her during her periods or simply engaging in some harmless foreplay can soothe the cramps that come with them. If she feels that she is not up for it, then do not force her to have sex with you.

Avoid teasing her

Most women are extremely sensitive during this time of the month. So, do not tease her. Also, avoid even the most watered down versions of your favourite banters during this period. If you tease her, she might think that you are insensitive towards her needs.

Let her control the television

Instead of controlling the remote control, try letting her handle it for once. Watch your favourite television show together instead of watching sports on the television all the time. Also, if she does not want to watch one show but prefers to watch another, try watching it with her. Who knows? You might like the television show that she likes to watch too.

Avoid debating with her

A healthy debate is not a bad thing but not during her periods. It would be best not to rile up her feelings during this time of the month. Instead, try talking to her about the weather or some food items that she loves the most.

Getting caught not listening to her

Even though it may not be possible to remember each and every word that she utters, try to listen to her carefully. You do not want to irk your woman or make her angry. Even if you are unable to get every word she says, at least try to get the gist of what she says so that you can be on the safe side.

Do not smother her

During this time of the month, women crave only pizzas and ice creams all day. Sometimes, they prefer to be left alone and may not want anything. It is difficult to find out what your woman is feeling at which point of time. So, it would better not to smother her with your love even if you feel like doing so. Be affectionate, but do not overdo it.

Avoid imposing your ideas on her

She does not need your ideas. In fact, she may just have had a dozen pizzas or a bag of crisps just now. So, avoid imposing your ideas on her, especially during this time of the month. Simply agree with her that nature is the one that is messing around with her hormones.

Never tell her she looks sick

She might wear the unsexiest dresses on the planet during this time. However, it does not imply that you can tell her anything you want. She is well aware that she looks miserable at this time of the month and does not need your confirmation.

Keep track of her menstrual cycle

One of the best ways to deal with her periods is keeping track of her menstrual cycle. If you know beforehand as to when she would have her periods, you can prepare yourself for that time of the month.