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Natural speed hair growth tips for men

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In men hair tends to become less with age. There are several things on earth that can really make the hair grow faster and quicker than usual. It is best that you know about the remedies in time in order to have a faster hair growth. The growing process should be fast and legitimate and you would happy with the bounce that you gain in time.

Do your agree In order to have an attractive look, hair plays a key role in your body, yes absolutely, now a day’s many people are very interested to take care of their hair growth, particularly in youth, but in this journey many are not able to reach their destination with good results even though they have user very good and standard products,

Getting boar of using this products and felt unhappy when you pass through the store from where you got this product which gave you a bitter experience.

No worries if you are really and excitedly looking for a “Good Hair Mantra”, let’s go with this.

In order to know the solution or remedy or resolution for the problem have you cross checked yourself, any time that why this hair problem occurs and what are the reasons from it, Yes or No is not the matter but reasons are here,

Genetic Problem, Hormonal imbalances, Under-active thyroid gland, Nutrient deficiencies and Insufficient scalp circulation etc.

If you are worry about any of these above factors do waste your time simply in the “worry” state, let’s go though these natural remedies or tips that can help boost hair growth.

Eat a right food to promote growth

  • Take food with healthy nutrition with healthy habits which results in reducing your hair loss.
  • Add Meat to your Food:
  • Take food with meat which helps in growth of Hormone, hormonal imbalance is the main culprit for the loss of hair.
  • Plus Herb Saw Palmetto:
  • Take a herb Palmetto which helps to improve hair growth, take 400 mg of a standardized extract of saw palmetto and 100 mg of beta-sitosterol (from saw palmetto) daily.
  • Give Essential Fatty Acids:
  • In order to get a healthy hair, essential fatty acids play a key role; take walnuts, flaxseeds, fish and avocado which are rich in fatty acids.
  • Add B-complex vitamins:
  • 100 mg daily of a B-complex supplement that includes biotin and vitamin B6 can reduce hair thinning by increasing scalp circulation.
  • Rich food with vitamins:
  • Take food with full of vitamins like Vitamin C and E, Zinc etc.
  • Vitamin C helps to boost Collagen which basically reduces as we age, Foods high in vitamin C include: citrus fruits, strawberries and red peppers etc.
  • Vitamin E helps in protecting the hair from damage and from breakage.
  • Blackstrap molasses, green leafy vegetables, leeks, cashews, dried fruits, figs, and berries contain zinc which helps in hair growth.
  • Fruits and vegetable role:
  • Maintain your diet with full of fruits and vegetables, like Apples Spinach, Broccoli (and All dark green vegetables), Nuts, Plum, Peaches, Beans, Carrots etc.

Let’s see few more natural remedies:

Oil treatment

Natural oil play a key role in hair growth, let see how it is, take any natural oil like coconut, olive etc and heat it for some time and warm it for some more time, when it is not so hot then apply it to your scalp, close your scalp with cap and keep it for 1-2 hours and rinse your hair with shampoo, you can see wonders in your hair.

Remove stress and tension

No one will believe most of the times root cause for hail loss is more stress and even tension too.

So some physical exercised and meditation, yoga to keep your mind and body fresh by keeping stress away from you.

Juicy treatment

Not only to body and health, juices will help you even in your hair care also,

Take garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice mix it and rub it on your scalp, leave for a complete night and rise our hair with shampoo, which results in miracle.

Massage masti

In order to improve circulation in the scalp and to keep hair follicles active, massage your scalp a few minutes daily, adding a few drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond or sesame oil base, results in improvement of circulation.

As a result we just need to say don’t waste your time and empty your pockets by using unnecessary product and medicines, try the above to have a good time with a good look and healthy hair.

Finally we just want to say “Beauty draws us with a single hair”.

A protein rich diet can be of help

First, it is best to have a protein rich diet. Protein helps you have faster hair growth than anything else in this world. The hair has the presence of keratin. This is the kind of protein based amino acid which can really help in matters of boosting the sort of hair growth. If you don’t have the right amount of protein intake your hair will not have enough of keratin content. The amount of hair keratin depends on the sort of protein intake that you have in order to have the healthiest hair growth. So, if you increase your daily protein intake you are sure to have a faster growth in your hair volume.

Amino acid boost hair growth

There is even the kind of amino acid which helps in the process of fast hair growth. This is known as cysteine. This is once again sort of anti-oxidant which you can have due to the right amount of protein intake on daily basis. For this you can have a high protein diet and this can naturally cause an increment in the amount of cysteine intake. Cysteine is also found in some of the wheat products and among the variety you have granola, couscous and bran.

Regular shampooing of the hair can be damaging

There are more things that you should not do if you want your hair to grow faster. Please stop washing your hair every day. This will do more harm than good to the hair. When shampooing the harmful chemical present in the shampoo will damage the natural oil content of the hair and in the way the growing process is made to become so slow and ineffective. You can wash the hair every alternate day and this is sure to do good to the quality and speed of hair growth. Moreover, it is best to make use of a natural shampoo and this is something which can really help in retaining the content of natural oil to make the hair stay so smooth and shinny for years.

The process of regular hair trimming

Regular trimming too can also slow down the process of hair growth. When you trim the hair it prevents the same from growing faster. It even prevents breaks and split ends and this once again sabotages the normal growth of the hair. As a result the appearance of the hair is spoilt in the process. So make sure that you trim your hair after every six to eight weeks and you would see the result of instant hair growth. In fact, the right hair maintenance is a good way to see the hair grow fast and effective.