Office makeup procedure, tips for men

Office makeup procedure, tips for men


When you use expensive clothes and shoes for your office looks, you should also think of giving the best show while you are going off to your work place. The face and other body parts should get their share of clean and efficient look. The face should look bright and energized and the whole body should have that fresh aroma that can work as your own stamp in the professional world. You must therefore take extra care to look and feel best with make-up and care regime for your face and body. You can start with the caring part so that your face and other parts of the body are maintained at their best.

Shimmering and captivating colors on your face are for the party occasion but coming to office make-up what is the best make-up kit to be chosen and how it could be used! If these are your questions then here is the guide to get all your answers.

Office make-up procedure

Before doing to make-up

One important note every one must have to remember before touching your face with the make-up is the color of make-up that you are going to pick. Choose the best one that is near to your skin tone. The color that can blend with your original skin color has the effect to highlight your features naturally. And also remember to use your make-up to hide any flaws and zits on your face.

First importance to eyes

  • Start doing make-up for your eyes initially by applying a base. The first layer base coating helps to keep the make-up to stay long. Infact base is the one that retains your make-up at its place.
  • Get a concealer that fits to your skin tone and hide the flaws around your eyes, whether they could be dark circles or dark spots.
  • The next one on the row is eye shadow. The color of eye shadow again matters big, choose colors like matte shades in light brown, pink or beige which do help to appear your eyes bright and active.
  •  Next follow up it with a black eye liner. To stop from smudging a waterproof eye liner can work effective so that always you don’t need to visit wash room and correct it.
  • In the culmination part of eye make-up coat your eye lashes with a right mascara, preferably water proof. Giving one or two coats will make it end.


The beauty of cheeks can be expanded neatly with the blusher. Make sure your blusher color will match with the eye shadow color at the same time with your skin tone. The best shades one could try is light reddish pink color, light pink color, peachy shade or a light orange color. Other than these colors will cross away the office look. So choose the light colors and ditch the shimmery one’s.


While doing make-up for office, lips talks a lot about professionalism. Though there are many trendy colors in the lip stick box you are suppose to pick only the lighter shades to give dignity to the office look. Start lining with a lip liner with the color that is almost matching the color of your lips, after that fill them with the lighter shade lip stick.

The best recommended colors are mostly close to pinks, browns and peaches. The highly enhancing lip color reds are never correct for the office costumes. But now-a-days many women are opting to make them to stand in the race of great looks. How ever saying no to reds is a good option.

In addition to the above a simple and formal dress along with light weight jewellery will completes the make-up for make-up.

Cleaning the dead cells from your face

Exfoliation is the best way to remove the old and dead skin cells to give way to softer and glowing skin. The face will need some gentle exfoliate that you can use in circular motion on your face and neck areas. Leave alone the sensitive areas around the eyes and exfoliate you face after coming back from your work place. This will remove all the sweat and smoke that your face collects the whole day. Use warm water to make the pores larger so that the exfoliate will go deep into your facial cells and clean oil and dirt easily. Now rinse with cold water and pat dry your face. Do not rub the facial skin or else it may get wrinkles.

Moisturize for that pampered look

Apply some moisturizer or cream as per your skin types. Use the moisturizer as per your skin types and so choose oil free ones if you have oily skin. You can use gel based ones when you have oily skin and oil based cream for dry skin. If you have mixed tones then you must apply the creams as per the oily or dry zones. Make sure that your moisturizer should have sunscreen and you must apply it 10 minutes prior to going out under the sun.

You can use concealer for any areas of your face that has some marks. Make sure you get rid of these marks soon and use a base that will be soothing for you and will keep away the oily look on your skin. You can use foundation for getting the better tone of your face. You can pat the foundation and then merge it with your fingers or applicators. You should have that fresh look oozing from your face and this can enhance your confidence.

You must also use lip balm for your lips so that they look soft and healthy. There are times when you have audiences and chapped or cracked lips may mar all the show. You therefore should always pamper yourself with best quality balms for your lips. Your lips should look supple and clean. You can also use under eye gel to bring bright and fresh eyes to your getup. Appearing before your clients with tired or sleepy eyes will not be a good idea. Help your eyes to rest when you sleep for eight hours. Your application of cool under eye gel can also bring that brightness and shine of intelligence to your eyes.

Grooming with fragrances

When you are going out for the day, you should look your best but you may not remain the best for long time if your grooming is not correct. You must wash yourself before going out into the world. You will find there are different types of fragrances that you can use to feel fresh. The people who will be near you will also feel good when they find you smelling clean and in a measured level. You must choose your perfumes or body spray as per your climate. Do not over use the perfumes but pick some woody smells or cologne that you like. You must wear your perfumes after a thorough wash and never try to cover your body odor with the body spray mist.

Shaving regularly gives you a neat appearance

Shave each morning and you will feel good. Trim your moustache or beard if you are sporting them or else get that clean shaven look at the start of your day. Soften the facial hairs with some conditioner or foam and then shave in the same side as the hairs grow. This will make your face look bright and you will have less cuts or abrasions.

Care for your face and body

People will notice your hands and your finger nails. You must always have clean hands that are warm when you shake hands with others. File your nails and apply a lotion for softening the skin of your hands and the area around the nails. Make sure you wash your hands after a meal or after you have worked with your hands in any environment that make your hands dirty. Never allow others to see your hands with dirt under nails or cracked skins. Use some lotion that will soften your hands and you will feel better while offering your hands to others in a professional environment.

Clothes and shoes that fit well are the best

You must wear clothes that are comfortable and best fit. You should have them ironed and they should be fresh. Never recycle the clothes from the ones that are discarded for cleaning. You should also use good conditioner for the clothes to keep them soft and smelling good. Wear the right types of clothes and maintain the office decorum. You should not be in formal clothes when you are partying and when you are in a professional atmosphere, you must dress yourself in right kind of formal wears. The shoes should also be the right size. Check that they are in the matching hue as your other clothing. You must not wear clothes, socks and shoes that do not match in colors and hues.

Fine decorum will bring success

When you offer your hands, you should not allow your hands to go limp. A firm handshake is the best thing you can offer your clients. It also reflects your personality. Use deodorant if you are going out for the whole day. You can keep a deodorant with you so that you can use it when you need to freshen up. Foot powder and under shirts can be used if you sweat a lot. You must not smell bad. Look at your clothes. They should never be crumpled and they also should never have food stains or cuts. Clean your mouth and add some mint after you take food so that your teeth and breath are not smelly. The impression that your partners or colleagues should get must be maintained with care. You will find these small steps and decorum will make you popular and will add confidence to your working capacity.

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