Nutrition tips for men over 50

Nutrition tips for men over 50


When you are more than 50 years of age you have to eat cautiously. You would not able to digest all sorts of eatables. This is when you should have special nutritional sense and you should do the right kind of dieting. The rate of metabolism suffers at this age and you are prone to have cardiovascular ailments. There are even chances of prostate cancer and grout. So, it is essential that you take to right and healthy eating in order to stay away from detrimental diseases. At this age you have special diet or everything. You have special diets to gain weight and even to lose weight. You even need to have a special diet if you want to stay healthy always.

We all know the effects of age on our body that are not just targeted on either internal or external but both. Aging triggers certain issues physically and mentally too. To stay strong even after you being in 50 can be achieved with the right food you are consuming. The way you eat helps to increase mental acuteness, body resistance and good energy levels, strong enough to face chronic health problems and other diseases.  So here are nutrition tips to be followed.

Nutrition tips for men over 50

B12 supplements

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for the healthy functioning of the blood cells and nerves. It is also required in the DNA making. This vitamin don’t available in the direct form, it is bound with protein in the food and it has to be emitted from the protein during the process of digestion in the stomach. As we age there are many functional changes in our body including digestive system, there will be reduction in the stomach acids which it tends to lowers the absorption of nutrients including B12. B12 is present in the foods like fish and meat, if you are a vegetarian then the B12 supplements can replace the requirement.


One of the natural way to get the nutrients that are required by the body is fruits. They are the sources of vitamins and nutrients that are available easy. Add fruits to your daily diet as they do not add sugar, even the sweet fruits won’t fluctuate your sugar levels. Hence increase the daily intake of fruits.

Calcium and vitamin D

Around the age 40 due to the changes in hormones and gastric acid there is a drop of vitamin D and absorption of calcium by the body. So it is suggested to counter act the problem by taking adequate amounts when you are in 30’s itself. It is not too late if you miss in 30’s. Get the calcium amounts from the finest sources like spinach, kale, broccoli, sardines, low fat yogurt and milk.

Whole grain diet

Men over 50 need to switch from their daily flour diet and polished rice to whole grain foods to secure many advantages. Whole grain food items like brown rice and wheat helps to balance hunger, they also plays a major role in the constant and slow release of sugar to the body .


As discussed earlier, over 50’s the digestion levels are slow compared to normal and it is good to hop from the hard foods to easy foods that will quickly absorbed by the body. Cut down the hard foods and add juices instead of them. This also helps to keep your body stay hydrated and to increase the digestion.


There is a chance to get the omega-3 fatty acids easily with the regular intake of fish. The good amounts of fish you consume the good amounts of omega-3 fatty acids you are acquiring. These fatty acids are necessary for the proper health of a human. So get the rich amounts from fish such as tuna, salmon, halibut and other sea foods like krill and algae.

Diet for Weight Loss in Men Over Fifty

Here you have the weight loss diet for men over fifty years of age. It is true that now your rate of metabolism has become slower and this is the reason you cannot lose fat at random. It is hard for you to lose fat at this age. However, your calorie intake should be rightly restricted if you want to lose weight seriously. First, you should have an inventory of the foods and of the drinks that you are sure to have in one week and you must also make use of the perfect nutritional data so that you can well decide on the average and usual calorie intake.

It may be so that you are having 3000 calories per day, try to reduce the same by 500 calories more. This is the recommendation by Centres of Disease Control and Prevention. If the intake is 3000 calories per day the aim should be to make 2000 calories. In order to do this you first have to stop the intake of the junk foods. There should be no extra calorie foods in the diet. In fact, you should even aim to reduce your weight by one or by two pounds each week. It is necessary that there is no intake of bad fat which can lead to various cardiovascular diseases. f you cannot reduce on the  food type, try to reduce on the portion. This will help you have an ideal weight reduction.

A Diet Plan for Muscle Building

For people who are more than fifty years of age there is a special muscle building diet. When you are aged your testosterone level becomes so weak. In order to gain muscles you cannot have that amount and quality of food which you used to have when you were young. First, you have to prepare a diet plan of 3000 to 2500 calories per day. It is necessary that the calorie intake is evenly distributed and you eta for at least five times in a day. Now, at this point of time the rate of metabolism is slow and your muscle is not able to gain strength for the supplied food. So, make sure that you have an intake of the best food at the right time. Please do not eat excess of protein at this stage. One gram of protein per kilogram of body weight is enough for you.

The Best General Diet after Fifty

There is even a general health diet for people who are more than 50 years of age. After you are fifty it is important that you maintain a healthy diet. This will help you retain the best of health and in the way your life span is sure to increase. For the reason you have to make an adjustment in your current diet. The diet should be prepared based on your age, gender, height, and even weight. Enrich your diet with perfect amounts of all kinds of vegetables and the right variety of fruits. There should also be the presence of whole grains and fats as part of the diet. Stop eating more of red meats, fats and sugars.

A Diet to have the Perfect Blood Pressure Level 

You should have the perfect diet if you want to have normal blood pressure level after fifty years o dag e. In case you are eating healthy this can help in controlling the level of blood pressure. Now, there is lesser risk of hypertension and for this you can take to DASH eating process. The full form of DASH is Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. As part of the diet you should give more emphasis to healthy vegetables and seasonal fruits. The diet should be a fat free diet and should include all the dairy products which are low in fat. The diet should have the inclusion of the poultry items and the whole grain foods along with beans, nuts, fish, vegetable oils and seeds. As part of the diet you should have limited sodium and the intake of sugary beverages, red meats and sweets should be restricted.

The Eating of Fine Snacks In Between the Meals

It is fine that you eat snacks in between the meals but make sure that you are eating healthy snacks. The snacks should be low in calories and should have less of saturated fat and Trans fat. The diet should also have the less sodium content. In the way, the diet is sure not to do any harm to the health. You should count the portions of the snacks in your daily servings and it is important that you learn about better plans to eat and stay healthy at the same time.

Special Diet Plan for Women

It is important for the women to have a special diet plan after fifty. They should have the right kind of food to be able to maintain the heart health. Good food will also help them avoid conditions of osteoporosis and hypertension. If the women don’t eat right they have the strong chance of suffering from diabetes. In truth women are in need of fewer calories and they should have more amounts of vitamins and minerals than men. Some women have the habit of taking dietary supplements. However, the supplements should only been taken after consulting with the physician. In fact, for women it is not good to eat just like that. There is in fact, no room to be causal about foods.

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